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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 4329: Who Dares to Stop Us?

Chapter 4329: Who Dares to Stop Us?

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“If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and ask Lord Clan Chief,” Chu Feng supplemented.

“You need not worry. I’ll surely investigate this matter thoroughly and get to the bottom of it. If I am to learn that you’ve pulled any tricks over here, I’ll make sure that you pay the price.

“Men, I want you to keep watch on them here. Make sure they stay here obediently! Until I get to the bottom of this matter, no one is to leave this area!” Long Mumu ordered authoritatively.

Seeing that Long Mumu was actually dreaming of trapping them here, Chu Feng turned to Long Nanxun and asked, “Brother Nanxun, didn’t you say that anyone who has this token will be able to travel freely around the Dragon Clan without any impediments? Why is someone blocking our way then?”


Long Nanxun actually dared not respond to that question.

The authority of the Clan Chief Token was immense, but the one who was stopping them was none other than the Clan Chief’s most beloved daughter at the moment, Long Mumu!

If she insisted on stopping them, who would dare to oppose her?

“Heh! Do you really think that you can act as you please just because you have that token in hand? I don’t care who you are, but in the Dragon Clan, I, Long Mumu, have never feared anyone except for my father! If you think that you can suppress me with a mere token, you’re really daydreaming!”

Speaking to this point, Long Mumu turned her gaze to Long Xiaoxiao and sneered, “Long Xiaoxiao, you think that you’ll be able to turn the tables around with a nobody on your side? Naive! You should know your own place!

“I can tell you right now that the Dragon Vein Source is going to open soon, and there’s a rare fortuitous encounter waiting in there. Of the entire clan, there’s only one person who is going to be given the opportunity, and our father has just informed me to prepare myself for it. On the other hand, you’ll be rotting in here till your death. Do you finally get the difference between us now?” Long Mumu boasted gleefully.

It was apparent that she was saying these words to infuriate Long Xiaoxiao, but Long Xiaoxiao still wasn’t able to keep her emotions in check.

Long Xiaoxiao’s lips trembled in fury, but she was unable to speak a word.

Back then, the most favored princess of the Dragon Clan was her, Long Xiaoxiao! Her father would always reserve the best things for her, but times had changed.

Everything that had belonged to her was being snatched away one after another, and the culprit behind it was none other than Long Mumu!

Just thinking about this was enough to enrage Long Xiaoxiao, let alone the fact that Long Mumu was bragging about it right in front of her.

And what that had truly left her helpless was that she had already utterly lost over here. She dared not to provoke Long Mumu out of fear that she would only be placing her mother in greater danger.

But while Long Xiaoxiao and Long Nanxun dared not to say a word at all, another voice sounded in the air, “Princess Mumu, I have some words for you. The heavens are unpredictable; don’t lose yourself over a moment of triumph. There’s still a long road ahead. It’s the one who has the last laugh that is the final winner.”

The one who said these words was Chu Feng, and his words left everyone stunned.

He was openly provoking Long Mumu!

Despite this, Long Mumu didn’t dare to do anything to Chu Feng. Until she finally got to the bottom of this Clan Chief Token affair, she wasn’t willing to offend someone whose background she was uncertain of.

“Don’t get too smug. If your token doesn’t come from a proper source, I’ll make sure you pay dearly for it,” Long Mumu threw those words over before turning around to leave.

Just as Long Mumu was about to leave, Elder Lingtao stepped forward and asked, “Your Highness Mumu, are we really going to keep them here?”

That was the real Clan Chief Token after all. They were fearful of the authority that it held.

“What are you afraid of? I’m here to hold the fort even if the sky collapses! So what if that token was really given by my father? Could a token be more important than me, the daughter of Lord Clan Chief, Long Mumu?” Long Mumu replied in displeasure.

“Pardon us for our foolishness!” Elder Lingtao and the others quickly got to their knees and begged for mercy.

