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Medical Sovereign (Web Novel) - Chapter 260 Physical Suffering Trick

Chapter 260 Physical Suffering Trick

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Finally, Tang Chengdong and Abao said on the spot that the Small Swords Society and the Speed Motor Gang were willing to join the Green Cloud Gang.

Fat Buddha thought carefully and said he needed to think for a few days before making a decision. Undoubtedly, Ling Yun did not force him and even sent him to the gate personally.

A negotiation ended like this. The Green Cloud Gang incorporated the Small Swords Society and the Speed Motor Gang and became quite strong immediately.

After making an appointment to discuss the merging issue the next day, the crowd dispersed.

After sending Ling Yun home, Xiaoniu and his friends rushed back to their place immediately.

Ding Ning had been waiting for them in their place and was now carefully wiping a Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle. Seeing Lu Zhan coming in, he blamed himself immediately,

“Brother Lu, I feel so sorry. I never thought there would be an accident.”

“Hey, this is nothing, only a small wound.”

Lu Zhan didn’t care about it, waved his hand, and said excitedly, “The more it is this, the more it looks real. You haven’t seen the look of Batulu when he extended his gratitude. Now, the Axe Gang and the Seventh Mansion are in conflict, and our Green Cloud Gang can develop ourselves at ease.”

“That’s true. This is the physical suffering trick. No suffering, no trick. Brother Lu’s scar is worth it.”

Feng Jun stopped smiling. “But Fat Buddha seemed to have seen something through. Do we need to…”

Just as he finished, he made a throat-cutting gesture.

“No need. Fat Buddha is smart. Even if he has seen something through, he dare not say anything. Besides, without proof, who will believe him even though he tells the truth?”

Ding Ning waved his hand, and took out his silver needles and ointment to treat Lu Zhan.

“Too smart people are all afraid of death. The more they are afraid, the better they will hold their tongue. Now, he doesn’t join us because he wants to wait and see, hoping to know if we have the power to counterbalance the Axe Gang.”

Xiaoniu’s eyes shone with sparks of wisdom. “I believe if we can consolidate our power, Fat Buddha will make a wise decision.”

“Right. We cannot belittle Fat Buddha. He is really smart. If we can make him swear sincere fealty, Ling Yun will get relatively strong support.”

Ding Ning nodded as praise. He applied the ointment to Lu Zhan’s wound and simply wrap it up. “Okay, it’s all right. You can recover in two days at most.”

“Oh, our boss’ ointment is really magical. Now I don’t feel the pain at all.”

Lu Zhan exercised his left shoulder joyfully and shouted surprisingly.

“Besides, boss, when can we take the medical soup bath again?”

Feng Jun asked smilingly and shamelessly. Last night, his physical power’s rapid increase made himself fall in love with that feeling.

The others were also staring at Ding Ning. Taking the bath was very painful in the beginning, but later, it changed to a comfortable, intoxicated feeling.

Ding Ning shook his head helplessly with a wry smile. “It’s not that I am unwilling to give you the bath, but that the medical soup has too strong effects. You guys haven’t absorbed and digested its effects completely. Going beyond the limit is bad. Taking the bath again will hurt your body.”

With his eyes shining, Lu Zhan understood and said, “Does boss mean we have absorbed the medical effects but haven’t digested them completely?”

Ding Ning nodded. “Right, the medical soup only works when your body reaches its limit. When you are in the high-intensity fight and your body is overloaded, the rest medical effects you haven’t digested will work automatically to increase your physical power and strength constantly.”

Feng Jun had an inspiration. “Does it mean that we can digest the medical effects as long as our body reaches beyond its limit and fighting is not a necessary factor?”

A smile appeared on Ding Ning’s mouth. He nodded slightly, saying, “Correct. The Great Tonic is the enhanced edition I refined. It can function seven times under extreme condition.”

“Don’t wait, let’s go!”

Lu Zhan’s and his colleagues’ eyes began shining. High-spirited, they shouted, ready to conduct intensive training.

Ding Ning gave a wry smile and stopped them hurriedly. “Medicines always have side effects. I have removed the Great Tonic’s side effects, but you will need three days to detoxify each time you absorb its effects. Thus, its side effects can be removed, and its effects can function at its maximum. So, you guys are forbidden to rush. Please wait three days, and conduct the next absorption.”

Then, Lu Zhan and his colleagues dumped the idea of late-night training, but they all had an excited smile.

The truth was that they retired because of injuries, and their pursuit of strength was much stronger than that of ordinary people.

With a Barrett on his back, Ding Ning walked to the outside. “I am leaving. I will attend an exam tomorrow. You guys also need to sleep early. You suffered these days.”

“Boss, not at all. Please take care.”

Lu Zhan and others stood in order subconsciously, watching Ding Ning leaving.

“Boss left so hurriedly. I feel something is not right.”

Xiaoniu scratched his head. Seeing the closed door, he spoke with confusion.

“Nothing is wrong. Everything is okay, right?”

Zhao Wei asked with a puzzled face. Lu Zhan and others were all puzzled.

“Ah… my Barrett!”

Liu Jinqiang blinked and suddenly screamed sadly, saying, “Boss wants my Barrett.”

Everyone was aware of the wrong thing, laughing immediately.

“Qiangzi, our boss wants your Barrett. You should feel honored.”

“Right, you shouldn’t have shown off. You took plunder secretly during your mission. You deserve the result.”

“D*mn, you are so bold. We are retired, but you collected guns secretly.”

“Our boss took your Barrett for your good, in case you are arrested.”

“Our boss took your Barrett for your good, in case you are arrested.”

These guys gossiped about it, never trying to conceal their gloated attitude.

