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Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 246 You Were the One Who Was Sick!

Chapter 246 You Were the One Who Was Sick!

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“How should I know?”

Xu Miaolin could not help smiling wryly.

“You made him an apprentice even if you don’t know that?” said Feng Xuexin as he curled his lips.

“Nonsense,” Xu Miaolin gave Feng Xuexin a look and said, “if I know that, shouldn’t I make him an apprentice earlier?”

Feng Xuexin was speechless.

Without any doubt, Fang Qiu’s performance had completely convinced the two of them.

Actually, in the beginning, Xu Miaolin did not know that Fang Qiu had so much potential. The reason why he taught Fang Qiu medicine was that as a doctor, he appreciated talents, and he didn’t have the heart to see Fang Qiu die from a serious illness. Since he couldn’t cure Fang Qiu’s illness, the only thing he could do was to help Fang Qiu find treatment methods.

Therefore, he did not take Fang Qiu as an apprentice but only as a student.

But now, Xu Miaolin was completely shocked by Fang Qiu step by step.

Even he had never seen or heard of such an amazing apprentice of Chinese Medicine, let alone others.

From the bonesetting at the very beginning as well as learning to feel the pulse of pregnancy within two days and accepting the challenge with no fear, to treating the patients for the poison of Datura after studying Canon of Poison, these things made Xu Miaolin extremely surprised.

Without any doubt, Xu Miaolin had completely accepted Fang Qiu inadvertently. In this case, the reason why he still didn’t take Fang Qiu as an apprentice had changed. It was no longer because he didn’t want to accept or he pitied Fang Qiu but because he felt that he was really not suitable to be Fang Qiu’s master deep down. Fang Qiu was so awesome that he couldn’t teach Fang Qiu!

Now, having seen that Fang Qiu could not only perform martial arts but also feel the pulses with both hands, he was convinced more firmly in his heart. For him, Fang Qiu was like a perfect cake, but he didn’t have the heart to eat it or dare to eat it. He could only decorate the cake aside to make it more amazing so that it could become a work of art that no one dared to touch.

Like Xu Miaolin, Feng Xuexin was also too shocked to speak.

“Alas, since the Heaven made Zhou Yu, why did he make Zhuge Liang too…”

Taking a glance at Fang Qiu, who was continuing to see patients, Feng Xuexin sighed with emotion while shaking his head.

“Who is Zhou Yu and who is Zhuge Liang?” Xu Miaolin asked.

“Fang Qiu and me, of course,” Feng Xuexin said calmly, “the reason why I said this is not to elevate myself to the same level as Fang Qiu, but because I feel that sooner or later I will die from being mad at Fang Qiu! Look, it only took a few days for this guy to learn the four diagnostic methods and a few days for him to learn to write and fill a prescription. And before he finishes learning these most basic things, he has been able to cure poison and do bonesetting. Now he can also feel the pulses with both hands. How can I live?”

Feng Xuexin clamped his hand over his chest and said with a long face, “I really do not know will I be mad to death if this weirdo continues staying here.”

Xu Miaolin looked at Feng Xuexin in surprise.

It was the first time he had ever heard someone explain the sentence “since the Heaven made Zhou Yu, why did he make Zhuge Liang too…”

However, listening carefully, it didn’t sound wrong.

“You have to believe that with the training from Fang Qiu, you will be stronger and stronger inwardly.”

Xu Miaolin patted Feng Xuexin on the shoulder and then added, “There is a word, how to say? If comparing a person with another, what?”

After that, Xu Miaolin turned away with a smile, leaving Feng Xuexin to stay in place speechlessly.

“You are going to piss me off!”

But here, Fang Qiu began to try to feel each patient’s pulses with both hands.

It was smooth at first, and with more and more pulse diagnoses, it became more smooth.

Just like this, after seven days of seeing patients, Fang Qiu finally got familiar with all these.

“In a trice, another week has passed.”

In the evening, in the backyard, the three of them sat around the stone table. Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu while making tea and said, “The effect is quite good after seven days of practical study.”


Fang Qiu smiled and nodded.

If he was just an apprentice of Chinese Medicine who just started seeing patients seven days ago, now, he had been a doctor of Chinese Medicine who was quite familiar with seeing patients and could see patients anytime.

“For the past seven days, he didn’t make any diagnosis wrong,” speaking of Fang Qiu’s achievements in the past seven days, Xu Miaolin could not help praising him. Then he continued, “Judging from the seven days of performance, you’ve basically mastered the treatment of these common diseases.”

Fang Qiu nodded gently.

It was not that he was self-conceited but because he did master them.

He was confident of curing common diseases, but in terms of difficult and complicated diseases, Fang Qiu didn’t dare to nod.

“You have almost mastered the four diagnostic methods, prescriptions, and herb medicine.”

Speaking of this, Xu Miaolin paused for a moment and then added, “As for how to plant, process, and identify herbs, you can directly go to learn these from the administrator of Yaowang Mountain after going back to school.”

Fang Qiu was dumbfounded and then nodded.

He knew that there was certainly a reason why Xu Miaolin did so.

In Xu Miaolin’s view, Fang Qiu was really too awesome. Although he himself was proficient in all the subjects, in the strength of herbal medicine, he was certainly not as good as the administrator of Yaowang Mountain.

Since Fang Qiu had such an awesome gift, he should definitely learn from the best person.

