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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3794 - Kneeling And Begging For Forgiveness

Chapter 3794 - Kneeling And Begging For Forgiveness

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“Soon. Soon. Every time they meet, they fight like this.”

“Once they’re furious from the arguments, they’ll start fighting.”

“Haha. This is truly enjoyable. Never would I have expected that I’d be able to see such a show.”

“The Watermirror Paradise actually stood alongside that Asura, and even went as far as to cripple their own Supreme Elder’s grandson’s cultivation for the sake of appeasing that Asura.”

“Let’s see how you all are going to handle this situation now! Facing the Cloud Paradise, what can you possibly do?”

“There’s also that Asura. Wasn’t he a benefactor of the Watermirror Paradise? Wasn’t he extremely arrogant? The way I see it, he’s going to suffer alongside them.”

Luo Zhi and others that were hiding in the shadows were all itching for the two sides to fight.

They also hoped for the people from the Watermirror Paradise to suffer in the battle.

The reason for their behavior was naturally because the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster was extremely respectful toward Chu Feng.

Because of that, Luo Zhi felt great displeasure towards the people from the Watermirror Paradise.

“Enough! All of you, shut up!”

Suddenly, a loud, resounding and furious shout exploded.

Upon hearing this voice, the crowd were all stunned.

The reason for that was because the person who had shouted belonged to neither the Watermirror Paradise nor the Cloud Paradise.

The person who had spoken was Chu Feng.

“Who are you?” Zhang Tao of the Cloud Paradise pointed at Chu Feng.

“Who I am is none of your concern. I will only ask you this: was that Ma Liang your disciple?”

Chu Feng stood up and asked Zhang Tao.

“Ma Liang is my disciple. What about it?” Zhang Tao asked in a very displeased manner.

“All I need to know is that he’s your disciple. Your disciple tried to sneak attack me, and was killed by me,” said Chu Feng.


Chu Feng’s words shocked everyone present.

“Bastard! Who the hell are you?! You dare to blabber such nonsense here?!” Zhang Tao narrowed his brows and spoke coldly.

The reason why he reacted in such a manner was because he believed his disciple Ma Liang to still be alive.

Earlier, he had only used Ma Liang as an excuse to cause trouble for the Watermirror Paradise.

That was why he thought Chu Feng was babbling nonsense.

As for the others, they were completely confused.

What was Chu Feng doing? Could he be provoking that Cloud Paradise’s Supreme Elder?

Luo Zhi and the others were completely confused as to what he was planning to do.

“This belonged to your disciple, no?”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a Cosmos Sack and tossed it to Zhang Tao.

Turned out, Chu Feng had collected Ma Liang’s Cosmos Sack when he'd destroyed his corpse.

At that time, Chu Feng merely didn’t want to waste the items in the Cosmos Sack. Furthermore, it was unsuitable for him to give them to Song Ge. He feared that he would cause trouble for her should he give her Ma Liang’s possessions. Thus, he'd kept them himself.

Never did he expect to encounter Ma Liang’s master.

Ma Liang’s possessions suddenly had a different use. Chu Feng was able to use them to prove to Ma Liang’s master that he was truly killed by him.

“This… this indeed belongs to my disciple.”

“Why would you have it?! Speak immediately, what did you do to my disciple?!”

After Zhang Tao confirmed that the Cosmos Sack belonged to Ma Liang, his expression became one of nervousness.

He was surprised to discover that the man before him was not spouting nonsense.

With that, it was very possible that his disciple had met with some sort of mishap.

“I’ve already told you that your disciple has been killed by me,” said Chu Feng.

“You… you actually really killed my disciple?! You damned bastard! I’ll kill you!”

Upon learning that his disciple was really killed, Zhang Tao burst into a rage. As he spoke, he unleashed his oppressive might with the intention to attack Chu Feng.


In the next instant, Zhang Tao let out a scream. Like a dying dog, he was crushed to the ground.

“How could this be?”

The crowd were all puzzled by this scene.

“Strange. This oppressive might?”

Suddenly, the crowd were astonished to discover that an even more powerful oppressive might had appeared.

That oppressive might was so powerful that even the Watermirror Paradise and Cloud Paradise’s headmasters were suppressed by it.

The reason for that was because that oppressive might was that of a rank five Exalted.

“You want to attack me?”

“It would appear that you, the master, are not up to much either.”

“Like disciple like master. Your disciple did all sorts of unimaginable misdeeds. You, as the master, are responsible for your disciple’s actions. Since that’s the case, you might as well join him.”

At the moment when the crowd were still confused, Chu Feng spoke again. Then, he sent forth a palm strike.

“Bang!” While lying on the ground, Zhang Tao’s body exploded. He was utterly destroyed by Chu Feng.

He was unable to even let out a scream before his death.

At that moment, everyone present were stupefied.

It turned out that the rank five Exalted-level oppressive might had come from Chu Feng.

Even though the Watermirror Palace’s headmaster and Yang Shenshen already knew that Chu Feng was very powerful, they had only thought that he was powerful in terms of world spirit techniques.

They had never imagined that his cultivation would actually be so strong too.

As for the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster, he was completely stunned.

He had come with the intention of causing trouble for the Watermirror Paradise.

Never had he expected to encounter such a malignant star.

“You’re the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster?”

At that moment, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster.

“This… this… regarding this…”

The previously arrogant Cloud Paradise’s headmaster was stuttering, unable to form a sentence.

It wasn’t that he was unable to answer Chu Feng’s question. It was that he did not dare to answer.

After he witnessed Zhang Tao being killed by Chu Feng with a single palm strike, his heart was filled with panic.

He was truly afraid that Chu Feng might take displeasure to his response, and decide to smack him to death too.

“I’m asking you a question, are you mute or what?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

“Right, right, right…”

“This lowly one is indeed the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster.”

“That said, senior, I truly had no idea that Zhang Tao’s disciple had committed all sorts of evil deeds.”

“If I knew, I would’ve taken care of him already. Zhang Tao’s disciple would not have angered senior. Because of that, allow me to apologize to senior here.”

The Cloud Paradise’s headmaster was shivering with fear.

“From the way you were behaving earlier, you seem to not be someone to be trifled with either, no?” asked Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster’s heart tensed up. With a ‘putt,' he got on his knees.

“Milord, I came here to seek justice from the Watermirror Paradise. I did not come here to cause trouble for you, Milord,” the Cloud Paradise’s headmaster explained.

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