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Memory Lost (Light Novel)


In the presence of strangers, Han Chen was always handsome and cold, making it difficult for others to get close to him. He was like the frosted snow – pure, and slightly chilly. Yet, he was also like the river flowing in the dark night – quiet and moving. To many, he was akin to an unparalleled and untouchable god.

Only in the presence of Bai Jin Xi would this famous top police superintendent expose his deeply hidden shameless nature.

“Come and sit nearer to me, I won’t eat you. At least, not now.”

“I have never touched other women before. Do you want to check my body?”

“Bai Jin Xi, never ever leave my side. Every year, every month, every moment, every minute, every second.”

In her heart, there exists an obstinate old man – one who has tirelessly loved her throughout all these years.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 162: Same Day Last Year2019-08-29
Chapter 161: After Love2019-08-29
Chapter 160: The Spirit of the Police Shield2019-08-29
Chapter 159: Meeting Death Today2019-08-29
Chapter 158: What She Wants Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 157: What She Wants Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 156: Cold Like Snow2019-08-29
Chapter 155: King of Guilt2019-08-29
Chapter 154: Never Grief2019-08-29
Chapter 153: Long Time No See2019-08-29
Chapter 152: He's Waiting For You2019-08-29
Chapter 151: S's Spirit + mini side story2019-08-29
Chapter 150: The Subway of hell2019-08-29
Chapter 149: For The Sake of You Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 148: For The Sake of You Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 147: Su Mian My Love Part 2 + mini side story2019-08-29
Chapter 146: Su Mian, My Love Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 145: Walking in the Dark + mini side stories2019-08-29
Chapter 144: Two Worlds Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 143: Two Worlds Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 142: Two Worlds Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 141: The Hazy Morning Part 42019-08-29
Chapter 140: The Hazy Morning Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 139: The Hazy Morning Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 138: The Hazy Morning Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 137: My Fear2019-08-29
Chapter 136: S’s Profile Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 135: S’s Profile Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 134: A New Sign2019-08-29
Chapter 133: I Want to Kill Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 132: I Want to Kill Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 131: If He Were To Die Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 130: If He Were To Die Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 129: Her Decision Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 128: Her Decision Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 127: Mini Side Stories2019-08-29
Chapter 126: Born to Die2019-08-29
Chapter 125: R's World2019-08-29
Chapter 124: Beloved Comrades Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 123: Beloved Comrades Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 122: The Secret In Your Eyes Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 121: The Secret In Your Eyes Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 120: L's Invitation Dance2019-08-29
Chapter 119: Milliseconds Apart2019-08-29
Chapter 118: A’s Song of Sadness2019-08-29
Chapter 117: Until the End of Time Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 116: Until the End of Time Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 115: Until the End of Time Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 114: Like Me This Much2019-08-29
Chapter 113: Persist With Your Original Intentions Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 112: Persist With Your Original Intentions Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 111: Here For You Part 3 + mini side stories2019-08-29
Chapter 110: Here For You Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 109: Here For You Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 108: Life and Death Together2019-08-29
Chapter 107: hello, Big Sister2019-08-29
Chapter 106: A Jealous Person2019-08-29
Chapter 1052019-08-29
Chapter 104: The Third Person2019-08-29
Chapter 103: The Big Show Begins2019-08-29
Chapter 102: Fall Into My Trap Part 42019-08-29
Chapter 101: Fall Into My Trap Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 100: Fall Into My Trap Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 99: Fall Into My Trap Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 98: Three Person from Day Till Night Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 97: Three Person from Day Till Night Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 96: After a bloody Battle Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 95: After a bloody Battle Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 94: Imperial Sword2019-08-29
Chapter 93: She Will Not Change2019-08-29
Chapter 92: Don't Let Go Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 91: Don't Let Go Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 90: Let's Wait and See2019-08-29
Chapter 89: My Sorrow Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 88: My Sorrow Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 87: My Sorrow Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 86: Unmovable Boulder Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 85: Unmovable Boulder Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 84: My Beloved Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 83: My Beloved Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 82: A Seven Member Organization Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 81: A Seven Member Organization Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 80: Poisonous Beauty Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 79: Poisonous Beauty Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 78: The Second Person Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 77: The Second Person Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 76: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 42019-08-29
Chapter 75: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 74: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 73: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 72: Killing by Imitation Part 32019-08-29
Chapter 71: Killing by Imitation Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 70: Killing by Imitation Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 69: A Profile within the Profile Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 68: A Profile within the Profile Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 67: Typical Case Part 22019-08-29
Chapter 66: Typical Case Part 12019-08-29
Chapter 65: True Lies2019-08-29
Chapter 64: A Gentleman's Etiquette2019-08-29
Chapter 63: As a Monster2019-08-29