“Besides, you don’t need to see patients in the clinic tomorrow,” Xu Miaolin advised him and then added, “I’ll give you a task tomorrow, and we’ll talk about it next morning.”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu did not ask.

Although Feng Xuexin wanted to ask, he did not do it in front of Fang Qiu.

After Fang Qiu returned to his bedroom, Feng Xuexin immediately moved closer to Xu Miaolin and asked, “Uncle Xu, what are you going to ask Fang Qiu to do tomorrow?”

“You’ll know that tomorrow.”

Xu Miaolin smiled and turned away.

The next day, Feng Xuexin got up early to prepare breakfast.

The three of them ate on the stone table in the backyard.

“Uncle Xu, what on earth are you going to let Fang Qiu do today?” Feng Xuexin couldn’t help asking curiously.

Fang Qiu also looked at Xu Miaolin.

“To practice medicine,” Xu Miaolin smiled and said, “although you don’t need to continue to see patients in the clinic, you can’t stop your study, so I want you to go out to practice medicine today.”

“Go out to practice medicine?”

Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

“Oh, I see,” Feng Xuexin chuckled and said, “so it is.”

“What am I going to do?” asked Fang Qiu.

“After breakfast, you can prepare to go. Just knock on the doors in the town and see ten patients. When you finish it, you can come back directly. If you haven’t finished, come back at six o’clock in the afternoon,” Xu Miaolin said.

“Knock on the doors and see patients?”

Fang Qiu was confused.

“Sick people will come to the clinic themselves, won’t they? Why should I knock on the doors?”

“Yes, get ready and go,” Xu Miaolin said as he nodded.

“All right.”

Although he was very confused inwardly, Fang Qiu did not ask more. Instead, he nodded and stood up for preparation.

A short while later, Fang Qiu finished preparing and walked out of the clinic with a carry-on medical bag.

“Which door to knock on?”

Walking in the street, Fang Qiu wavered.

He did not know which door to knock on, and he was afraid that after they opened the doors, they were not ill.

As he wavered, ten minutes had passed.

Fang Qiu walked to a residential area in the southwest of the town.

“Well, anyway, I have to knock on a door.”

Standing in front of a large courtyard and looking at the open courtyard door, Fang Qiu made up his mind to step directly into the courtyard, walking towards the building inside.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

There was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” A lazy voice of a man was heard.

“Hello,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile and said after the door was opened, “I’m a doctor. I come here to treat you for your illness.”


A robust middle-aged man was dumbfounded at first. Then he immediately frowned and said while staring at Fang Qiu angrily, “You’re the one who is sick. Get out of here!”

While speaking, the middle-aged man directly drove Fang Qiu out and also closed the courtyard door which was open at first.

Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

He had no choice but to go forward to knock on the second door.

As a result, just like before, he still got a lot of abuse, and the family even threatened to call the police.

For the next family, it was still the same.

It had been ten families in a row. Every time Fang Qiu knocked on a door, he would get cursed no matter what he said, which made Fang Qiu very upset.

“Why is it so easy to see patients in the clinic, but when I took the initiative to see patients at their own houses, I would get a lot of abuse?”


Just when Fang Qiu did not know how to continue, a young man in his thirties, who had just driven Fang Qiu out of the door, suddenly burped.

Fang Qiu’s eyes immediately lit up as he heard the hiccup.

“Hello, you have a hidden disease. I am a doctor, and I’m wondering if you can let me have a look,” asked Fang Qiu.

“I’m sick?” hearing that, the young man in his thirties immediately stared at Fang Qiu angrily and said, “get out of here. You are the one who is sick.”


After that, he burped again.

“Buddy,” seeing the young man burp twice, Fang Qiu hurriedly said, “you can drive me out, but please hear me out.”

“No. Get out of here.”

The young man refused decisively.

At this time, Fang Qiu, who was standing face to face with the young man, immediately took the opportunity to observe this person.

On the face of it, there was nothing wrong with the young man, but when the young man burped with his mouth open, Fang Qiu immediately noticed that the young man had a white and slippery coating on the tongue, so he suddenly became confident in his heart.

“This patient, do you have flatulence in the lower abdomen and sometimes feel cold Qi rushing up to your chest diaphragm? Moreover, do you also have backaches and swelling pain in your right rib? And you have no appetite when you are hungry and have loose bowels,” Fang Qiu asked in succession.

“You are a patient, and you are the one who is sick.”

The young man flew into a rage and said angrily while pointing to Fang Qiu, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“No, this patient, you are really ill. Let me have a look at you.” Fang Qiu continued to persuade him.

“If you don’t get out of here, don’t blame me for being unkind!”

The young man raised his clenched fist in anger.

Seeing that, Fang Qiu smiled helplessly.

He had no choice but to leave quickly.

After walking four or five steps, Fang Qiu felt more helpless when he saw that the young man was still staring at him for fear that he would go back seemingly.

“He is really sick. Doesn’t he know that? Why doesn’t he want to see a doctor for free?”

Fang Qiu shook his head with a bitter smile. Then he turned his head to shout to the young man, who was going to turn to go back, “Buddy, according to my judgment, your disease is likely to be up-rushing gas syndrome. The treatment of this disease is to use cassia twig and cassia decoction. Remember to do it!”

Before Fang Qiu finished speaking, the young man took off the cloth shoes and ran after Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu didn’t dare to stop, making off at once.

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