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Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 245 To Feel the Pulses with Both Hands?!!

Chapter 245 To Feel the Pulses with Both Hands?!!

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One day passed quickly.

For the whole day long, Fang Qiu saw fifty patients in succession.

Xu Miaolin, who had been observing all these in the clinic, stared at Fang Qiu all the time and planned to correct his mistake even if it was a tiny one.

But one day had passed, and Xu Miaolin actually had no chance to say a word.

Without any doubt, this meant that Fang Qiu’s diagnoses of the fifty patients were all correct.

Here, Fang Qiu found that Xu Miaolin did not say anything all day after seeing the last patient, which made Fang Qiu very happy and more confident.

The next day, Fang Qiu continued to see patients by himself.

Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin were still watching him aside.

As the day ended, Fang Qiu still made all the diagnoses correctly, and he was more skilled than before while seeing patients.

On the third day, it was the same thing.

On the fourth day, as Fang Qiu became more and more skilled day by day, Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin simply got a tea table directly, looking at Fang Qiu see patients while drinking tea idly.

“Uncle Xu.”

Feng Xuexin took a look at Fang Qiu who was seeing patients while drinking the tea. Then he took a deep breath and said with emotion, “Where did you get such an outstanding student? Did he come out of a rock?”

“Now, you should know it.”

Xu Miaolin laughed.

“Know what?”

Feng Xuexin was confused.

“Know the standard of being my apprentice, of course,” Xu Miaolin smirked and said, “you can see from Fang Qiu that how high the standard of being my apprentice is and know why I have been unwilling to accept you.”

Feng Xuexin, “…”

The next moment, he looked unconvinced and said, “I admit that I am not as gifted as Fang Qiu, but I have a sincere heart to devote myself to the career of Chinese Medicine and to heal the wounded and rescue the dying!”

“Really?” Xu Miaolin asked with a smile.

“Of course it is.”

Feng Xuexin lifted his head, striking a pose of a young pioneer marching against the wind.

“Since you are so sincere, why did you still make a wrong diagnosis the other day and almost give the patient a wrong prescription?” Xu Miaolin smiled faintly and asked.

At the sound of this, Feng Xuexin, who just took a sip of tea, immediately choked.

He was almost unable to swallow the tea.

Even if he swallowed it, his face would flush red.

“Do you know how to talk to people?” Feng Xuexin patted his chest to calm down and looked at Xu Miaolin angrily, saying, “when you swear at someone, don’t disclose his shortcomings. OK? I can not even understand that when you said this, how could you smile so kindly?”

Xu Miaolin smiled faintly.

Here, after seeing patients for three days, Fang Qiu felt it all the more familiar and simple as if seeing patients had become a habit.

Although this habit made Fang Qiu feel very comfortable, it was also a little boring.

“Why must I feel the pulse for the patient with my right hand?”

While feeling the patient’s pulse, Fang Qiu suddenly thought. “Why can’t I feel the pulse of the patient’s left hand with my right hand? Normally, both hands have the same type of pulse, so why should I always feel the pulse with the same hand?”

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu suddenly became interested.

“Why not try it with both of my hands first?”

As Fang Qiu secretly murmured, he no longer hesitated.

He directly used both of his hands to feel the pulses on the patient’s left and right hands.

As a result, he could not help frowning.

“Although the types of pulse of the left and right hands are the same normally, it is also possible that they are completely different. Except that the patient has a vascular disease possibly, this case may also be related to the difference between left and right hands.”

And at this time, Fang Qiu suddenly thought of something because he really felt two completely different types of pulse.


Fang Qiu felt the pulses while frowning in surprise.

In the meantime, Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin, who had been drinking tea and chatting, also noticed that Fang Qiu looked a bit odd, so the two of them were dumbfounded at the same time.

“What is Fang Qiu doing?”

“Uncle Xu, isn’t Fang Qiu feeling the pulses with both hands?” asked Feng Xuexin in surprise.

“I’ve never heard of feeling the pulses with both hands.”

Xu Miaolin was also surprised.

“It is the tradition for doctors of Chinese Medicine to feel the pulse with only one hand. Since thousands of years ago, all the doctors of Chinese Medicine felt the pulse with only one hand. How is Fang Qiu feeling the pulses with his both hands?”

Here, Fang Qiu frowned.

“No,” Fang Qiu murmured while carefully feeling the pulse for the patient. “According to the situation of the patient, both of his left and right pulses should be corresponding to the temperature of the four seasons, but now, only the right pulse is corresponding to it, and the left pulse is not. In this case…”

“It’s a kidney disease!”

As Fang Qiu murmured, he nodded gently.

“Your kidneys have coldness inside. Lumbago is caused by external heat and internal cold. According to the pulses of your left and right hands, you have external heat. This is the kidney disease caused by lumbago.”

As Fang Qiu murmured, he immediately began to write a prescription.

A short while later, he finished writing the prescription as well as filling it.

At this time, Feng Xuexin suddenly moved closer.

“Did you feel the pulses with your both hands?” Feng Xuexin asked curiously while looking at Fang Qiu.

“I tried, and it worked.”

Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

“What did you feel?” Feng Xuexin asked again hurriedly.

Xu Miaolin also came over because he also wanted to know what Fang Qiu had felt and to see if Fang Qiu had made a wrong diagnosis.

“The patient had lumbago, and when I felt his pulses with both hands, I found that his right pulse is corresponding to the temperature of the four seasons while his left pulse is not. Judging from his symptoms, the pulses of both of his hands should be like that.

