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Medical Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 175 She Frightened Nanny Zheng

Chapter 175 She Frightened Nanny Zheng

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“Yes, grandma!” Qin Wanru said softly. She obediently walked up to Nanny Zheng. Facing Nanny Zheng, Qin Wanru swung her arms to one side to salute.

She showed no trace of unpleasant after hearing Qin Yuru’s words just now.

Involuntarily, Nanny Huang’s eyes landed on Qin Wanru. Eyeing her from head to toe, she looked a little bit surprised.

Seeing Qin Wanru’s salute, the poker-faced Nanny Zheng finally expressed some emotions in her eyes. Qin Wanru’s salute was extremely standard, which was better than the salute Qin Yuru made just now. Qin Wanru seemed to have learned the etiquette in the Imperial Palace because she bent her knees to the perfect point.

Bending too little, she would appear arrogant; bending too much, she would look too humble.

“Second Miss Qin?” Nanny Zheng finally broke her silence with a little hoarse voice.

“Nanny Zheng!” Qin Wanru smiled and called softly. There was softness in her watery eyes. Nanny Zheng could see that Qin Wanru really liked her, which made her feel a little less depressed. “This child not only looks gorgeous but also knows how to behave properly. She may be a person who understands the rules. Since I was released from the Imperial Palace, I have never expected that I would encounter such a lady who has never looked down on me when others are running hurriedly away from me. It is truly surprising.”

“Second Miss Qin, I hope you can forgive me if I make any mistake later when I teach you!” Nanny Zheng was visibly moved a bit. Her expression softened, and the corners of her lips even curled up into a gentle smile.

Now she thought that it might be a good thing for her to go out of the Imperial Palace!

Seeing that both Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru were somewhat satisfied, Madam Dowager breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she let them go back to their courtyards with their etiquette instructors.

When they returned to the courtyard, Qin Wanru asked Nanny Yu to arrange accommodation for Nanny Zheng and invited Nanny Zheng into her room. After entering the room, they greeted each other once again. Then, Nanny Zheng’s eyes fell on Qin Wanru, and she frowned a little. “May I ask how old are you, Miss?”

“I have already reached 11!” replied Qin Wanru. And she took the initiative to poured Nanny Zheng a cup of tea.

“But why do you look so young?” Nanny Zheng did not expect that Qin Wanru was already 11 years old, so she looked a little surprised. Most of the eleven-year-old girls had already grown taller, and their figures should basically look like those of the young ladies already. However, Qin Wanru still looked like a little girl.

“I will grow up in the future!” Qin Wanru said with confidence. When she grew up in her last life, she was not shorter than other women. It was just that she grew more slowly than others, so she appeared a little smaller than girls at her age when she was young.

“In the future? Second Miss, you are not a child anymore according to your age. After the New Year, your nominal age will be 12, which is precisely the best age that girls in the capital looking for partners in marriage. If you still look like this, that’s not going to work!”

Nanny Zheng said bluntly.

Her words embarrassed Qin Wanru, who flushed, and her pink face became all red. “I suppose that she shouldn’t have said these words right in front of me.”

“Second Miss, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. Marriage is what the girls have to do when they grow up. I have several prescriptions that you can use to nurse your body. It will not do you any harm. You only need to take medicated baths with the medicine in those prescriptions!” Since Nanny Zheng’s heart had settled down here, she certainly would consider Qin Wanru with concentrated attention.

Qin Wanru had a perfect face. Nanny Zheng was accustomed to seeing those beauties in the Imperial Palace. But ever she had to admire such a good-looking face. But even so, Qin Wanru still looked too little. Few people would admire her beauty for the first time when they saw Second Miss. Most of them would feel that she was too young, just a little kid.

“Nanny Zheng, I don’t need to take medicated baths. I’ll let nature take the course. Big Sister’s marriage has not yet been settled… I don’t have to worry!” Qin Wanru looked up. Though her face was still red, she looked very calm as if the topic they were talking about were not the shyest topic of those unmarried daughters.

Upon witnessing her bearing, Nanny Zheng could not help casting a few more glances at her because this Second Miss before gave her a completely different feeling, giving her little girl’s appearance.

If Nanny Zheng didn’t see such a small person in front of her with her own eyes, she would almost think that this Second Miss before her was a Miss that was well educated by a great aristocratic family.

“This calm Second Miss can talk properly and is indifferent to her exceedingly beautiful appearance. How many girls can behave like that?”

Thinking of this, Nanny Zheng looked more dignified. For the first time, she began to treat this Second Miss in front of her as a grown-up.

“What do you mean, Second Miss?”

“I mean, I don’t have to be outstanding. I may as well go with the flow. There is no need to pursue achievements anxiously, or I will place myself in a disadvantageous position.” Qin Wanru smiled lightly and said meaningfully.

“Doesn’t Second Miss want a good marriage?” Nanny Zheng asked without knowing why.

“I don’t want to marry anyone.” It was actually the truest thought in Qin Wanru’s mind. In her last life, she died miserably in the end. As for her marriage, she delayed it again and again. Even though she finally married a nice guy Wen Xichi, who took good care of her, the marriage between them was a tragedy. She became a widow at last. And later, she was even driven out of the gate of the mansion of Wen’s family.

After considering all sorts of things she had experienced, Qin Wanru felt that it was better not to get married.

Of course, she would not say this at this time. It would only make others think that she was a little too weird. Therefore, she answered to make herself look more normal.

“I might as well go with the flow!” Qin Wanru smiled. Her long eyelashes fluttered, which covered all the emotions in her eyes. But if she could, she felt that she’d better not to get married.

