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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3793 - The Strongest Power?

Chapter 3793 - The Strongest Power?

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After offending such an existence, it was already a miracle that Wang Lian was still alive.

Indeed, it was truly a miracle.

She was actually able to still live??

Suddenly, Wang Lian recalled something Chu Feng had said to her.

‘You should be grateful that you have a good mother.’

Upon recalling those words, Wang Lian came to a realization. It seemed that it wasn’t that she was lucky. Instead, Chu Feng had decided to spare her after taking her mother into consideration.

But, if Song Ge had told her how powerful Chu Feng was and allowed her to know that he was not an ordinary individual sooner, she would not have made such a foolish and fatal mistake.

She might have even been able to get close to him like Song Ge had.

If that had happened, her future would have been smooth sailing, and her cultivation would have increased rapidly.

It would have brought her a completely different life, a completely different ending.

However, Song Ge had not told her about Chu Feng, and this had caused her to gradually make an irredeemable blunder.

Because of that, she was filled with hatred. She not only hated herself, but she also hated Song Ge bitterly. She felt that Song Ge was the one that had purposely harmed her.

“What’s wrong? You still haven’t finished thinking about how to handle this man?”

“Does your Watermirror Paradise not have any rules or regulations?”

“If you don’t know how to handle him, why don’t I, Asura, take care of him for you?”

Seeing that the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster and Supreme Elder were still not punishing Miao Yu, Chu Feng spoke with a slight tone of displeasure.

“You utter disgrace! It is useless to keep you alive!!”

Suddenly, a look of determination appeared in the eyes of Miao Yu’s grandfather.

Then, he picked Miao Yu up single-handedly.

His other hand formed a blade and he thrust it into Miao Yu’s dantian.

Miao Yu’s grandfather had actually crippled Miao Yu’s cultivation.

After doing so, Miao Yu’s grandfather suddenly knelt before Chu Feng.

“Senior Asura, my grandson is a failure. He provoked you. I know that crippling his cultivation is too light of a punishment.”

“But senior, he is still my grandson. I hope that senior can give me face and spare his life.”

“I guarantee senior that I will imprison him in the Watermirror Paradise from now on, and never allow him to come out to cause harm to others anymore.”

Miao Yu’s grandfather kowtowed to Chu Feng.

He was truly disregarding his own face and self-respect for the sake of saving his grandson.

“The wrongdoings he has done should not be assumed by you.”

“This is settled.” Chu Feng waved his hand.

“Thank you senior. Thank you senior.”

Miao Yu’s grandfather was endlessly grateful.

He felt that it was already extremely fortunate that Miao Yu was able to remain alive.


At the moment when the crowd were thinking that the matter would end like that, another group of people walked in majestically.

The appearance of this group of people caught the attention of everyone in the entire Cyan Bamboo Teahouse.

“There’s a show to watch now.”

Seeing the appearance of this group of people, Luo Zhi and his hiding buddies all revealed smiles of people taking joy and delight in the calamity of others.

Compared to Luo Zhi and others’ delight, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster and Yang Shenshen started frowning.

The reason for that was because this group of people were no ordinary people.

If the Watermirror Paradise was one of the strongest local powers in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region, then the group of people that had appeared belonged to the fully-deserving strongest power in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region.

They were people from the Cloud Paradise.

If it were only people from the Cloud Paradise that had appeared, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster would definitely not start frowning like that.

The reason he was frowning was because many of the Supreme Elders from the Cloud Paradise were all present. In fact, even their headmaster, Daoist Yun Lie, was present.

[1. Yun Lie means Fierce Cloud]

Although Daoist Yun Lie was also a rank four Exalted-level expert like the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster, the two of them had fought at the beginning of the year, and it was Daoist Yun Lie who had won.

It was due to that battle that the Cloud Paradise became the strongest power in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region.

As for the Watermirror Paradise, they were reduced to the second strongest.

Furthermore, after that match, the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster would always think of a way to deliberately make things difficult for the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster whenever he encountered him.

Every single time, he would utterly disgrace the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.

At that moment, he had definitely not come with good intentions.

“Humph. Old man Yang, I’ve gone through quite the effort to find you.”

“Never would I have expected to encounter you here," said the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster.

“Headmaster Yun, why are you seeking me out?” asked the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.

A Supreme Elder from the Cloud Paradise stood forth and asked, “Why? My disciple Ma Liang has disappeared. Did your people from the Watermirror Paradise capture him?”

Hearing those words, Song Ge’s heart tensed and panic appeared on her face.

Even though she didn’t know that Cloud Paradise’s Supreme Elder, she knew who he was from the words he had said earlier.

He was Ma Liang’s master, Zhang Tao.

As for why that Ma Liang had disappeared, Song Ge knew the reason perfectly well.

After all, Ma Liang was the person who had fought her over the secret skill in the remnant, and had attempted to rape her.

He had then been killed by Chu Feng.

“What are you talking about? Your disciple disappeared? What does that have to do with my Watermirror Paradise?”

Compared to Song Ge, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster had no idea what had happened.

He felt that the Cloud Paradise was simply looking for trouble.

Merely, their excuse was simply too absurd.

In fact, Zhang Tao had no idea his disciple Ma Liang had already died.

He was indeed only using Ma Liang’s disappearance as an excuse to cause trouble for the Watermirror Paradise.

As for why they came to cause trouble for the Watermirror Paradise, it was actually very simple.

Even though their Cloud Paradise now stood above the Watermirror Paradise, it remained that their headmasters both possessed the same cultivation.

The two powers were rivals that had fought for many years.

Who knew when the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster’s cultivation might surpass that of their Cloud Paradise’s headmaster?

As such, the Cloud Paradise viewed the Watermirror Paradise as a thorn. They were itching to eliminate them whilst they were still able to suppress them.

“Your Watermirror Paradise has been going against our Cloud Paradise the entire time.”

“Whenever people from our Cloud Paradise have disappeared, they’ve all died by your Watermirror Paradise’s hands, have they not?” Zhang Tao said coldly.

“You’d best not make such irresponsible remarks. Never has our Watermirror Paradise harmed anyone from your Cloud Paradise,” said the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.

“Humph, you know very well as to whether you have or not.”

The people from the Cloud Paradise were unwilling to back off. At that moment, the two sides began to quarrel ceaselessly.

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