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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 165: Ripples of Demonic Energy

Chapter 165: Ripples of Demonic Energy

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The six calamities searched the area for two hours.

The one ranked seventh among them noticed a sword dragon drifting among a dozen Demon Kings up ahead, “Stop and fight me, Chen Ming!”

He arrived before Chen Ming and roared, “Heavenly Demonic Art!”

His body expanded, flesh twisting, veins bulging, wiggling just like snakes under his skin.

Chen Ming looked with a bit of curiosity at the demon saber below, Eh? This guy chasing me didn’t notice?

The demonic sect disciple looked below to see a demonic saber sinking lower and lower, Oh, hell!

I just stumbled on a crime scene! Only his saber was left of third brother! Just when I’m about to face this evil, Chen Ming. What should I do? Staying here is too dangerous!

Chen Ming doubled up in laughter, “They say that the demonic sect has plenty of wealth, yet the magnificent seven calamities lack even a divine weapon. It takes away all my interest in killing you! ”

The disciple yelled, “Chen Ming, enough nonsense! See how I kill you!”

With the last word spoken, spiritual power burst around him and instantly retreated ten li into the dark waters.

Chen Ming stood in a daze, “He has the same style as a younger me! Sure enough, I don’t get to have a Main Character’s treatment. Toward a Main Character, his enemy would know that he is outclassed, that he had the power to skip realms, yet still came to throw his life away. It had to be said, Ling Xian’s Mind-numbing Aura is a weapon of gods!”

Zhuo Qingyao was baffled, “Master, what is a Mind-numbing Aura?”

“As in, your second junior brother is very dumb, but others are even dumber!”

Zhuo Qingyao reflected on his words, “Second junior brother is not that dumb really. He’s just average dumb. En, a bit smarter than a pig!”

The demonic sect disciple rained curses, all the while bolting, “Who’s the moron that came up with the plan to chase him? Was he trying to kill me?”

As it happened, the eldest of the seven calamities came across seventh, “Seventh, have you found Chen Ming?”

Seventh responded in anger, “Found him.”

The eldest barked, “Then why didn’t you tie him down?”

“When I got to him, only the third’s saber was left behind.”

Eldest: …

“Forget it, let’s all go after him. But array masters are hard to kill. If there’s no array, then he’ll have no way to run.”

Chen Ming peeked at his mission to see he was missing fifty-tree kills.

Dealing with these would finish his advancement mission. He only needed to look for a King Corps and it would soon be over.

Chen Ming sank into the abyss, delving deeper. He had no intention of staying here. He would get caught by the Sovereign and his dozen King Corps. A mournful death.

After a three days search, he saw Human Kings corpses sinking slowly in the black waters. They were from Snow Mountain Sect and Astral Immortal Sect. Chen Ming followed the body trail to find that Fairy Zi Xia and Xue Ziyu were chased by two King Corps. Fairy Zi Xia wasn’t in good condition, blood flowing from a corner of her mouth and a hand hanging limply by her side. Xue Ziyu didn’t fair better, his body covered in wounds.

They were geniuses on the Dao Comprehending Board that could fight a couple of King Corps. But that didn’t include the five of seven calamities among them.

Chen Ming fluttered the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and the bamboo leaves drifting from it turned into two thousand and four hundred spiritual swords, launching themselves upon the Demon Kings. The majestic power of the swords spread and a wave of happiness burst from Fairy Zi Xia as she peered behind. Xue Ziyu yelled, “There’s still hope, his Eminence is here!”

The sword dragon engulfed them, laying ruin to a dozen Demon Kings and splashing blood every which way.

The five of seven calamities yelled to cover the deep-rooted fear, “Formation, now!”

The black-clothed men assembled into a sphere, filling Chen Ming’s vision with demonic energy.

Chen Ming rolled his eyes and smiled, “What a crude skill!”

The sword dragon darted straight for the center of the ball, amidst the countless incoming demonic sabers. Sparks flashed as the sword dragon threaded through the rain of sabers waves. The spiritual swords on its surface rotated around it and turned into a vortex. Chen Ming had the idea of controlling it to charge among the King Corps and slaughter them, but the demonic energy proved an obstacle.

Chen Ming looked over with a smile, “Somewhat interesting!”

A bit like the Regalia Legion, but nowhere near as strong. Can demonic energy fuse together?

The sword dragon towered before the King Corps, opened it’s maw and spat a demonic saber.

The five of seven calamities recognized it, “That’s third’s demonic saber!”

“What is he trying to do?”

“Is he returning it?”

No one could blame them. Any who witnessed one that achieved Unity countless times would be confused when he spat a demonic saber at them.

They saw how Chen Ming ran on the sword dragon, coming right after the demonic saber. Chen Ming squandered a thousand merits, achieving Unity in the Demonic Blood Saber Art, and sent ripples of demonic energy from his body!

Everyone burned this image into their skulls, that of a man who showed countless Unity stages, a cultivator who walked the path of the sword Dao achieved Unity with a saber, “Endless Blood Sea!”

Demonic energy surged as the saber landed, the bloody mist sweeping tens of zhangs. The sharp glint of the saber energy flickered as it passed unchecked through the demonic energy and killing three Demon Kings on the spot!

The leader of the calamities said, “Was that Unity with a saber?”

Another added, “Not only that but also demonic energy. He cultivates a demonic method!”

They weren’t the only ones who had their core rattled from shocked. Even Fairy Zi Xia and Xue Ziyu stared in a daze. Xue Ziyu finally said, “I always thought his Eminence was outstanding in sword Dao, but I was wrong. He’s outstanding in all that is about fighting!”

Fairy Zi Xia added, “Not only fighting, he even cultivates a demonic method to an amazing level. But his Eminence doesn’t have the feel of a demonic cultivator!”

Xue Ziyu had an explanation ready, “Some people cultivate the immortality and demonic sides, drawing teachings from both paths. But one needs to have a great consciousness and an unbending Dao Heart. My guess is that his Eminence practiced alchemy and arrays so he could cultivate a demonic method!”

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