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Medical Sovereign (Web Novel) - Chapter 259 Assassination

Chapter 259 Assassination

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These bosses looked at one another because they got several meanings from what Ling Yun said.

First, Ling Yun was ready to raise her banner to be a boss, and build the Green Cloud Gang in the college town; Second, the Blessing Gathering Club, the previous stronghold of the Axe Gang, would become the asset of the Green Cloud Gang; third, their gangs could swear fealty to the Green Cloud Gang or choose not to, but their business shouldn’t hurt the ordinary people. Otherwise, the Green Cloud Gang would come out to swipe them off.

The first one was easy to accept, for now Ling Yun had the absolute power to build the Green Cloud Gang.

The second one sounded amusing. Yang Kaishan was dead, but the Axe Gang was not. How could its members do nothing when the Green Cloud Gang took their stronghold? So, they thought Ling Yun was too arrogant.

As for the third one, these people thought differently. What was a conscienceless business?

It was difficult to give it a clear definition. What if female students were willing to be whores? What about selling pills of ecstasy? What about lending money at usury? What about opening a casino? What about getting protection fees?

If these activities were not allowed, they were not underworld gangs. They should turn themselves into legal businesses.

The Small Swords Society was even unsatisfied with the last principle. After all, its main financial source was getting commissions from opening casinos, and protecting entertainment places such as bars, KTVs, and so on. How could they lack female college students as sex workers?

Ling Yun was quiet, watching their expressions silently. When she found they were silent, she patted the table and spoke peacefully,

“I know you are unclear about the conscienceless business. So, let me clarify it. First, no forced prostitution, but if some girls are willing to earn money like this, I won’t meddle in. The precondition is they must be willing. Second, anything related to drugs is forbidden, such as heroin and pills of ecstasy. Otherwise, I will be a merciless woman. Third, you can open any kind of casinos if you are able, but you shall not seduce others to gamble or cheat in gambling, making others lose anything and become desperate. If so, doesn’t your conscience feel the pain? Forth, lending money at usury is acceptable, but it should be reasonable. You should investigate the borrower’s ability to pay back the money. Don’t always force them to pay the over 10% monthly interest rate. That’s not lending money, but killing. Fifth, getting protection fees is the same as lending money at usury. It should be reasonable at the time. A vendor can only earn small sums of money, but you take all away as your protection fee. How can they do their business? My suggestion is that don’t ask the vendors who earn not much to pay you, and you can ask the rich entertainment places to pay you reasonably more. You can get such small sums from many places. If these vendors have ways to survive, they will not call us b*stards as they shout at us.”

“Master Yun, the Green Cloud Gang has not been built yet. Is it a little early for you to say so? In my view, you cannot say so until you consolidate your power and drive the Axe Gang away completely.”

Batulu lit up a cigarette leisurely but spoke sarcastically.

“Don’t bother, Boss Ba! I will deal with the Axe Gang.”

With an extremely strong attitude, Ling Yun said slowly, “I do not ask you to show your opinions on the conditions I mentioned just now. They are the notice of the Green Cloud Gang. Whether you adhere to them or not, it’s up to you. But if you have trouble in the future, don’t blame me I didn’t warn you.”

“Bang! Our Black Knife Camp is not used to being threatened by others. The college town is now not your Green Cloud Gang’s territory yet. I really wish to know the ability of Master Yun.”

Batulu hit his table hard with his palm and stood up with a sneer, ready to leave. “Let’s go!”

Batulu ignored Ling Yun directly. Fat Buddha showed mixed feelings on his face, also wishing to leave, but he finally sat down after a moment of hesitation.

Tang Chengdong sat still, and Abao was even like an old monk in meditation, with his eyes focusing on his nose, his nose on his mouth, and his mouth on his heart.

“Brother Ba, do you want me to lose face?”

Ling Yun raised her brows, asking with a faint smile.

“What if I do want you to lose face? As a woman, you had better go home and serve your man. Don’t come out and hop around!”

With a pause of his steps, Batulu grinned with a mouthful of yellow teeth, ridiculing Ling Yun.

The gangsters following him roared with laughter, blinking at Ling Yun with sordid faces.

“Go to hell!”

With his face turning dark, Feng Jun rushed at Batulu like a bolt of lightning.

“Humph, this skill is enough to deal with Abao, but it is not enough to deal with us Black Knife Camp.”

Batulu was not afraid at all. He had ordered his men to lie in ambush at the gate a long time before. Stepping back half a step, he shouted, “Black Knife Camp, come and fight!”


With a scream, Batulu covered his face and fell on the floor.

Like a bolt of lightning, Feng Jun had returned and stood behind Ling Yun, with his hands knotted behind his back. Hearing the sound, he sneered, “S*itty Black Knife Camp! A motley crew! Powerless!”


Batulu asked incredulously, “How, how come?” “Our Black Knife Camp has 50 warriors from the grasslands!”

Everyone was astonished, silently feeling delighted that they did not follow Batulu to leave. Fat Buddha now kept wiping off the sweat on his forehead, his mouth’s corner twitching uncontrollably.

“I think your ambition never dies until you see no hope. Pa, pa!”

Ling Yun stood up slowly and clapped her hands. “Then, prove to Boss Ba.”

“Yes, Master Yun!”

A loud reply came from the darkness.

Instantly, Xiaoniu walked out with an armful of knives and dropped them to the floor, making clanks. They were weapons of the men from the grasslands—round-moon scimitars.

Batulu looked pale, asking in a low voice, “What about my sworn brothers?”