With a cold harrumph, Long Mumu led a couple of people away with her.

Little did they know that a Supreme Elder would arrive here not too long later after their departure—Long Duan.

Upon seeing Long Duan, Elder Lingtao and the others immediately kneeled down and paid respects to him.

Long Duan ignored them and walked straight up to Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, Lord Ox has completed his preparations, and he’s calling you over right now,” Long Duan said.

As soon as he said those words, the faces of Elder Lingtao and the others immediately paled in horror as cold sweat trickled down their faces.

Putting aside the way Long Duan was addressing Chu Feng, even the polite attitude he was displaying at the moment was enough to leave them utterly shocked.

They had suddenly realized that this outsider had a standing far beyond what they could match.

“Elder, did my master say that there’s a fortuitous encounter in the Dragon Vein Source?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, he did. Lord Ox said that he would open a slit into the Dragon Vein Source later on for you to enter, and through a tight collaboration between the two of you from the inside and outside, the Dragon Vein Source can be opened. There’s a very high chance that there’s a fortuitous encounter waiting for those who enter the Dragon Vein Source first,” Long Duan explained.

Hearing those words, the faces of Elder Lingtao and the others grew even paler.

They couldn’t have imagined that the so-called fortuitous encounter in the Dragon Vein Source would actually be related to this young man.

“I see,” Chu Feng nodded in response before he took a meaningful look at Elder Lingtao and the others.

Seeing how they were anxious to the point of nearly bursting into tears, Chu Feng suddenly burst into laughter.

This laugh left Long Duan deeply confused. A slight frown formed on his forehead as he said, “Young friend Chu Feng, there’s no time to waste. Let’s hurry over.”

“Elder, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to leave with you,” Chu Feng said.

“You won’t be able to leave with me? Why?” Long Duan asked in astonishment.

“These elders are here to guard us. They said that they won’t allow me to leave this area,” Chu Feng replied.

“Long Nanxun, you didn’t show them your Clan Chief Token?” Long Duan turned to Long Nanxun and asked sharply.

But before Long Nanxun could reply, Chu Feng butted in, “He did, but they insisted that we obtained the Clan Chief Token through inappropriate means, so they intend to keep me here until they get to the bottom of this matter.”

“You fools! Standing before the Clan Chief Token is the same as standing right before Lord Clan Chief himself! How dare you stop them!”

Long Duan flew into a rage upon hearing those words.

“Lord Supreme Elder, we wouldn’t dare to disrespect the Clan Chief Token! It’s Her Highness Mumu who instructed us to guard him. We wouldn’t have the gall to do this on our own!”

Elder Lingtao and the others immediately pleaded for mercy.

They had no choice but to bring out Long Mumu’s name because they couldn’t afford to take the blame for this matter. One must know that defying the wielder of the Clan Chief Token was a crime punishable by death!

“Her Highness Mumu? Are you trying to say that Her Highness Mumu’s words take precedence before those of Lord Clan Chief?

“A bunch of useless fools! Slap yourselves! Until I tell you to stop, you are to keep slapping yourselves!” Long Duan pointed at Elder Lingtao and the others as he roared furiously.

There was no way Elder Lingtao and the others would dare to hesitate after hearing those words. They immediately raised their arms and slapped their own faces viciously.

Resounding slaps echoed across the entire mountain.

“Young friend Chu Feng, these fools are simply too ignorant. I have punished them for the disrespect they have shown you. Can we leave now?” Long Duan asked Chu Feng again.

In truth, he understood that these people weren’t to be blamed. Even he would be unwilling to offend Long Mumu. However, in order to placate Chu Feng, he could only do this.

“We can go now. However, I have a request. Can we bring Princess Xiaoxiao together with us?” Chu Feng asked.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you… you’re really putting this old man in a spot here. I don’t have the power to allow Her Highness Xiaoxiao to leave this land.”

Elder Long Duan actually rejected this request!

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