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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3796 - Thank Your Mother

Chapter 3796 - Thank Your Mother

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“No, they’re not. That’s what they said themselves earlier.”

“Earlier, Miao Yu captured senior Asura’s friend. Senior Asura and these people came in together.”

“No, it’s that guy who came in first. In the beginning, senior Asura didn’t come in.” A Watermirror Paradise disciple pointed to Luo Zhi.

“What are you…” Luo Zhi’s expression changed. He cried out in his heart.

Seeing that the situation was bad, Luo Zhi intended to leave.

However, he was grabbed by Yang Shenshen.

“Before things are clear, none of you shall leave.” After Yang Shenshen finished saying those words, she looked to that disciple and said, “Continue.”

“They wanted to take that young lady and leave. However, when they discovered we were disciples from the Watermirror Paradise, they became afraid, and began to apologize to us.”

“Later on, it was senior Asura who stood forth and saved that young lady. Furthermore, senior Asura gave Miao Yu a beating.”

“After senior Asura beat up Miao Yu, those people began to kneel and beg us for forgiveness. They said they didn't know senior Asura at all.”

“In the end, they were just afraid that we would find them and make trouble for them. That was why they tried their hardest to deny all relationships with senior Asura.”

“That's what happened,” said that disciple.

“So that’s the case.”

Hearing those words, Yang Shenshen and the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster both came to a realization.

It wasn’t that those people didn’t know Chu Feng. Instead, they were merely a gang of scoundrels.

“Senior Asura, these people are a scourge to society. How do you wish to handle them?” Yang Shenshen asked Chu Feng.

“Wang Lian, you can go out.” Chu Feng pointed to Wang Lian.

Hearing those words, Wang Lian walked away from Luo Zhi and the others.

As for Luo Zhi and the others, they were all scared witless. They all knew what awaited them wasn’t going to be good.

At that moment, they were all filled with regret. If they'd known such a thing would happen, they would not have gone to find Chu Feng. Instead, they would have remained in hiding.

What they didn’t know was that even though they were hiding, Chu Feng had been able to see all their movements.

“You scourge to society, don’t act as if you’re being wronged, okay?” Chu Feng said to Luo Zhi and the others.

“Brother Asura, there must have been some sort of misunderstanding between us in the past. It was most definitely a misunderstanding.”

Luo Zhi and the others actually started crying.

“Misunderstanding?” Chu Feng let out a cold laugh. Then, he said, “You tried to make me drink poisoned tea, do you think I didn’t know that?”

“There’s no such thing. How could there be poisoned tea? Brother Asura, what you drank was clearly a sacred tea,” Luo Zhi defended himself.

“Sacred tea? I merely transformed the tea with my world spirit techniques. Did you really think those were effects from the tea?” Chu Feng smiled coldly.

Then, he said, “I can ignore the matter of you all attempting to poison me. However, your plan to use tea to knock out Song Ge and then rape her afterwards, that is absolutely intolerable.”

“Ah?” Hearing those words, Song Ge was immediately surprised.

Luo Zhi and the others were even more alarmed. They had clearly only spoken about those things through voice transmission; how could Chu Feng know about them?

Indeed. Since they had conversed through voice transmission, it should be impossible for Chu Feng to know about it. Thus, as long as they refused to admit to it no matter what, they would be fine.

Thus, Luo Zhi and the others began to refuse to admit to Chu Feng’s claims.

Facing the denying Luo Zhi and others, Chu Feng shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not you all admit to it.”

“I, Asura, will not bother with principle and reason with people like you all.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng looked to the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster. He said, “Headmaster Yang, I will hand these scum to your Watermirror Paradise to punish. That said, you don’t have to kill them. It would do as long as you keep them alive.”

“Senior Asura, please rest assured. I will definitely handle this matter properly,” said the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster. Then, he turned around and looked to the people from the Watermirror Paradise. “Depose all these people of their cultivation. Then, bring them back to the Watermirror Paradise and send them to the Law Enforcement Hall to be imprisoned for life.”

“Furthermore, send letters to the powers that they belong to. Tell them that they are being held by our Watermirror Paradise, and we will handle the evildoer disciples that they’ve failed to manage.”

The Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster spoke very fiercely. This made Luo Zhi and the others realize how miserable of an end they would receive.

Thus, they began to kneel and beg for forgiveness. They were asking Chu Feng to pardon them, and give them another chance.

However, Chu Feng paid absolutely no attention to them. He acted as if he could not hear and see them begging for forgiveness.

Then, Chu Feng gestured at the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster and left with Song Ge.

Originally, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster wanted to invite Chu Feng over to his Watermirror Paradise as a guest. However, he was refused.

Chu Feng’s actions had made them realize that he was truly a grand expert. Thus, since Chu Feng did not wish to proceed to the Watermirror Paradise, they did not dare to nag him to do so.

In fact, Chu Feng had already helped the Watermirror Paradise enormously.

Not only had he killed a Supreme Elder of the Cloud Paradise, but he had also wiped out their ambitions.

Likely, no one amongst the Seven Suns Mountain Range’s local powers would dare to become an enemy of the Watermirror Paradise anymore. The Watermirror Paradise would take the throne of the number one local power in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region.

Originally, Chu Feng had wanted to leave directly with Song Ge. However, they had only walked for a short while before a figure appeared before them. That person knelt before Chu Feng.

It was Wang Lian.

Wang Lian was completely covered in tears. Upon seeing Chu Feng, she began to kowtow to him repeatedly.

Her complexion was deathly pale. That complexion of hers was not caused by her crying. Instead, she had been frightened pale.

“Thank you for not killing me, Milord. Thank you for not killing me, Milord.”

Wang Lian repeated those words as she kowtowed to Chu Feng.

Likely, she was grateful that her life had been spared after seeing what had happened to Luo Zhi and the others. It was all thanks to Chu Feng giving her lenient treatment.

“There’s no need to thank me. I’ll repeat what I told you before, you should be grateful that you have a good mother.”

“Properly show filial piety toward your mother.”

“It is all thanks to her that you’re able to remain alive today."

After saying those words, Chu Feng left with Song Ge.

Chu Feng did not even bother to help Wang Lian back up because he knew that she was too fake of a person.

Earlier, Wang Lian had been hiding in the shadows with Luo Zhi and the others so that she could see him suffer and take joy in his misfortune. Chu Feng knew all about it.

Truth be told, if it wasn’t to give face to Wang Lian’s mother, Wang Lian would’ve received the same end as Luo Zhi and the others.

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