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Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 244 He Could Do Bonesetting?!

Chapter 244 He Could Do Bonesetting?!

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The next day, just as Xu Miaolin had planned, Fang Qiu began to see patients by himself.

A short while later, the first patient came.

It was an old man in his sixties.

“Dr. Xiao Fang, please give me a checkup.”

As soon as the old man entered the clinic, he walked towards the clinic table immediately, scratching his body as hard as he could, just like a monkey, but with a painful face.

“What’s wrong with you?” Fang Qiu immediately asked, “skin issues?”

“Yes,” the old man sat down and immediately said, “I have got rubella for several months and feel quite itchy. Although it got better after having an intravenous drip in the hospital, I felt itchy again a short time later. Do you think that I can be cured? I can’t always suffer from this repeatedly. It will torture me to death.”

“Rubella?” Fang Qiu was dumbfounded and then said, “let me see where it is.”

The old man immediately opened his clothes and showed Fang Qiu his rashes all over his belly.

“OK,” Fang Qiu had a look at it and then asked, “any other symptoms besides itch?”

“I have always been sweating. I feel very cold once there’s a wind, but I feel nothing when there’s no wind,” said the old man.

“Open your mouth and let me see,” said Fang Qiu.

The old man opened his mouth. Fang Qiu took a look at his tongue and then felt his pulse.

After that, Fang Qiu said, “You have a floating pulse as well as a white coating on the tongue. You are sweating, sensitive to the wind, which is caused by a cold or exposure as well as insomnia of nutritive Qi and defensive Qi.”

Speaking of this, Fang Qiu started to write a prescription.

“9 grams of cassia twig, 9 grams of paeonia lactiflora, 9 grams of ginger, 12 jujubes, 6 grams of radix glycyrrhizae preparata. A total of three doses.”

After writing the prescription, Fang Qiu handed the prescription to the patient and said, “Generally, this disease belongs to Yang syndrome. Although this disease is more often caused by blood-heat and exposure to wind, some serious symptoms may be caused by a cold or exposure and insomnia of nutritive Qi and defensive Qi. You don’t need to worry too much. I think you can be cured after using three doses of medicine.”


The old man took the prescription and had a look at it, walking to the medicine cabinet.

Here, Fang Qiu suddenly remembered that he was seeing patients by himself today, so he was also in charge of filling the prescription. He immediately rushed over. After filling the prescription for the old man and advising him how to take the medicine, he just returned to the clinic table.

At this time, the second patient had been waiting for several minutes.

It was a young man who looked normal, but with glimmering eyes.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Fang Qiu.

“I, I… feel sick all over,” the young man said, “I always feel annoyed inwardly. Sometimes I’m very afraid, especially afraid of the things that I was afraid of before. I feel quite afraid at the thought of them, even the things that I was not afraid of before. I feel very nervous, and sometimes I think that life is meaningless. I always can’t fall asleep. What’s more, I can hear some strange sounds and see some strange things. Doctor, have I got any serious illness? Am I not be able to live?”

The more he said, the more excited he became.

“You don’t need to be worried.”

Fang Qiu hurriedly comforted him.

He could see that the young man was very tense.

“Doctor, could my disease be cured?” the young man asked in a panic.

“Rest assured. It can be cured, but you have to cooperate with me for the diagnosis first,” Fang Qiu said with a smile.


The young man nodded hurriedly.

“Open your mouth first.” Fang Qiu reminded.

The young man quickly opened his mouth.

Fang Qiu took a look at it and found that he had a white, thick, and greasy coating on his tongue.

Then Fang Qiu felt his pulse and found that his pulse was wiry and rolling.

In this case, Fang Qiu frowned slightly and said, “Your disease is liver Qi’s stasis with phlegm turbidity so as to disturb your heart. In short, your nerves got stimulated. There is no big problem. I will give you a prescription. As long as you recuperate quietly for a period of time, you will certainly be cured.”

After that, Fang Qiu immediately began to write a prescription.

Prescription A: 6 grams of cassia twig, 9 grams of ginger, 4 grams of antifebrile dichroa, 12 grams of fossil fragments, 12 grams of oysters, 9 grams of Chinese goldthread, 10 grams of bamboo shavings, 9 grams of curcuma aromatica, 9 grams of calamus, 10 grams of mixture of rhizoma arisaematis and animal bile and 9 grams of rheum officinale for two doses.

After writing the prescription, Fang Qiu directly filled it.

“Take this medicine first. When you finish it, come back and I’ll give you another prescription, including some phlegm-removing decoction and gall-warming decoction to do crossfire treatment so that you can be cured,” Fang Qiu advised while handing the medicine to the patient.

“Well, thank you, doctor.”

The young man thanked him for a while and then left with the medicine.

As Fang Qiu returned to the clinic table, the third patient sat down.

“Doctor Fang, please have a look at me. I always feel uncomfortable in my belly.”

It was a man in his mid-thirties.

“What’s the matter? Do you have any feelings or symptoms?” Fang Qiu inquired carefully.

“I always have abdominal pain. Every time I go to the toilet, I have loose bowels. Especially when I accidentally catch a cold or eat something raw and cold, the pain is worse,” said the patient.

“Have you ever been to a hospital for treatment?” asked Fang Qiu.

“Yes, but the effect is not very good. It always reappears,” the patient replied.

“Well, what’s the color of your stool? Do you have blood in your stool?”

Fang Qiu continued to inquire.

“I don’t know. Seems that it has some red and white slime,” the patient replied.

“How many times do you go to the toilet a day?” asked Fang Qiu again.

