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Medical Sovereign (Web Novel) - Chapter 258 Being a Boss

Chapter 258 Being a Boss

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After all, the Speed Motor Gang was the weakest one among other gangs, but it was the most difficult one to deal with. They came and went fast and were killed at fighting with sneak attacks, making others hard to guard themselves.

The key point was that it had a backer, different from the Small Swords Society, and the Buddha Hall, which all fought independently. It was said to be very powerful, consisting of a horde of playboys.

With malice in his eyes, Abao swiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth. Showing a mouthful of white teeth, he suddenly smiled eerily. “Master Yun wants to punish me to warn others. Can I say I am not convinced?”

Showing no care about his challenge, Ling Yun said simply, “Of course you can, but what if I know you are not convinced?”

As she finished these words, everyone’s look at her changed once again.

The woman was aggressive and arrogant, but she deserved the legendary name of Master Yun. They didn’t want to admit that she had the ability to say so, but they knew she really did.

First, her first follower Guo Jianglong broke a dining table to pieces with his palm, shocking Fat Buddha.

Then, she destroyed the Axe Gang’s stronghold overnight, killed Yang Kaishan and his unqualified advisor Ma Qiang, and made its over 400 members scream and escape with their tail between their legs through fighting.

Now, one of her nameless followers furiously launched an attack to directly punish the most arrogant boss—Abao, and she also aggressively asked if he was convinced.

Abao clenched his fists. He brought dozens of men, with a few dozen still lying in ambush outside.

There were only three people on Ling Yun’s side. If he could stand the humiliation, he were not Abao anymore.

With an angry face, he was ready to break ties with her completely, but Ling Yun uttered a few words slowly. Hearing them, he seemed to fall into an ice cave, petrified on the scene.

“If you are not convinced, you can tell Ji Jun. Tell him I asked you to do so. Let’s see if he will help you fight me.”

As she spoke these words, she was unconfident. Who was Ji Jun? She had no idea, but Ding Ning asked her to say so. Then, she had to speak the name courageously.

Seeing Abao’s shocked expression, Ling Yun felt relieved and delighted silently. “My husband is always right. He is a freaky genius indeed.”

Right, he punished the Speed Motor Gang to warn others, and then used Ji Jun to threaten Abao. This was the first step Ding Ning took to help Ling Yun get the “throne”.

Ding Ning seemed to be as busy as a bee. In fact, he had investigated these great forces a long time before. Even the way Ling Yun appeared in the hall was his careful design.

Abao’s character and his behavior of teasing women were also within Ding Ning’s consideration. He would definitely tease Ling Yun as he saw she was such a beautiful lady. By this chance, Feng Jun violently attacked him to threaten other forces.

Abao would not be convinced. With an arrogant attitude, he would surely turn hostile and fight along with his men.

Unfortunately, there was only one Speed Motor Gang in Ninghai, and Ji Jun was its head.

Abao and his men were but ordinary members of the Speed Motor Gang led by Ji Jun. So, Ding Ning specially called Ji Jun.

Ji Jun even didn’t know Abao or the fact that there was an influential Speed Motor Gang in the college town under the banner of his Speed Motor Gang.

Out of his respect to Ding Ning, he would make the nameless Abao lose face. Unhesitatingly, he patted his chest to guarantee that if Abao did dare to disobey orders, he would make him seriously injured in person.

Abao’s expression changed dramatically, from blue to white repetitively. He never thought Master Yun would know Master Ji.

Yes, it was Master Ji. Once he saw Ji Jun from a distance with his big brother’s big brother.

He easily made more than a dozen strong men fall, and his drag racing skill was extraordinary. Since then, he had regarded him as his idol.

According to the ranking rules of the complicated human world, he could not call him Brother Ji, but Master Ji instead.

He was also an enthusiastic drag racing amateur. Since he admired Ji Jun, he gathered subordinates to have built the Speed Motor Gang, which was attached to Ji Jun’s Speed Motor Gang, and he was willing to be a member of it.

Born in a poor family, he could not buy luxurious cars for drag racing or even afford the car modification expense. So, he had to choose a cheaper game—motorbike racing.

But he never thought he could gradually get some fame in the college town because of the superior mobility and flexibility of his motorbikes.

“Sorry, Master Yun, I was stupid and offended you. I know my fault.”

The anger in Abao’s chest ebbed like tides, and what came after were limitless regret and fear.

He was a punk, but he was not stupid. He knew the backgrounds of Ji Jun and his men who liked drag racing much better than others.

The lowest level of them was the second rich generation children, each family with nearly 100 million yuan, and those only with millions or tens of millions of yuan had no right to join the circle.

There were also children of officials, who only ran errands in the circle, but their fathers were all cadres on the deputy department director level.

Abao’s big brother, also a second rich generation, had a family with tens of millions of yuan, but he could only stand behind his big brother as a role to wave banners and shout cheers. He could only be counted as half of the man in the circle.

Numerous times, he had heard his big brother speak of his dream of entering that circle someday to be an official member of the Speed Motor Gang.

In Ninghai, it was difficult to behave atrociously, but at least, no one would dare to belittle you wherever you go.

Abao agreed with this statement. A second rich generation and an official’s child could not function that much, but gathering the power of all the people in the circle would form extremely terrifying power.

