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Medical Master (Web Novel)


He was the youngest guru of martial arts as well as the perfect Mr. McDreamy of the most girls. He had mysterious absolute touch, clear-sighted observation ability and various outstanding talents.
But now, he was just an ordinary freshman in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, who wanted to learn Chinese Medicine, see patients, and get into a relationship with a girl in a low-key way. However, in a Mid-Autumn Festival party, he was forced to put on a performance, which shocked the whole audience. The shiny and wonderful university life began from then on.
In the university, he met a beautiful and smart School Beauty Jiang Miaoyu who shook his heart slightly. But the road of love was never smooth, even to a perfect hero.
He also met a kind and friendly teacher Dr. Shen who discovered his excellent technique and gave him a chance to practice.
Besides, his three lovely and interesting roommates were indispensable in his life, although sometimes they looked a little awkward.
But this young hero’s life was not always full of happiness without a hitch, some trouble still appeared from time to time. The domineering and imperious President of the Students’ Union Li Qingshi purposely made difficulties for him repeatedly. The stubborn and hardworking martial arts practitioner Chen Cong often challenged him in different ways.
Just because of these extraordinary personalities around him, this young hero’s road of struggle looked so amazing…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 277 There Was a Last-Minute Change to the Rules!2019-12-11
Chapter 276 How Dare He! Tell Him to Stop!2019-12-11
Chapter 275 What Was This Boy Doing?2019-12-10
Chapter 274 Only Learned for Six Months2019-12-09
Chapter 273 So Young2019-12-08
Chapter 272 The Youngest, You Are Famous Again!2019-12-07
Chapter 271 See a Patient in the Dormitory2019-12-05
Chapter 270 A Girls’ Confidant!2019-12-04
Chapter 269 The No.1 Among Students in UJCM2019-12-04
Chapter 268 What the Hell is This?!2019-12-03
Chapter 267 I Brought Some Presents for Everyone!2019-12-01
Chapter 266 The Tickets Were Finally All Given Out!2019-11-30
Chapter 265 Concert Tickets2019-11-29
Chapter 264 A Good Opportunity!2019-11-28
Chapter 263 Victory!2019-11-27
Chapter 262 A Shocking High-pitched Voice!2019-11-26
Chapter 261 You Sing the Best, So What?2019-11-25
Chapter 260 What Bad Luck!2019-11-24
Chapter 259 Not As Good As Fang Qiu’s Singing!2019-11-23
Chapter 258 Chen Cong’s Breakthrough!2019-11-22
Chapter 257 The Vice President’s Apology2019-11-21
Chapter 256 What a Magic Song!2019-11-21
Chapter 255 Their Hero Was Back!2019-11-19
Chapter 254 A Mystery Guest Returned!2019-11-19
Chapter 253 Just a Blade of Grass?2019-11-18
Chapter 252 Did He Cheat?2019-11-16
Chapter 251 I Didn’t Believe He Ranked the First!2019-11-16
Chapter 250 Full Marks!2019-11-15
Chapter 249 If You Failed to Pass This Exam, Don’t Bother to Take the Next One!2019-11-13
Chapter 248 The First Examination, Herb Distinguishing!2019-11-12
Chapter 247 Doctors Didn’t Knock on Patients’ Doors2019-11-12
Chapter 246 You Were the One Who Was Sick!2019-11-10
Chapter 245 To Feel the Pulses with Both Hands?!!2019-11-10
Chapter 244 He Could Do Bonesetting?!2019-11-09
Chapter 243 Seeing Each Other When There Were Two Flowers in Fang Qiu’s Dantian2019-11-07
Chapter 242 Fang Qiu Established Where the Old Master Was!2019-11-06