“Three to four times,” the patient answered truthfully and said, “but I always can’t defecate, and it hurts when I press my underbelly.”

Fang Qiu nodded with understanding.

Then he began to feel the pulse for the patient.

A moment later.

“Your pulse is strong, and you have a yellow coating on the tongue.”

“Although the symptom is caused by insufficiency of Qi and blood in the spleen and stomach, it also involves Yangming stagnation of the damp evil. If the damp evil isn’t removed, you will have loose bowels, and it can’t be stopped.”

Speaking of this, Fang Qiu began to write a prescription and murmured, “The prescription is to use the rheum officinale to connect the Qi in the viscera and sweep the rot and dirt in the intestine.”

A short while later, the prescription was done.

“9 grams of cassia twig, 18 grams of paeonia lactiflora, 9 grams of ginger, 10 jujubes, 6 grams of radix glycyrrhizae preparata, 6 grams of rheum officinale. A total of three doses.”

After filling the prescription, Fang Qiu handed the medicine to the patient and advised him, “Fry and boil these three doses of medicine together and then drink the decoction several times after ladling it out.”

Here, Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu and kept nodding his head.

He did not check again but just judged the patient’s physical condition through the inquiries of Fang Qiu to see whether the prescription that Fang Qiu gave was right.

As a result, he found that every diagnosis of Fang Qiu was correct without any error, which made him very satisfied.

And Feng Xuexin, who had been staying beside the medicine cabinet, also watched Fang Qiu see patients alone. He watched more carefully, especially when Fang Qiu filled the prescriptions for the patients.

As a result, he found that Fang Qiu not only made correct diagnoses and wrote correct prescriptions, but also measured the medicine precisely.

This made Feng Xuexin very speechless because Fang Qiu’s progress was too fast.

Feng Xuexin remembered that when Fang Qiu just came to the clinic, he could not even master the four diagnostic methods. However, in a trice, Fang Qiu had become familiar with seeing patients by himself.

“This strength is almost as good as mine. But the thing is that I have been studying for many years while Fang Qiu has only been studying for a few days.”

Feng Xuexin sighed helplessly.

At this time, no sooner had Fang Qiu returned to the clinic table and sat down than another patient arrived.

“Excuse me, what’s wrong with you?”

It was a middle-aged man. Before he walked inside, the middle-aged man clamped his hands over the back of his neck and rubbed it hard.

“My neck hurts,” the patient frowned and said in pain, “doctor, please give me a checkup. It hurts badly.”

“Besides the pain in the neck, is there any other symptoms?” Fang Qiu asked as he got up and went around beside the patient.

“Sometimes I get dizzy,” the patient replied.


Fang Qiu nodded. As he walked behind the patient, he stretched out his hands to touch the patient’s neck and said, “This is cervical vertebra dislocation.”


The patient was startled.

“Nothing serious. I’ll just do bonesetting for you,” Fang Qiu patted the patient on the shoulder, laughed, and said, “it might be a little hurt.”

“OK,” the patient answered.

“Keep your neck straight.”

While speaking, he placed his hands on both sides of the neck to do bonesetting.

“What is Fang Qiu going to do?” Feng Xuexin asked Xu Miaolin while looking at Fang Qiu in surprise.

“Crack, crack…”

Before Xu Miaolin answered, the sounds of two joints rubbing was heard.

The bonesetting had been done.

“Hmm, it doesn’t hurt?”

The patient stood up and looked at Fang Qiu in surprise. He kept stroking his neck and found that he was really cured, so he was immediately overjoyed.

Here, Feng Xuexin was also stunned.

“Fang Qiu could actually do bonesetting?”

Feng Xuexin opened his eyes wide because he couldn’t believe what had happened in front of him.

“I have watched Fang Qiu’s growth personally, but he has never learned bonesetting. He just learned the four diagnostic methods and how to write prescriptions and fill them. How could he do bonesetting?”

Feng Xuexin was extremely shocked. However, there were so many patients in the clinic, so he didn’t dare to ask in public for fear of frightening the patients and affecting Fang Qiu’s reputation. He could only look at Xu Miaolin with unbelievable and doubtful eyes.

“Before he was apprenticed to me, he had been a physician of bonesetting in the First Affiliated Hospital of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. He has cured many people,” Xu Miaolin explained with a smile.


Feng Xuexin looked at Fang Qiu in great surprise, as if his eyes were about to fall off. Then he turned around and asked, “A freshman became a physician?”


Xu Miaolin nodded his head as a matter of course.

“Is Fang Qiu… from a bonesetting family?” Feng Xuexin asked again.

“I don’t know,” Xu Miaolin shook his head and said, “but according to my judgment, he shouldn’t be.”

“Then how did he learn bonesetting?” Feng Xuexin said in confusion, “he is not from a family of bonesetting and is only a freshman. I do not believe that there is a university which teaches freshmen bonesetting, let alone learn it. The students at his age do not even know what the bonesetting is.

“Unless he has learned from others before being apprenticed to you!”

Feng Xuexin was very sure.

“Fang Qiu can never learn the bonesetting without being taught. What’s more, he does so well.”

“No,” Xu Miaolin nodded with absolute certainty and said, “as far as I know, he did not study medicine from anyone before he entered the university, nor did he study under a teacher after being admitted to University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

“No way?”

Feng Xuexin was dumbfounded.

“While he wasn’t apprenticed to a teacher and there was no chance for him to engage in bonesetting, he has not only learned bonesetting but also has become a physician of bonesetting.”

“This guy is so outstanding that he makes me jealous.”

Feng Xuexin couldn’t help sighing with emotion in indescribable shock.

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