The playboys’ circle was neither big nor small, and so was Ninghai.

Since Master Yun did dare to ask him to go to Ji Jun to get help, that meant she had good relationships with Ji Jun, or she never treated him as someone so important.

In either way, it proved that a little punk like him could not offend a person with her status.

So, Abao had to yield and apologize with a submissive tone, making his men and other bosses narrow their eyes and show a thinking expression.

Ling Yun felt relieved. Facing the stare of the hundreds of gangers, she felt her calves couldn’t help twitching.

She was so afraid of a fight once she could not control Abao. Feng Jun and Lu Zhan could fight excellently, but she was unconfident when she thought about three versus a few hundred.

As Abao yielded, she should show him some kindness, for she clearly knew the principle that punishment and kindness should be used together.

Her mouth revealed a gentle smile. “Brother Bao, I was also a little impulsive just now. Please don’t blame me, and take a seat!”

As soon as he sat down, he stood up hurriedly, waving his hands. “I don’t deserve this. Master Yun is too kind.”

“Well, Brother Bao, please be seated. Today we have no outsiders. I asked everyone to come only for a chat.”

Instantly, Ling Yun showed the air of a leader once she had confidence. Surprisingly, as she spoke, no one interrupted. She became the spotlight for everyone.

That was why Ding Ning thought Ling Yun was born suitable for the underworld life. She was born with the roughness of the complicated human world, had virtues and righteousness, and treated people sincerely and hospitably.

The key point was that she was a lovable manly woman, could get along well with anyone, and would never make others feel she was elegantly indifferent and difficult to approach.

In the complicated human world, people appreciated this behavior most, and even Batulu, who had been rivaling against her, thought that she was suitable for the underworld life, for she handled the previous matter neatly only with a few words. After the greeting, Ling Yun became serious and directly spoke of her purpose of asking everyone to come here.

“Today, everyone sitting here was an Old Sea (seasoned person). I come to the line (this area) of the college town to be a boss, but I have no intention to eat the food in your bowls (take away your rice bowls). To be honest, I am not short of money or people. I read little, but I appreciate the knowledgeable people. I am thinking that I should do good deeds to accumulate virtues in a lifetime and make the line of the college town clean. The Axe Gang has been driven away by us Green Cloud Gang, and the Blessing Gathering Club will become the asset of the Green Cloud Gang. If anyone of you shares the same interest, let’s add one more pair of Huashizi (chopsticks) and eat around the same pot; if you do not share the interest, let’s take different paths and don’t meddle in the business of each other. But my principle is that if I find anyone does the conscienceless business on this line, he makes a Liangzi with (himself an enemy of) the Green Cloud Gang. By then, don’t blame me as a merciless woman!”

Speaking these words, Ling Yun had an awe-inspiring killing intention, her eyes filled with the murderous air. She was not joking at all.

If Ding Ning were here, he would know Ling Yun must have recalled her past sad stories again and touched the most sensitive nerves in her heart.

Ling Yun had a neighbor, who was five years older than her and treated her like a blood sister.

Since Ling Yun had no brothers or sisters, she cherished the love very much.

After attending college, she and her classmates went to a bar, but she was drugged. After that, she was raped, taken naked photos, and forced to receive brothel frequenters.

Staunching with moral integrity, the girl committed suicide by jumping off a building because she could not stand the humiliation. Unfortunately, she became a vegetative patient.

The girl was the only child of her parents, who were desperately sad. They sold out whatever they could sell, wishing to save her life, but they failed. She passed away a year later.

The girl’s parents persevered in the lawsuit, vowing to get her justice.

But after several years of appeal, a gangster was finally sentenced to life imprisonment as a scapegoat. Her parents didn’t even get a penny of compensation, but the real culprit was still at large.

The girl’s parents sold everything they had for treating and seeking justice for their daughter. Without money, they had to live under an overhead bridge and could not even afford to eat.

Getting the verdict, the old couple was extremely sad and desperate. Like their daughter, they ended their lives by jumping off a building.

A happy family of three members vanished like this momentarily. Ling Yun saw the old couple jumped on the scene. Back then, she had no idea about the darkness of the human heart. She was quite shocked.

Since then, Ling Yun had silently vowed to become the queen of the underworld. With the absolute power, she would purge the heinous scoundrels and also get justice for those innocent victims.

This was the most painful memory in Ling Yun’s mind, and also an emotional entanglement which was difficult for her to ignore. When telling it to Ding Ning in tears, she was so sad that Ding Ning felt so sorry for her.

That was why he still chose to help Ling Yun enter the underworld though he knew there was no good end in the underworld. After all, it was her only dream.

As her husband, he only hoped to help her realize her dream, without considering the price or the result. This was his duty and responsibility as a man.

He knew this road was not easy to tread and she could perish at any time, but he insisted and would use his power to realize her dream, as long as she was happy.

This was his way of showing love. He never spoke it, being clumsy but warm-hearted. As long as it was what Ling Yun wanted, even if it were a star in the sky, he would work out ways to pick it for her.

Moreover, there was no absolute black or absolute white in Ding Ning’s heart. The so-called black and white were but from the human heart.

He was looking forward to the miracle that an underworld queen who had been keeping a kind heart would create.

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