“Don’t worry, Brother Ba. Our Green Cloud Gang will not kill the innocent. At least, before your Black Knife Camp violates the rules that Master Yun made, we won’t kill them. Your brothers have just been hit and passed over.”

Peng Haitao also came in with an armful of round-moon scimitars. Dropping them to the floor, he said with a smile, “Brother Ba, do you want to count? 50 in total, no one less.”

Showing mixed expressions, Batulu held the fist and palm salute by the rules of the complicated human world a long time later. “Our Black Knife Camp will adhere to the rules that Master Yun made.”

“Good, I hope Boss Ba can keep your word. Otherwise, it will be unpleasant when I turn hostile by then.”

Ling Yun simply put, with a warning in her words.

“Grassland men will always keep their word. I promise for every word I said. I will never break my promise!”

Batulu said angrily, “Can I go now?”

“You can, but take away your brothers.”

Ling Yun had long learned that the Black Knife Camp would not join the Green Cloud Gang. Softening Batulu was already the largest harvest she had. So, she let him leave generously.

“Then, I am leaving!”

Feeling his swollen face, Batulu said irritably, “Bring these useless guys.”

“Yes, Big Brother.”

A group of gangers responded faintly, scattering to look for the knife men of the Black Knife Camp.

“Take care!”

At this moment, a change came. Lu Zhan, who had been silent, suddenly screamed, rushing at Batulu like a cheetah.

Batulu felt his hairs standing up from head to foot, shrouded by a strong sense of danger. He thought Lu Zhan wanted to kill him. With an angry roar, he took the scimitar at his waist, chopping at Lu Zhan.

“Bang.” A gunshot sounded.

Lu Zhan had a grunt as Batulu’s knife sank into his shoulder, but he had pushed Batulu to the floor as a bullet close to Batulu’s scalp whooshed past. The bullet finally made a fist-size hole in the wall, giving Batulu a cold sweat.

Now, he knew it was Lu Zhan who saved his life, but he had cut him with his knife. Instantly, he felt guilty.

He moved his lips, apologizing, “Sorry, I thought you were going to kill me.”

Lu Zhan’s left shoulder was left with a deep scar where bones were shown. Bleeding, he looked pale and said, “Not your fault. Go in and hide.”

Finishing his words, he vanished into the darkness like a bolt of lightning.

Xiaoniu and Peng Haitao turned sullen, dashing to the gunman’s position.

Batulu’s men had been scared and run away as they heard the gunshot.

Rolling a few times on the ground into the restaurant, Batulu held the palm and fist salute sincerely. “I own you one life.”

Ling Yun waved her hand, frowned, and asked Feng Jun, “Is Brother Lu alright?”

“A small wound, not a big deal.”

Feng Jun stood behind Ling Yun with an alert, looking around with his sharp eyes.

“Who on earth wanted to kill Boss Ba?”

Ling Yun felt a little relieved, turning to Batulu.

Shocked, Batulu wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, giving a wry smile. “Living in the underworld, everyone has their enemies. I don’t know who the person is.”

Fat Buddha thought and said, “If Boss Ba died here, I am afraid the Seventh Mansion wouldn’t be willing to have peace with Master Yun.”

Ling Yun and others turned serious. With coldness flashing in his eyes, Feng Jun whispered, “Do you mean someone wants to kill Batulu and frame Master Yun with it?”

Fat Buddha frowned and shook his head while smiling. “I have spoken nothing. My business is small, and I cannot offend anyone.”

“D*mn, it must be the Axe Gang. Yang Kaishan is dead, and they begin playing dark tricks, wishing to kill me and frame Master Yun. Then, the Seventh Mansion would desperately fight Master Yun. F*ck the Axe Gang. I will be irreconcilable with you.”

Dark-faced, Batulu snarled furiously at once as he recalled the moment he was nearly killed.

Ling Yun knitted her brows tightly, feeling scared. “The Axe Gang is so cruel.”

“Master Yun, we need to be careful. We don’t know how many snipers they have are in ambush.”

Feng Jun whispered, but he sighed in his heart lightly.

“Everyone, take care. Don’t sit at a spotlight position and become the targets of the gunmen.”

Ling Yun nodded, reminded them kindly.

“Thank you, Master Yun!”

Tang Chengdong and others thanked her with their gratitude and moved their positions, avoiding becoming the targets of the gunmen.

“Alas, how is the situation of Brother Lu?”

Ling Yun muttered with worries.

“Don’t worry, Master Yun. Brother Lu will be fine. The small wound is nothing to him.”

Feng Jun comforted her repetitively.

Batulu looked guilty. “It was my fault. I thought that brother was going to kill me, but I hurt my savior. D*mn me!”

“Forget it. Not your fault. You did it out of your instinct, and Brother Lu will understand.”

Feng Jun was ineloquent, speaking awkwardly, and Batulu felt more guilty of himself.

Fat Buddha’s eyes flickered as if he was thinking about something, but no one knew what he was thinking.

Feng Jun glimpsed him seemingly unintentionally, with an imperceptible killing intention flashing in his eyes.

Not long, Lu Zhan returned with a painful face, supported by Xiaoniu and Peng Haitao.

That man was extremely cunning. He ran far away just as he missed his target. When they arrived, he had already left.

After swearing furiously, everyone worked in disorder to help bandage Lu Zhan’s wound. Luckily, the scar was deep, but it had not reached his bones.

Batulu apologized once again. After Lu Zhan forgave him generously, he left with much gratitude.

Ling Yun asked her men to protect Batulu and send him home, in case he met assassins again. He expressed his gratitude again, thanked her repetitively, and said, “The Black Knife Camp will never be the Green Cloud Gang’s enemy.”

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