“Generally, patients, who have serious diseases caused by external heat and internal cold, have a pulmonary pulse on the left and right hands. But now, although the patient’s disease is serious, he doesn’t have too much external heat. Only his waist has heat, so the pulmonary pulse is not very obvious.

“The right hand is commonly used and corresponding to the temperature of the four seasons, so it shows a normal kidney pulse.

“The left hand is not commonly used, but it shows the main illness, so it indicates an abnormal pulmonary pulse. Therefore, it leads to his left and right pulses changing between the kidney pulse and the pulmonary pulse so that his hands have different types of pulse.

“This means that the patient has coldness in his kidneys, which is caused by lumbago, not kidney disease.”

Hearing Fang Qiu’s explanation, Xu Miaolin nodded in agreement.

“You can even feel that?” Feng Xuexin asked in surprise.

Then he immediately asked the patient to sit at the table and said, “Let me feel your pulse too.”

After that, he also felt the pulses with both of his hands like Fang Qiu did.

“It doesn’t work at all,” as a result, Feng Xuexin smiled wryly and said, “it is still OK if the types of pulse are the same on both sides. When they are different, they will interrupt the rhythm of feeling pulses, in which case, I can only feel one side after finishing another one.”

While Feng Xuexin was talking, Xu Miaolin also stepped forward to try.

He also felt difficult as Feng Xuexin did.

“It’s a little hard indeed.”

Xu Miaolin smiled wryly.

He knew very well that it was difficult for both sides of the brain to work at the same time.

“In addition, when a doctor uses his index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the right hand to feel the Cun pulse, Guan pulse, and Chi pulse of the left hand of the patient, they are corresponding to the heart, liver, kidneys.”

“When a doctor uses his left hand to feel the Cun pulse, Guan pulse, and Chi pulse of the right hand of the patient, they are corresponding to the lungs, spleen, and lower belly.”

“If he feels the pulses with both of his hands at the same time, he has to use three finger-force—floating, medium, sinking and turn them into nine parts immediately in a short period of time, so that the original pulse diagnosis of “one pillow, three fingers” will become six fingers and he has to complete the “six fingers with eighteen parts” at the same time.”

From all aspects, it was much more difficult to feel the pulses with two hands than with one.

Ordinary people just couldn’t do it.

“You felt the pulses one after another, right?” Feng Xuexin did not believe Fang Qiu and said, “it must be so. Otherwise, even Uncle Xu could not do it. How could you do it?”

Fang Qiu chuckled.

He didn’t want to argue with Feng Xuexin because there was no need. Moreover, Feng Xuexin had mentioned Xu Miaolin. If Fang Qiu really argued with him, wouldn’t it really verify what Feng Xuexin said?

“I don’t believe it. I just don’t,” Feng Xuexin shook his head and waved his hand, saying, “when you see the next patient, feel the pulses with your both hands again.”

“Then I’ll try again.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

A short while later, a middle-aged woman walked into the clinic with a little girl.

Fang Qiu returned to the clinic table and sat down.

“Excuse me, what is wrong with you?” Fang Qiu asked the woman.

“Not me. It’s the child,” the woman frowned and stroked the head of the little girl with a look of pity, saying, “her face is a little swollen, and she doesn’t look well. She often said that her skin was itchy and there would be some bumps after scratching.”

Fang Qiu fixed his eyes on her and saw that the little girl was hiding in the woman’s arms and looking at Fang Qiu curiously with big eyes.

At this time, the face of the little girl was swollen and yellow as the woman said. And she indeed looked sick.

“How old are you, little girl?” Fang Qiu asked with a smile.

“Eight years old,” the little girl replied cleverly.

“Good girl,” Fang Qiu nodded and said, “open your mouth and let uncle see your tongue.”

Hearing that, the little girl did as Fang Qiu said.

Fang Qiu took a look at it and found that she had a white and slippery coating on her red tongue.

“All right,” after seeing the tongue, Fang Qiu said while stretching out his hands, “come on, give me your hands and let me feel your pulses.”

The woman lifted up the little girl to let the girl sit on her lap.

The little girl tenderly held out her hands.

Fang Qiu began to feel her pulses.

Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin stood on both sides.

In a minute, Fang Qiu stopped and said with a smile, “Her right pulse is slippery while the left pulse is slightly floating. This symptom is caused by the inhibited urination, the accumulation of dampness, the infiltration of water into the skin, and the block of Yang Qi.”

“Does the child have a medical history of chronic nephritis?” asked Fang Qiu.

“Yes,” the woman immediately nodded and said, “it has been discovered before, but it’s never cured.”

“Well, don’t worry,” Fang Qiu smiled gently and said, “I’ll give you a prescription first.”

As Fang Qiu said that, he picked up the pen and began to write directly.

“3 grams of ephedra, 6 grams of forsythia, 15 grams of red beans, 6 grams of almonds, 6 grams of mulberry bark, 3 grams of platycodon grandiflorus, 6 grams of sophora flavescens, 12 grams of ginger, 5 jujubes, and 3 grams of radix glycyrrhizae preparata for one dose.”

After finishing writing, Fang Qiu said to the woman while filling the prescription, “After taking this medicine, the child will sweat. As long as she sweats, she will not feel itchy.”

Here, Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin, who were standing on both sides of the table, saw that Fang Qiu really felt the pulses of both hands by using the time for only one hand’s pulse.

This scene made Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin shocked.

They looked at each other and returned to the backyard quietly when Fang Qiu filled the prescription for the patient.

“Uncle Xu?” Feng Xuexin turned his head to look at Fang Qiu and whispered as if he was afraid that Fang Qiu would hear it, “tell me the truth, where did you find such a weirdo?”

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