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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 164: Demonic Sect’s Methods Are Shameless

Chapter 164: Demonic Sect’s Methods Are Shameless

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Jiao Mutian was petrified seeing all the Demon Kings around him in pieces, This speed of killing is comparable to a Sovereign!

“They were all weaklings. I, Jiao Mutian, am different!”

“Heaven Assessing Ruler can evaluate the heaven and earth, you included. I evaluated your lifespan and today you shall die!”

The green ruler grew and form a barrier that kept the spiritual swords at bay. Chen Ming sent his sword dragon at Jiao Mutian and the collision made it sway as it staggered backward for two whole li!

Jiao Mutian mouth spat blood, “Damn it!”

Ever since the first move he knew he wasn’t in the same league as Chen Ming. He was just a thin line away from the Sovereign rank!

Jiao Mutian glanced at Zhuo Qingyao, “You even brought dead weight to a fight. You are clueless about what it means to battle!”

Jiao Mutian charged at Zhuo Qingyao, but Chen Ming reacted by becoming a human and holding her close. He let a sword dart from his storage ring breaking the water and achieving Unity as it sped to cut down Jiao Mutian!

Chen Ming staggered three steps from his blow. Jiao Mutian said, “Only your sword dragon is strong, while you’re body is weak. Die!”

Chen Ming smiled, “As long as I’m stronger than you, it’s enough.”

Jiao Mutian blocked the majestic sword attack but ended up covered in blood from another strike of the sword dragon.

Sword dragon never let up, sending countless swords to drift around him, and making sure Jiao Mutian spat blood from each hit. When Chen Ming recalled the swords, all that was left of his enemy was a mangled corpse.

Chen Ming shifted into a black turtle form and, carrying Zhuo Qingyao, left the area.

The slaughter from both sides continued, yet Chen Ming wasn’t as fast as the enemy. The good thing was that he only needed to kill two hundred.

Another Human Kings hideout was discovered, but it was unfortunate Chen Ming wasn’t there to help, thus a dozen people succumbed to their deaths.

As more and more Human Kings were sent to their graves, the ancient immortal sects found something was amiss. As immortal sects, they had lamps that were connected to the lives of their geniuses. But struggles were unavoidable in Nine Frozen Springs, and so was death. Thus, they didn’t spare it much thought.

They wanted a Sovereign to be born from the killing of these geniuses.

On the path of the true Grand Dao, only if one grasped his fate would he have a sliver of a chance to surpass his limit.

The King Corps massacred the Human Kings in hiding, while Chen Ming lade waste to any King Corps he came across.

Today, Zhuo Qingyao said Chen Ming, “Master, you killed a hundred and nine.”

Chen Ming nodded, “En, I’m still laking a hundred or so.”

Half a day later, Chen Ming met another King Corps and wanted to charge right in. But then he saw something. Around the area were six who had a danger value greater than 1500.

Chen Ming was surveying his surroundings when a mocking voice broke the silence, “Chen Ming, you’re finally in our palms!”

Chen Ming eyed them. These were the demonic sect’s seven calamities. Uh, six to be more precise, since Jiao Mutian already met his end at Chen Ming’s hands.

These six people were demonic sect’s geniuses that held the promise of reaching the Sovereign rank. They have now joined together to deal with one man.

The six flew with sabers drawn, bearing down on Chen Ming, wanting to shred him, to pulverize him.

Chen Ming’s wave sent two thousand and four hundred spiritual swords dancing around them. One of them spoke, “We know your strength lies in arrays, in your sword dragon. And we also know your body is your weakness!”

Another laughed, “An array master is at his most vulnerable when he launches an array. If we block that sword dragon, the others will have an easy time killing him!”

“He should be the most promising to reach the Sovereign rank among the righteous faction. Just the thought of killing a future Sovereign got me all excited!”

Chen Ming smiled in embarrassment, “I’m afraid, I’ll have to disappoint you,”

“Sigh, so sorry for always disappointing you. ”

Chen Ming grabbed hold of Zhuo Qingyao and moved. The spiritual swords formed into a sword dragon with them in its stomach. Chen Ming’s voice drifted out of the belly of the metal beast, “Who said an array master can’t move when deploying arrays? There are arrays at each of my steps!”

The sword dragon moved, bringing light to this darkness with tens of thousands of sword energy blades coming from it. Chen Ming saw how the sword dragon spat out the sword energy blades at the King Corps, reducing it to nothing, and leaving the six calamities behind.

Chen Ming laughed at the one in front, “I wonder where did your confidence comes from to challenging me. But since you all want to die, then I will take my time killing you one by one!”

Then he charged with the sword dragon.

The six were afraid, knowing how their seventh ended up dead in Chen Ming’s hands, “Unite and kill him!”

“Don’t separate and be on the lookout for the one he is attacking to save him!”

“Don’t face him alone. He has the power to kill us!”

They saw the sword dragon soar high, twist, and then vanished in the black darkness. Chen Ming glanced behind, “I’m not afraid of those lacking in the brain department, just that I have no time to waste on them.”

If he had to fight, the outcome was uncertain, but he would at least come out unscathed. It was just that it would take too much time, something that he did not have.

The sword dragon flashed and Chen Ming appeared in another spot. He sensed the situation wasn’t entirely bad and without leaving the sword dragon, he left the area.

With Chen Ming gone, the six calamities were left in a daze, “Is this guy really from the righteous faction?”

“Why do I feel like he’s more shameless than us?”

“Nonsense, where are we shameless? We only follow our heart’s desires, leaving free and unrestrained!”

“Uh, then he must be even more free and unrestrained!”

“What do we do now?”

“Don’t fall for his trap next time. When you meet him again, don’t waste words and tie him down!”

“Good, we’ll do just that!”

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