“You guys have no brotherhood code. I spent so much energy on it. I took it out secretly after burying it for over a year.”

Liu Jinqiang nearly cried. He was once the most excellent sniper in the Northeast Tiger Special Forces, and collected this Barrett secretly in a mission to destroy the overseas mercenaries.

Every sniper likes guns, especially the king of sniper rifles such as a Barrett. Being equipped with such rifles was impossible for the domestic military, and they could only be captured during missions.

To hide the Barrett, Liu Jinqiang spent a lot of energy. He buried it under their mission’s ground for over a year, dug it out on holiday, and treated it as a gem.

Unfortunately, he retired later because of injury. Originally, he thought this Barrett would never be used again, but Ding Ning healed his disability with his amazing medical skill. Then, he happily took out the rifle to show off.

Usually, he didn’t even allow his colleagues to touch it, but they wanted it very much. If Ding Ning had not proposed to make a physical suffering trick with a sniper rifle, he would not have taken it out.

As a result, it was taken by his boss. So, he felt depressed. Recalling Ding Ning’s kindness to him, he had to force himself to accept the fact.

“Well, don’t be sad. Our boss loves it, and you should let him play with it. Anyway, you don’t use it. In addition, compared with our boss’ kindness to us, a rifle is nothing.”

Feng Jun spoke smilingly and shamelessly. It seemed he was comforting him, but in fact, he was avenging because Liu Jinqiang always protected it like a gem and did not even allow others to touch it. Now it was good. No one had guns, and no one was jealous.

Liu Jinqiang wanted to cry but had no tears. “That is my wife, and our boss took away my wife.”

“Well, well, if you had a wife, our boss would never take her away. Look at you! Compared with strength increase, a gun is nothing.”

Lu Zhan comforted him kindly, but he was happy silently. “Good, you have nothing to show off. You didn’t even allow me, your instructor, to touch it. Humph, now it is gone. Well done, boss.”

“Right, our boss likes your gun, and that is your luck. I hate I have nothing for our boss to like.”

“Right, our boss gave us second lives and has made us stronger. It is only a gun. Don’t treat it as something so important!”

… Xiaoniu and others held their laugh and comforted him, but they felt quite happy. “It serves you right. Why should you have shown off? Now, you are happy.”

“Alas, I am not mean, but I am worried our boss may cause trouble with it. Forget it, sleep, sleep.”

Liu Jinqiang’s heart seemed to be dripping blood, but he couldn’t say anything unpleasant. If so, he would look really mean. Instead, he could only take sighs on the bed.

The others looked at one another, blinked, held their laugh, and went to bed.

“Our boss took your Barrett for your good, in case you are arrested.”

In Dongli Manor villa’s meeting room, Wang Qianye was sitting on the head chair at the extended conference table for dozens of people, expressionless. Wang Yuqiu and the Four Great Vajrapanis were standing behind him, silent.

Sitting on Wang Qianye’s left was a middle-aged man in his early forties, with insidious eyes and a hooked nose. He was Wang Zhihao, deputy-head of the Axe Gang.

Sitting on the right was a man in his thirties with a long face and half-closed eyes, and his hair was half black and half white. This man was Hong Junyang, the other deputy-head of the Axe Gang.

With them as leaders, sitting along the conference table should be its 18 hall chiefs, but Yang Kaishan was killed. So, there were only 17 chiefs.

Opposite Wang Qianye, three silver-haired old men with a baby’s ruddy cheeks were sitting on the other end of the table, with their eyes closed. They were the Three Great Gods of the Axe Gang.

In the middle of the night, the Axe Gang’s senior leaders sat together. This was the first time since Wang Qianye announced his disease to the public and stopped managing the gang’s business.

The 17 hall chiefs felt anxious. They didn’t know why their gang head summoned them late at night, and some who felt self-conscious sneaked a peek at Wang Zhihao and Hong Junyang.

Seeing everyone was here, Wang Qianye hit the table with his withered knuckles. “You are the mainstay of our Axe Gang. You have been working hard since I was ill.”

“We are flattered. This is what we should do.”

“Your words make us ashamed. We are members of the Axe Gang and should make all efforts to serve our gang. This is what we should do.”

“You are courteous. We hope you get well soon, leading us and crushing other forces to flaunt the strength of the Axe Gang!”

“Since you were ill and remained indoors, we have lost our heart and soul and did everything gingerly. Now you are healthy, and we were relieved. Please take care of our business again.”

“Please take care of our business again, and lead us to more glory.”

“Right, you are our cornerstone. For the prospect of the Axe Gang, we hope you take care of our business again.”

“Our boss took your Barrett for your good, in case you are arrested.”

Instantly, the hall chiefs flattered him insanely to show their loyalty, as if they were willing to sacrifice for the greater good of their gang.

Wang Zhihao’s and Hong Junyang’s expressions looked a little terrible. Glancing sideways at these crazy flatterers, they sneered silently.

Wang Yuqiu observed the scene silently, her mouth with unnoticeable disdain. “These soft wills are cunning, and none of them are kind.

“When thinking my grandpa was too weak, they generated different ambitions. Now, seeing my grandpa is healthy, they come to show their loyalty at once.” Those flattering words gave her goosebumps, making her feel sick.

“Tock! Tock!”

Wang Qianye knocked on the table and snarled, “Quiet!”

The entire conference room was suddenly silent, and the hall chiefs sat in an orderly, submissive position, ready to listen to his instructions.

Wang Qianye coughed and said peacefully, “I know your good wish, but I am too old and not as healthy as before. I cannot handle our gang’s affairs. Today I asked you to come for a few things.”

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