Chapter 241 Taking Days off to Find the Old Master!2019-11-05
Chapter 240 The News of the Old Master!2019-11-04
Chapter 239 Here Came the Trouble-maker!2019-11-04
Chapter 238 A Person Could Be So Awesome?!2019-11-02
Chapter 237 Ghost! A Ghost!2019-11-01
Chapter 236 Kept the Appointment Alone!2019-10-31
Chapter 235 Feng Xuexin Is Kidnapped!2019-10-31
Chapter 234 I Ask for Leave to Confess My Love!2019-10-31
Chapter 233 Mandala Poisoning!2019-10-29
Chapter 232 This Is Your Prescription?2019-10-27
Chapter 231 Wait! You Were Wrong!2019-10-27
Chapter 230 Independent Diagnosis!2019-10-25
Chapter 229 Looking, Listening, Questioning and Feeling the Pulse!2019-10-25
Chapter 228 Being Hit Twice in One Day! I Didn’t Want to Live!2019-10-24
Chapter 227 He Was Better Than You!2019-10-22
Chapter 226 You Were a Quack! Repay with Your Life!2019-10-21
Chapter 225 Did They Really Make a Breakthrough?!2019-10-20
Chapter 224 Cancelling All the Punishments!2019-10-19
Chapter 223 Fang Qiu Gave a Lecture2019-10-18
Chapter 222 Praising Fang Qiu Exaggeratedly!2019-10-17
Chapter 221 Hot Discussion across the Internet2019-10-16
Chapter 220 Chinese Medicine Won!2019-10-15
Chapter 219 Held Your Head High!2019-10-15
Chapter 218 Shall We Take a Break?2019-10-13
Chapter 217 I Have Only Learned It for Four Days!2019-10-13
Chapter 216 Chinese Medicine Ethics!2019-10-11
Chapter 215 A Young Hero!2019-10-11
Chapter 214 Congratulations. It’s a Boy!2019-10-09
Chapter 213 Congratulations! It’s the Pulse of Pregnancy!2019-10-09
Chapter 212 Wearing the Mask of the Mysterious Man?2019-10-08
Chapter 211 Chinese Medicine Was Pseudoscience!2019-10-07
Chapter 210 Arriving in the Capital!2019-10-05
Chapter 209 Chasing Dr. Xiao Fang? Humph!2019-10-04
Chapter 208 Block His Way!2019-10-03
Chapter 207 The Time and Place Were Fixed!2019-10-03
Chapter 206 Feel the Pulse of Pregnancy in the Hospital!2019-10-01
Chapter 205 The Mysterious Man Who Shocked the Entire Wulin!2019-10-01
Chapter 204 I’ve Booked the Ticket. Never Leave Without Seeing Each Other!2019-09-29
Chapter 203 Accept My Challenge? You’ll Regret!2019-09-28
Chapter 202: Fang Qiu Was Going to Be Fired?2019-09-27
Chapter 201 Not That Bad!2019-09-26
Chapter 200 Crazy Abuses!2019-09-26
Chapter 199 That Alt Account Was Fang Qiu?!2019-09-24
Chapter 198 The Alt Account That Accepted the Challenge!2019-09-23
Chapter 197 A Sensation Across the City!2019-09-23
Chapter 196 Letting Fang Qiu Take Part in the Games2019-09-22
Chapter 195 Being Screwed, a Serious Warning!2019-09-21
Chapter 194 Was This an Institution of Higher Learning?!2019-09-19
Chapter 193 Is Fang Qiu Going to Teach Bonesetting Publicly?2019-09-18
Chapter 192 The Drivers Came to the University!2019-09-17
Chapter 191 You’ve Been Fired!2019-09-16
Chapter 190 Punish Fang Qiu Severely!2019-09-16
Chapter 189 The Last Poison-making Doctor!2019-09-14
Chapter 188 Poisoned Someone at the First Time2019-09-13
Chapter 187 Evidence Was publicized Throughout the School!2019-09-12
Chapter 186 You Are Too Old to Get a Promotion!2019-09-12
Chapter 185 Senior, Please Beat Me Up!2019-09-12
Chapter 184 The Key Factor to Get a Promotion to Martial Superior Realm!2019-09-09
Chapter 183 Lose Weight to Advance?2019-09-08
Chapter 182 Have You No Shame?2019-09-07
Chapter 181 Found the Man Responsible for the Poisoning2019-09-06
Chapter 180 Treasure While in Use and Trash Once Discarded2019-09-05
Chapter 179 Who Poisoned Me?2019-09-04
Chapter 178 A Villain with No Medical Ethics2019-09-04