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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: The Light Piercing the Darkness

Chapter 163: The Light Piercing the Darkness

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The smell of blood drifted as the blood merged with the waters of the Nine Frozen Springs, reaching every corner.

In the black abyss, a hill blew up, revealing the Human Kings hidden inside. They were met with a King Corps, one that had forty people, all with sabers at their waists and all wearing black.

They thought of fleeing, but with their cover blown, the enemy blocked all escapes, traping them with the King Corps, “We have no way out!”

“All that’s left is a fight to the death!”

“Even if I die, I won’t let these filthy demons touch my body!”

The team leader watched with a cold eye as he said bluntly, “Kill them all, there’s no person of interest among them!”

Forty sabers flew straight at the Human Kings. They stared death right in the face as the sabers warped towards them, shrouded in demonic energy.

Countless spiritual swords came from the darkness assuming a sword dragon form. It charged among the King Corps, killing one Demon King after the next, and leaving them in pieces. The leader surveyed the area, “Who’s there?”

Chen Ming’s voice echoed from the abyss, “Even an intact King Corps is only a big fish!”

The leader turned to him as he barked, “You want the demonic sect as your enemy?”

Chen Ming smiled, “You’ll all die, so what’s the point of saying this?”

“With Sir’s power, I am allowed to give you the chance of swearing fealty to the demonic sect. The Demon Sovereign will let you live if you do so. He will even give you the status of a Sect Leader in the demonic sect!”

“Your words hold no power, and I don’t need to consider since I am the only hope of those under me!”

“You’ll come to regret it. Demon Sovereign already knows of your identity. Just wait for him to take you down!”

Chen Ming waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo and the leader fell after being drowned by hundreds of swords.

Chen Ming regarded the panicked and doubtfull Human Kings, “Live on.”

Chen Ming held Zhuo Qingyao then left.

The survivors finally woke up, gazing in Chen Ming’s direction, “Was that his Eminence?”

A Human King was touched, “Yes! That was his Eminence, the one that came when the beast tide was upon us, repelling it and killing the Flood Dragon wit the help of the four geniuses!”

“His Eminence didn’t abandon us!”

The lust for life ignited the hearts of these despairing Human Kings, now that they were pulled out of the jaws of death, “Don’t forget the saying spreading among us. When Heavenly Tribulation descends, we will be delivered from this oppression!”

“We want to live, live and wait for the chance strike back!”

“His Eminence will give us all hope!”

Then news of Chen Ming dealing with a King Corps spread like a flood. They started to believe that the day would soon come they would be free from this struggle because his Eminence was now going through the last step to reaching Sovereign, killing to affirm one’s Dao!

From the dark abyss, a light appeared, and that light was called Chen Ming.

More and more Human Kings heard of this and, in this endless darkness, filled with terror, hope grew.

“The day will come when we shall prevail. We will tear apart all those demonic sect fools with his Eminence as our leader!”

In a time of anxiety and unrest, the Human Kings would repeat this saying, bringing peace to their minds.

If Human Kings heard it, then the demonic sect hears it too. Xie Qianchou’s grip on Grass Cutter tensed, “What is going on? Why are all these righteous immortal cultivators holing up? Don’t their usual methods involve rallying and throwing their lives away to attack us?”

A King Corps leader said, “When we killed them, each Human King yelled one saying.”

Xie Qianchou was quite curious, “What did they say?”

“When the Heavenly Tribulation descends, they will be delivered from oppression!”

Xie Qianchou was startled, “Heavenly Tribulation? A Human King is breaking through to Sovereign rank?”

“Yes! We have found an Eminent Alchemist among them that is working on his last step. Sect Leader, should we recall our King Corps?”

Xie Qianchou laughed, “Are you joking?”

“A Sovereign isn’t enough reason to panic. Just how strong can a newly promoted Sovereign be? Keep in mind the time we can stay here, three years at most. Any longer and Snow Mountain Sect will notice us. Keep killing and let him advance. Let him deliver all those Human Kings to their doom!”

The leader nodded as Xie Qianchou let out a mocking smile, “When Heavenly Tribulation descends, the moment of their deliverance shall come. Ha-ha-ha-ha. How laughable! A child game should be left to children. Tell demonic sect’s seven head disciples that they can join!”

Chen Ming walked in darkness, Zhuo Qingyao behind him. He wouldn’t find peace if he let her in Fairy Zi Xia’s hands, “Master, you already killed fifty people.”

“Still too few. Let’s keep looking.”

Three days passed before Chen Ming sensed a trace of demonic energy, “There’s demonic energy, let’s take a look!”

Ten li later, he arrived, “There are twenty black-clothed men ahead. Let’s kill them!”

Since they were only twenty Human Kings, Chen Ming charged straight in, his turtle mouth spitting two thousand and four hundred spiritual swords. It formed an array in an instant and the youngster in the lead of the group burst out laughing, “Chen Ming, right? I, Jiao Mutian, have waited a long time for you!”

Chen Ming saw from the imposing demonic energy that he was a fraction away from Sovereign rank and eyed his danger value, 1500+100.

He was another genius on the Dao Comprehending Board, and from the look of things, ranked in the top five.

Jiao Mutian held a green ruler, “I heard you are about to break through to Sovereign rank. Come, show me how strong a damn turtle can be!”

Zhuo Qingyao was pissed, “Master, he cursed you!”

It went right over the smiling Chen Ming, “What’s the point of arguing with the dead?”

Chen Ming’s spiritual power exploded, unleashing Warmonger Aura and King Slayer Aura, while the two thousand and four hundred spiritual swords charged at the twenty men!

For a while, only slashing could be heard and, of the twenty people, only Jiao Mutian was left standing.

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