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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 168: Grasping the Meaning of Endless Pills

Chapter 168: Grasping the Meaning of Endless Pills

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Chen Ming saw his danger value sitting at 2022.

It rose by almost four hundred points. This meant a lot for Chen Ming since he hadn’t exactly stayed long below the Sovereign rank.

It almost feels impossible.

And when Chen Ming saw his rating, it was at the disaster rank.

Don’t I seem a Sovereign from this angle?

Nope, since there was a Heavenly Tribulation knocking at his door.

In truth, this danger value could be said to have no meaning, yet it wouldn’t go up or down without a reason.

It didn’t take the auras into account after all.

The first wave of Human Kings arrived beneath the Heavenly Tribulation. They soon found Chen Ming within, “It’s his Eminence!”

“It is!”

“A Sovereign will appear in this world once his Eminence overcomes the tribulation!”

The five of seven calamities watched with a critical eye, “Humph, how long can a mere alchemist and an array master last in face of a Heavenly Tribulation?”

“A weak alchemist will turn to dust facing such trial!”

“An alchemist is oblivious of the meaning of life and death battles. I’m curious to see how he gets through this!”

The spiritual power inside Chen Ming’s majestic and vigorous, reaching a new peak. His spiritual power’s quality was below that of a Sovereign, but he made up for it with quantity. And he also had the King Slayer Aura, breaching the final gap between them.

Chen Ming’s azure Daoist robe fluttered, plans swirling in his mind to deal with this trial. It would have been perfect if he could brush away the tribulation with his Dao Empyrean Bamboo.

A bolt of lightning came down from the clouds. It crashed with the sea surface then slithered like a python over it.

Chen Ming’s sword wings flapped and flew in the clouds. Rays of starlight bore down on him, and soon sensed the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array nearing collapse!

Heavenly Tribulation was also an array!

And his array was now withstanding the Heavenly Stellar Array!

Chen Ming saw the subtle shifts in the Heavenly Stellar Array, its working was more profound than the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array!

The good news was that it wasn’t complete, just a small part of it, or the power would have crushed him to a pulp.

This array fits the three thousand Grand Daos’ intents, and the best choice will be to comprehend it since I will cultivate the three thousand Grand Daos in the foreseeable future.

In this case, Chen Ming didn’t want to brush it away and faced it instead. His speed might be fast, but the tribulation’s response was far more violent. He might as well just stand still and pass it peacefully, and comprehending the Heavenly Stellar Array while he was at it. This would also make it unlikely that the Starlight Dragon would intervene.

Chen Ming walked among the starlight, making an in-depth examination of the array. He spoke in his heart, “Comprehend the Heavenly Stellar Array.”

“Ding! Because this Heavenly Stellar Array is far from complete, you can only comprehend a section. Please inspect the array in-detail to acquire enough data.”

You can actually do that!? The system lady is the best!

So it’s not limited to just scriptures, and it also needs me to go around feeling out the Heavenly Stellar Array’s every tread, to become more accustomed to it, to gather data.

When I’ll use the complete array in the future, will I be launching Heavenly Tribulation?

If any defies me, I will sic the Heavenly Tribulation on them!

This thought got me all worked up.

Chen Ming walked to a ray of starlight, examining each of its changes. When random starlight came at him, he would just swat it into spiritual energy with his Dao Empyrean Bamboo.

Chen Ming crouched at the ray, grasping every minute shift in its power, how the starlight rays were intrinsically connected with one another, how they shaped the array.

The ray of starlight sparkled, composed of fine threads, in sync with the other rays. Is this the Star Road?

As an earth ranked array master, Chen Ming knew that an array was sustained by interwoven spiritual energy. However, the sheer complexity of the threads inside the starlight was unheard of.

This was his first time getting in touch with such a highly ranked array. This further motivated him, urged him to try harder, becoming engrossed in the task.

A starlight would sometimes come over and Chen Ming would flip his hand so that the Dao Empyrean Bamboo would slap it into nothing.

The Human Kings were perplexed, “What is his Eminence doing?”

“Not a clue.”

“Why is his Eminence so engrossed with the Heavenly Tribulation?”

Xue Ziyu was also baffled by Chen Ming’s behavior of dissecting the ray of starlight, “Fairy Zi Xia, care to comment on what his Eminence’s doing?”

“What else? Isn’t he resisting the tribulation?”

“Is he?”

“With his Eminence’s path of cultivation, encompassing all aspects, it must have triggered his interest as an array master. He is now immersed in understanding the Heavenly Stellar Array’s structure!”

“As in, his Eminence wants to learn the Heavenly Stellar Array?”

“We can’t root out the possibility.”

Under constant assault of starlight, even Chen Ming would find it hard to bear. Ray after ray landed and Chen Ming’s mouth dripped blood, yet it didn’t matter. His Illustrious Casket cultivation reached the King rank, having no trouble healing minor wounds. Even if he couldn’t take it, he surely wasn’t lacking in the pill department.

Chen Ming spread his arms and bottles of pills emptied in his mouth. These were the Dao Initiation realm recovery pills. As for King ranked pills, there were none on his person. He had plenty of Dao Initiation realm pills though, enough to handle this minor issue.

The Human Kings bore witness to Chen Ming skill in gulping down pills by the bottle, “Th-th-that’s a hundred thousand spirit stones!”

“Worthy of his Eminence, taking pills without batting an eye!”

Chen Ming gave no thought to resisting the Heavenly Tribulation, leaving the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array to handle it. And since he came fully equipped with pills, he might as well eat till the trial ended. This was a chance once in a blue moon to understand the Heavenly Stellar Array.

After Chen Ming ate half a million pills, give or take, he prevailed in obtaining a clear picture of all the changes this ray of starlight entailed. He flew to another ray below and resumed work.

Xue Ziyu was exposed to Chen Ming’s earnest interest and said, “It can’t be that he can actually learn it, right? If this keeps up, he’ll end up gorging on millions of spirit stones worth of pills!”

Chen Ming had no concept of running out of pills, eating like no tomorrow, his stock aplenty.

Pill after pill, bottle after bottle, not one was spared, since Chen Ming didn’t give a damn about the Heavenly Tribulation anymore. He was unfazed when the incoming starlight got blocked by Dao Empyrean Bamboo and the sword array. What Heavenly Tribulation? You better not screw around with my, Immortal Master, understanding of the Grand Dao!

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