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Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 143: Eliminating the Prodigies

Chapter 143: Eliminating the Prodigies

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What an absurd dominance.

While the others were being attacked by the bullets, Zhao Yu seized the opening and secured one of the fruits. On the other hand, Zhou Hao infused his inner power into the Vampire Cloak and instantly turned himself into a blurry silhouette. With the extreme speed of his Windbreaker style, he successfully weaved around the crowd and grabbed the last fruit.

All three fruits were gathered by Qin Feng’s party. That inevitably made them everybody’s target.

“Time to go!” Qin Feng yelled.

His teammates did not hesitate and started to flee. They were retreating hastily.

“Go after them!”

“Darn it! Don’t let them get away!”

“Put them down!”

Qin Feng’s team was chased after by a large group of desperate participants.


A cannon was coming fast at them.


Once again, Qin Feng used his conscious energy to rebound the cannon back to the assaulter.

“Stop looking down on me!” The gunner bellowed and boosted his consciousness. He intended to push back the cannon.

However, he was instantly defeated earlier on so what difference could he have made now?


The returned cannon did not budge and bombarded him along with four other students.

“Stop using your weapon. Can’t you see that his skills specifically counter gunners, you morons!!”

“Get them!”

“Ancient warriors, siege them.”

Ancient warriors could move rather speedily. In a prolonged chase, Zhao Yu, the slowest in their team, could possibly be caught up by the pursuers.

But Qin Feng would not allow that to happen.

They were now at the edge of the forest. Qin Feng swung his blade and two giant trees instantly plunged to the ground.


Following the explosion, the two barks blocking the path were blasted away by a giant fireball.

By that time, the three who possessed the conscious fruits had run far away, and Qin Feng was the only one remaining.

“F*ck!” A guy in snow-white color uniform at the front cursed.

“Boss, let’s capture this guy and threaten his teammates. We will kill him if they don’t turn back.”

“That’s right, they must be connected through the communicator.”

All the pursuers laid their eyes on Qin Feng. They were a humiliated bunch looking to vex their anger on him.

Qin Feng remained calm despite being surrounded by a few hundred enemies. They might be gifted geniuses in this era and definitely had a bright future ahead of them but unfortunately, their opponent this time was a monstrous being that had traveled back from the future.

“My apologies, folks!”

Qin Feng sheathed his saber and unleashed his inner power the next second.

Carpet Hellfire was an overkill so Qin Feng decided to use a more modest skill to deal with them.

“Asteroid Assimilation—Pull!”

A gale rose around Qin Feng and rapidly turned into a hurricane with Qin Feng at the center.


“What’s this?”

“This is not his ability. I thought he was a fire user?”

The pursuers were baffled and perplexed. Yet they could not do anything about it. Everyone was being dragged in by the unseen force.

In the next moment, Qin Feng promptly changed the force.


A powerful opposing force arrived straight at their faces. Those being pulled in were suddenly pushed back. The group collided and suffered a great impact as a result of the two polar opposite forces.


Someone’s limb was heard breaking.


Painful groans filled the empty plain.


Some of them suffered internal injuries and spurted out blood.

Inner force engulfed everyone within sight as Qin Feng took care of the hundreds of enemies single-handedly.

These so-called geniuses were trampled on brutally by Qin Feng.

“I am sorry. I have made my promise to the headmaster. Since you guys came uninvited, I will gladly take your points.” Qin Feng acted innocently but he was in fact wicked to the core against the enemies.

“Damn you!” One of them vomited blood again. It was hard to tell whether it was because of the injury or due to the insult.

Although they did not want to admit it, they knew there was no turnaround. Even those from Chengyang University were helpless.

They finally gave up on resisting and removed their tags sullenly. They were soon withdrawn from the field by spatial passages and left behind their name tags.

They acted decisively so because they had gathered multiple spirit herbs throughout the event. They still got to keep the herbs if they were to retreat now.

These prodigies were kicked out from the Spring Hunting Ground by Qin Feng just like that.

“Collect!” Qin Feng gathered everyone’s tags and the tags they had collected with telekinesis.

The three groups had amassed a total of four hundred tags. Those tags were enough to fill two big backpacks.

Just as he was wrapping up the fight, Qin Feng’s communicator suddenly rang.

“Qin Feng, come quick!”

His facial expression changed after hearing the SOS call. “Turn back!” He called out solemnly.

A series of hushed footsteps and rapid breathing came through the communicator.

“Qin Feng, we met Lin Kai on our way out. They have overwhelming numbers!” Zhao Yu reported urgently.

“Are they still chasing after all of you?” Qin Feng was worried.

“Yes. Zhang Tianche has been injured!”

“Don’t panic. It’s nothing serious.” Zhang Tianche still sounded calm but Qin Feng could tell that they were still fleeing frantically. His gaze turned cold and he instantly launched his feet into a sprint.

His face muscles were taut and he was expressionless. Yet, the suffocating aura around him was telling enough about his killing intent. ‘Lin Kai, prepare to die! We will settle our past and present grudge once and for all!’

Qin Feng ran faster than ever before. Zhou Hao and his other teammates had not run off too far away. They were only about three hundred meters away from his position. He located them easily with his consciousness and dashed in their direction swiftly.

Qin Feng maneuvered across the dense forest and reached his friends within a minute.

Zhou Hao and the others were surrounded when he arrived.

“Bastard!” Zhou Hao roared and delivered a fierce kick.


Chen Ming met the kick with his own and successfully stopped Zhou Hao’s attack. They were on par in terms of strength and the battle was intense.

Notably, Zhou Hao was at G6-tier now and was considered pretty powerful at his age. Yet, he had failed to overcome Chen Ming. Not only that but Chen Ming seemed to be fighting with plenty left in his tank. He was toying with Zhou Hao.

“What’s the matter, Zhou Hao? I thought you were the first in your class? Is that all you are capable of?”

The others laughed mockingly.

“Young Master Lin, they must have collected a lot of valuable items coming this deep into the hunting ground.”

“So are their points. We would surely claim the top spot after defeating them!”

“That’s right! Congratulations, Young Master!”

Lin Kai was overjoyed as he watched Chen Ming battle with great satisfaction.

“My obedient pet is so strong and it doesn’t matter even if Qin Feng is here. He probably never expected this to be Chen Ming’s true strength!”

Chen Ming’s laugh froze in the middle of the fight and a sense of fury appeared in his eyes.

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