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Master of Untold Daos (Web Novel) - Chapter 170: Attack by Starlight!

Chapter 170: Attack by Starlight!

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Liu Mang looked over at Chen Ming, “Oh, his Eminence’s tribulation is about to end, it’s dissipating!”

Xue Ziyu turned, “Eh? Something’s not right. The Heavenly Tribulation wants to leave, so why is his Eminence bothering it?”

Su Qingyang added, “My guess is his Eminence isn’t done studying the Heavenly Stellar Array and doesn’t want to let it go.”

The Human Kings stood with a dazed look in their eyes, “I’ve lived for so long, yet this is the first I’ve seen someone wanting to stop a Heavenly Tribulation from leaving!”

“What seeing, when I didn’t even hear of this!”

“What hearing, when there isn’t even a rumor about it!”

The finger landed and the challenge was accepted. The Heavenly Tribulation gathered its lightning and send it back down.

Chen Ming didn’t even check to see this and went back to work on the last three rays of starlight. He got to finish two hours later, deepening his understanding, “Ding! Data acquisition complete. You spent eight thousand eight hundred merits and learned the Heavenly Stellar Array(incomplete).”

Chen Ming was finally satisfied, waving at the Heavenly Tribulation like an old friend. “Hey, you’re really good, Heavenly Tribulation. Have a safe trip!”

The tribulation cloud vanished in an instant, leaving behind eighty-eight rays of starlight, with Chen Ming as their focus. Everyone was watching him, “His Eminence has overcome the tribulation and the Heavenly Dao is revealing itself!”

“The Heavenly Dao approves him, presenting him with the chance to get stronger!”

Ray after ray descended, bearing down on Chen Ming’s back. He could feel the scorching heat behind him, feeling something else settling on his back. He directed his sight inward to find that stars flickered into existence on his back. They took the final form of eighty-eight stars in the shape of a star chart!

Chen Ming witnessed as the star chart became more detailed, Is this the breakthrough of my Limitless Dao Body?

Everyone with a constitution has something special about it. While this Limitless Dao Body of mine, besides allowing me to train any cultivation method, it can do much else!

As the stars lit up one by one, Chen Ming could feel his power growing. For each formed Dao Seed, a star appears on my back. In this case, if I finish cultivating the Dao Seeds of three thousand Grand Daos, then I will carry three thousand stars on my back!

Carrying three thousand stars, all in accordance with the Grand Daos.

Chen Ming sent his awareness into a star. He could feel his control over it, that he could call upon it!

As in, I can attack with stars?

Chen Ming didn’t quite understand his new power. How strong was it? How did he use it? How could he replenish it? Chen Ming moved towards the three locked in deadly battle on the chessboard, En, Liu Mang is tall and strong, the perfect guinea pig.

Zhuo Qingyao threw herself in his embrace, “Congratulations, Master!”

Chen Ming rubbed her head softly, “It was just Heavenly Tribulation. I could’ve passed it at any time!”

The three chess players saw he was safe, and sensed his power reaching the heavens. Just by standing next to him, the pressure bore down like a mountain. They bowed, “We greet the new Sovereign!”

The other Human Kings also showed respect, “We greet the new Sovereign!”

Chen Ming eyes his danger value. Because of the constellations on his back, it grew by 200 and stopped at 2222, a direct proof he was a Sovereign in name and power. He waved his hand, “There’s no need for formality, everyone!”

His power reached a new level, so much so that even if he fought the Flood Dragon head-on, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Chen Ming set his sights on Liu Mang, “I comprehended a new move, and I was wondering if you are willing to help me test it out.”

Liu Mang didn’t care since a Sovereign knew when to hold back. He cupped his hands, “I will, of course, comply with Sovereign’s request!”

The others made room, waiting in silence for Chen Ming to begin. With Heavenly Tribulation gone, the tide turned, covering everything again. Yet, in the darkness of the water, brilliant lights were shining as if from pearls.

Chen Ming pointed at the heavens and connected his consciousness with a star. Ten li above, a red star formed, shocking the spear-wielding Liu Mang, “Can’t be! This is Star Invocation!”

Fairy Zi Xia also looked at the star, “It’s very similar to Astral Immortal Sect’s immortal art.”

But Liu Mang showed no fear at this point. As the red star descended, he lifted his spear, thrusting with all he had, “Immortal art: Soaring Dragon Spear!”

Dragon roars came above the spear, as a black dragon formed, earning the amazement of the audience, “This is a genius of the Dao Comprehending Board, wielding the spear like a dragon. The power of this spear is amazing!”

The black dragon clashed with the red star, yet it didn’t faze it. Liu Mang struck twelve times in an instant and the star finally dissipated.

Chen Ming took his hand back and asked, “How did it feel?”

Liu Mang gasped again and again, “The power is great. For those of us in the Dao Comprehending realm, a dozen stars are enough to kill us!”

Liu Mang continued after a pause, “But it’s not enough when it comes to facing a Sovereign.”

Chen Ming smiled, “You’re saying my new technique is lacking?”

Liu Mang was afraid of offending Chen Ming since he still needed him to refine Yin Yang Harmony Pill, not to mention he had a Sovereign’s power, so he mollified him, “Don’t worry, your Eminence. It is quite normal for a new technique to not be very strong!”

Liu Mang then caught a glimpse of Chen Ming’s back, of eighty-seven stars forming. Chen Ming smiled, “How is this then?”

Liu Mang’s eyes held a trace of fear, A Sovereign’s a Sovereign. He could kill them just by playing around. Seeing the starry sky, Liu Mang’s thoughts, This perception is uncanny. He just looked over the Heavenly Stellar Array for a bit and now he shows up with a mighty immortal art!

In truth, Chen Ming sensed that the danger value held some meaning, like 1500 and 2000 for instance. The difference wasn’t big but once over 2000, one had the power to insta-kill the first. Of course, the 1500 user wasn’t stupid to sit around for you to strike. He would surely run.

Chen Ming’s power surpassed the danger value, most likely because of King Slayer Aura’s effect. It was good he went through the challenge of acquiring it that time or he would have had to endure many hardships. Speaking of King Slayer Aura, I wonder if there’s a way to upgrade it. With it upgraded, my power will grow even higher.

Chen Ming pondered for a while, “This technique shall be called Cosmic Anger!”

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