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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 167: Spreading Seeds to Raise an Army

Chapter 167: Spreading Seeds to Raise an Army

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Chen Ming was enveloped in starlight, each ray landing around him. The five of seven calamities seemed to have finally reached a conclusion as to why they felt uneasy, “Heavenly Tribulation! He’s been unequaled under the Sovereign rank and now, with the passing of the tribulation, he’ll be a true Sovereign?”

“Let’s watch it unfold first. Not all can overcome the tribulation!”

“When he fails to push through or comes out wounded, the chance to slay a Sovereign will present itself to us!”

This thought burned hotter in the hearts of these five of seven calamities, “The time is nigh for a Sovereign’s downfall!”

Fairy Zi Xia and Xue Ziyu looked amazed at the strange and baffling tribulation, no less powerful than a Transcending realm Tribulation, “If this comes to pass, his Eminence will become a Sovereign!”

Chen Ming stepped on the sword dragon, holding the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and watching the starlight enclose him. The Demon Kings left the area a long time ago since a Sovereign’s Heavenly Tribulation could turn them to ashes in a mere blink.

Chen Ming’s thoughts moved and a spiritual sword pushed Zhuo Qingyao over to Xue Ziyu and Fairy Zi Xia, “Watch over her!”

She had no way of resisting his tribulation and it was better if he left her n their care.

Fairy Zi Xia drew Zhuo Qingyao nearer, who looked at the former without objection, meekly standing in front of her. I have to admit, this young miss is not all bad!

At the very least, she lets me fight to my heart’s content!

Chen Ming ran his hand through the starlight, Is this my Heavenly Tribulation?

Black clouds formed in a ten li radius, its pressure bore down on the water beneath it until it created an empty space, and seemed to continue extending further down. Chen Ming stood on something aking to a black sea, his gaze fixed on the clouds, This is tribulation cloud, one that’s ten li in radius!

The clouds rumbled and a ray of starlight pierced them, followed close behind by another eighty-seven. They shined down upon the world and scattered in his surroundings.

Something descended inside the rays. Chen Ming gave it a closer look to find it resembling an average wrinkled bean!

The hell is this?

Beans rained from the heavens above…

Don’t tell me the Heavenly Tribulation wants to stuff me with beans till I pop.

And I don’t like beans!

This threw Xue Ziyu off, “Why is it raining beans? Fairy Zi Xia, his Eminence’s tribulation is similar to your people from Astral Immortal Sect. What do you make of it?”

Fairy Zi Xia paid the beans a closer look, only to sigh, “This looks like Spreading Beans to Raise an Army!”

It shocked Xue Ziyu, “Spreading Beans to Raise an Army is an immortal art!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Not just any immortal art, since this is just the beginning.”

A bean plopped in the sea, releasing a mist. When it scattered, a heavenly soldier took its place, wielding a broadsword and made entirely out of stars.

Mist sprouted from the beans then celestial soldiers came out, each holding a more distinct weapon then the next, yet all made of starlight as if it was a constellation. The lines joining the stars formed the skeleton. They raised their hands in Chen Ming’s direction, each adding a ray of starlight that met above Chen ming.

Fairy Zi Xia added, “This is the Heavenly Stellar Array. Rumor has it there are three thousand Origin Stars, each representing a Grand Dao. This array has the power to erase all of them! His Eminence’s trial is to withstand a part of this Heavenly Stellar Array.”

In the sea below, plants grew unchecked, trees towered higher and higher, while the rain fell out of the tribulation cloud.

Chen Ming looked to see raindrops guided by the leaves on the tree branches fall from above and the wilderness e ever-growing below him.

All of them were formed through the gathering of starlight, Just what the hell is wrong with my Heavenly Tribulation?

In the next moment, every plant and tree darted towards Chen Ming, while countless weapons flew at him. It was a howling torrent, as sabers glinted coldly, swords looked sharpened, spears rained and axes drew arches. Eighteen types of weapon flew straight at him!

His heart moved and the sword dragon beneath him flew inside the tribulation cloud. He griped the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and charged above the surface of the murky sea, dragon and all!

Dao Empyrean Bamboo fluttered, sending a blue wind towards the clouds. It countered by sending starlight, only to have it reduced to spiritual energy.

Chen Ming looked at the clouds, “This isn’t as easy as Dao Empyrean Bamboo’s tribulation. It won’t give me the chance to end it so quickly!”

Fairy Zi Xia regarded Chen Ming under the howling downpour of attacks, “I was right. His Dao Empyrean Bamboo should be one that restrains the Heavenly Dao!”

Xue Ziyu said, “You’re saying that horsetail whisk is an immortal equipment?”

“Not yet, but it has the power of one. This Dao Empyrean Bamboo’s ability is called restrain the Heavenly Dao!”

“This immortal equipment’s power would be terrifying if it’s perfected. It would cause a change on the number one weapon on the Divine Weapons Board!”

“Heavenly Tribulation won’t let him crush the tribulation cloud!”

In the thick and black clouds abpve, blue scales flashed, along with a claw, dragon whiskers, and dragon tail, darting in an out.

Fairy Zi Xia grew nervous, “Heavenly Tribulation is changing, it’s the Starlight Dragon!”

“You’re saying that a Transcending realm Tribulation has a dragon?”

“Correct, transcending is also called dragon transformation because at the time of the Transcending realm Tribulation one will meet a dragon of the Grand Dao. When a hardship cultivator transcends, he will possess the power of a dragon, that is why it’s called dragon transformation.”

A dragon head made of starlight came out of the black clouds.

Yet the howling flood of weapons reached Chen Ming.

The sword dragon contorted, changing into a pair of wings on his back, with swords as feathers. Chen Ming moved the wings to envelop him, while the rain of attacks could only leave sparks on contact. Yet blood slowly dripped from Chen Ming’s mouth.

These weapons contain the power of the firmament!

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