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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 166: Ambush!

Chapter 166: Ambush!

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Chen Ming spared an approving glance at Xue Ziyu, You’re quite good, young man. You even came in my defense. How come I’ve never thought of this approach?

Chen Ming tightened his grip on the demonic saber and jumped from the sword dragon amidst the King Corps. Zhuo Qingyao was inside the dragon, so he was worry-free to dance with the blade, becoming partners in crime.

The seven calamities weren’t fools, looking calmly as Chen Ming’s slaughter. They darted at the same time at him, just to have the sword dragon’s claw flying at them with hundreds of swords.

Xue Ziyu and Fairy Zi Xia wanted to lend a hand when Chen Ming yelled, “Don’t come! I need to kill them alone!”

What a joke! If they killed a few dozens, there’d barely be anything left for me. It’s hard enough already to find so many people in one place.

Xue Ziyu and Fairy Zi Xia understood on the spot. Chen Ming was on the path killing to affirm one’s Dao.

Chen Ming charged, while the five calamities were blocked, with Dao Empyrean Bamboo in his left and the demonic saber in his right, having no intention to flee this time around. Many Demon Kings around him were about to unleash their attacks, but the sword dragon breathed a wave of spiritual swords at them, leaving a meat shower behind.

Chen Ming was like a wolf among sheep, each motion of the saber sending a Demon King in death’s embrace.

Chen Ming smiled at these Kings, “Twenty-four left! Now who’s next? It doesn’t matter really, since you’ll all die anyway, so I might as well pick at random!”

Chen Ming was performing a show, starring as a blade dancer. He raised the blade and a Demon King fell. He held military supremacy on this battlefield, since not even united could they hold him off. Chen Ming evaluated the situation, “It is a good time to use Freezing Grass!”

He let go of the saber since he needn’t use it for what was about to follow. Autumn Snow landed in his palm, its desolate power sweeping everyone, sending a shiver down their spines. Chen Ming slashed, a layer of frost spread from it and crept on their bodies. The frozen statues ten shatter under the majestic power of the sword, leaving only ice crystals!

Autumn Snow returned to the sword dragon, making way for another, “Overflowing Void!”

The sword warped through the Demon Kings, running through the chests of eight of them, making sure to leave a large whole.

Chen Ming continued slaughtering up till the point the five calamities rushed over, only to be welcomed by a splitting grin, “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the good news!”

The eldest asked, “What news?”

Chen Ming flashed his pearly white teeth, “This Immortal Master has finished killing!”

“Ding! Advancement mission complete. Due to host’s advancement, you need to face Heavenly Tribulation. Therefore, all the Dao Comprehending realm Heavenly Tribulation will descend at the same time. This is the Limitless Tribulation. Host has enough spiritual knowledge to advance to the Dao Comprehending realm. Continue? ”

It was to be expected. It won’t let me pass one tribulation at a time, it’s the Heavenly Tribulation after all.

Chen Ming took a deep breath, readying himself for the trial ahead, “Continue!”

Every Dao Palace in his body gave a dazzling light, blossoming into starlight, with the Dao Seeds shining in a blinding light. Chen Ming had Dao Seeds but because his realm was low, he couldn’t use them adequately. And now, his Dao Seeds were fully formed!

With each starlight, the eighty-eight Dao Seed within his Dao Palaces attained their complete form one by one. It was as if his body had eighty-eight stars.

Glitter appeared above Chen Min, forming a galaxy!

Above the Snow Mountain Sect, the previously bright sky changed. A star appeared, bearing down its light, piercing the white clouds as it descended. It was soon followed by another and another, revealing eighty-eight rays of starlight in the bright sky entering the Nine Frozen Springs.

A full moon hanged above, bathing the Nine Frozen Springs in its silvery light.

Snow Mountain Sect’s people witness this event, “Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation at this time?”

“Where would there be a Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation like this? Have you ever seen eighty-eight tribulations at the same time?”

“Transcending realm Tribulation then?”

“Probably. This might must come from the Transcending realm Tribulation!”

They saw how the lights entered the Nine Frozen Springs, “A new Sovereign appeared!”

“The arrival of a new Sovereign!”

“I wonder who it is!”

“In any case, it a new Sovereign!”

Snow Mountain Sect’s Sage looked to the sky, “This pressure, is similar to a Transcending realm Tribulation. But it is formed from eighty-eight Dao Comprehending realm Tribulations. Truly strange. It should be a Transcending realm Tribulation in the end, but I wonder for who it is. It doesn’t matter really. For a new Sovereign to appear is a joyous matter nonetheless.”

Out of the endless abyss, Human Kings came out of hiding one by one. If it were an average Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation, they might not detect it, but Chen Ming’s tribulation was akin to a Transcending realm Tribulation, “I can feel the Heavenly Tribulation!”

“It is time for our deliverance!”

“We endured so long for this!”

“His Eminence is facing the tribulation!”

“Let’s rush to where it’s descending!”

Cave after cave burst and Human Kings revealed themselves. They looked in the direction from which they sensed the Heavenly Tribulation. A patrolling group of Demon Kings saw how a dozen Human Kings popped out of nowhere, then another dozen behind them, and from the right, and from the left. Then two dozens slashed their cave apart and came from below.

This team of Demon Kings had only ten members, but now they were facing around fifty Human Kings. The leader yelled, “Ambush!”

The Human Kings looked left, then right, “Eh? How come you’re also hiding here!”

“When you can’t sense far with your awareness, who knows who’s hiding where!”

“Oh, there seem to be ten Demon Kings around!”

“Why are you staring around for!? Attack!”

Human Kings and Demon Kings were at an impasse,staring at each other. The Human Kings picked up their weapons and threw themselves at the ten Human Kings, wailing battle cries. Before death, the Demon King leader yelled at the top of his lungs, “We’ve been ambushed! we’ve been ambushed!”

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