“I hope that Shui Ruolan will give birth to a boy. Then, he will inherit everything and become the future of the General’s Mansion. And I can spend my remaining years till death in this mansion because of the boy, my brother.”

Nanny Zheng looked at Qin Wanru in front of her face with amazement. “It seems that this small child has experienced many vicissitudes of life and the fickleness of human friendships. To my surprise, she isn’t concerned about the things that these girls keep thinking about. Is it because she is too little to understand the marriage? Or is it because she understood it so that she doesn’t want the marriage?”

Looking at the smiling eyes in front of her, Nanny Zheng felt that this child must understand what the marriage meant, but she did not want to get married.

At first, Nanny Zheng lacked interest in everything because she was driven out of the Imperial Palace. But now, she was intrigued.

“Are you willing to stay in Qin’s Mansion and follow me?” All of a sudden, Qin Wanru smiled. In her eyes, it seemed that there was a burning flame jumping in her eyes.

“I am only an etiquette instructor. I will only teach you for some time. After that, I will go back!” Nanny Zheng replied. She did not understand the meaning of Qin Wanru.

“I am still young. If I want an etiquette instructor to teach me, then the instructor will spend at least a few years with me. You have just got out of the Imperial Palace, and you may not have the chance to go back there. Don’t you want to find a place that you can stay for a long time?”

The smile on Qin Wanru’s face was as warm as the spring breeze.

Her words reminded Nanny Zheng of her painful memories, so her face fell again. She remained silent. It was true that she wanted to go back. In Nanny Zheng’s eyes, the Qin’s Mansion was nothing but a stepping stone she used to spend her transition period. Moreover, Nanny Zheng believed that her master would find a way to get her back.

“Nanny Zheng, I heard that you are the person released from the Imperial Palace. You were also implicated because of some matters. I don’t care who you served before. Now you wish that your previous master can get you back to the Imperial Palace after you have been driven out. However, it is not an easy thing for your master whoever she is, even if she was the empress. If she truly has the ability to get you back, she would not let you be driven out in the first place!”

Nanny Zheng was indeed a person Qin Wanru expected such that she would not let her go. At this time, when Qin Wanru looked at Nanny Zheng’s face, she knew clearly what Nanny Zheng was expecting. Hence, Qin Wanru chose to break all her expectations and tell her the truth, leaving no space for manoeuvers.

“Second Miss, how did you know things in the Imperial Palace?” The face of Nanny Zheng became very ugly and gloomy. “I came to your mansion only as an etiquette instructor. As for other things, please be cautious with your words, Second Miss. Even if you are young, there are some things you cannot say!”

It seemed that Qin Wanru broke something in her heart, Nanny Zheng felt very unhappy in her heart!

“Do you think what I said is right, Nanny Zheng?” Qin Wanru smiled lightly and leaned back a little. She seemed not to behave herself decently. But her act matched very well with the situation. Somehow, Nanny Zheng did not think that she was rude to her.

“What do you want, Second Miss?” Nanny Zheng felt awful and uncomfortable as if something had hit her a thump on the heart. Something in her heart was as clear as the glass, but she just didn’t want to break it. However, Qin Wanru broke the hope of Nanny Zheng straightforwardly at this time.

“I don’t want anything. I think that I am short of a person like you by my side, so I want you to stay. What do you think?”

Seeing Nanny Zheng’s angry face, Qin Wanru continued to say with full composure as if she did not see Nanny Zheng’s stern look.

“Second Miss Qin said a moment ago that you have no ambitions, but now you tore the mask off your face yourself!” Nanny Zheng sneered, her delicate face flushed with rage. All at once, she stood up.

“I said that I’d like to go with the flow doesn’t mean that I want to become a doormat. Or in your understanding, letting nature take its course is to give up everything, let myself being trampled upon at others’ will, and give up my right to protect my most concerned people, right?” Qin Wanru said with a little sneer.

Her sneer looked so shallow that Nanny Zheng could barely see the smile that her lips curved into. Although she was smiling at this moment, Nanny Zheng felt ice-cold. Such a smile with deep darkness and chill, which somehow made Nanny Zheng creep all over.

Nanny Zheng was stunned. In shock, she stared at Qin Wanru, who was right in front of her. Nanny Zheng had imagined ten thousand kinds of Second Miss Qin’s type, but none of them was the one that she saw with her eyes now. Her sneer even reminded Nanny Zheng of the bloody things that she had experienced all year round when she was in the Imperial Palace.

It was impossible for an unmarried girl at such a young age to get in touch with such bloody things. However, this little girl before her who hadn’t yet grown up seemed to know everything, and she could still keep a graceful and calm posture. Qin Wanru shook Nanny Zheng in the depth of her soul. Although no words could tell Nanny Zheng’s weird feeling at this moment, it made her think of the situation she was in at the moment unconsciously.

“Didn’t I give up everything and be driven out of the palace? Didn’t I just let myself being trampled upon at others’ will?” Nanny Zheng thought. Now others avoided her like the plague. Since Qin’s Mansion had just moved to the capital, they were totally unfamiliar with the place and the people here. Otherwise, Nanny Zheng believed that they would not use her.

“Am I driven into a corner by the reality? All the things that I insist on and wait for are nothing but bubbles that I made by myself!”

“Nothing is left when Qin Wanru pricked those bubbles!”

Nanny Zheng thought that she should refuse the little girl in front of her because this little girl was too dangerous. Second Miss Qin was definitely not one of those normal unmarried Young Madams…

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