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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 729: One returns under the dim light of the night

Chapter 729: One returns under the dim light of the night

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Ouyang Xiu saw the azure-robed young man just come out and his face darkened with anger, “I have sent you a challenge, yet you forgot?”

Feng Jiu grinned. “I didn’t forget. But, I didn’t accept it.”

He stood up and looked at the azure-robed young man in front of him sharply. “You are not weak, why don’t you take my challenge?”

“If I don’t accept, then I don’t. Why do you ask me so many whys?” She gave him a supercilious look. She passed him by, came to the stone table under the tree and sat down. She put her hands on the table and tapped it gently. Her eyes were fixed on the direction of the meal delivery place.

Seeing this, Ouyang Xiu’s spirit energy rushed forth. He intended to force Feng Jiu to make a move. However, just when his spirit energy was about to explode, he was still not at a close range to the young man sitting under the tree. He suddenly heard him calling out casually.

“Little Black.”

As soon as the lazy voice rang out, he saw the big black bear, who was sitting in a squat earlier, sprang up and lunging towards him. Its ferocious momentum made him almost unable to escape.

He raised his sleeves and looked at the scratches made by the bear’s claws. With a sharp look, the next moment, he charged at the big black bear.

Under the tree, Feng Jiu rested her chin in her other hand, watching the battle between a man and a bear.

Ouyang Xiu had an agile movement and sharp attack. Even though he fought bare-handed, the spirit energy breath between his hands was like a sharp sword. It was as if the sword’s sharp edge was making swishing sounds in the air.


Little Black let out a bellow of rage. It lashed its power as a sacred beast. The jolt instantly made him retreat a few steps.

Ouyang Xiu’s expression sank slightly. Even if he was a foundation building cultivator, he could barely fight back against the sacred beast. Under the beast’s pressure, it was visible through naked eyes that his body turned rigid and his speed slowed down.

Little Black was warned by Feng Jiu repeatedly. So it couldn’t hurt him for real and could only toy with him.

Under the tree, Feng Jiu caught sight of the person delivering the meal not far away. Her eyes brightened. She flitted towards the man and took the three-layer lunch box in her hand. She went straight back to the cave and closed the boundary.

Ouyang Xiu was furious. “Feng Jiu! Come out! ”

He had never experienced this. A person that he challenged had actually dodged and refused to fight him. Instead, he let his pet fight. However, his pet was of common rank. It was at the sacred beast level, which was equivalent to the power of the Golden Core cultivators. How could he, a mid-level foundation building rank, fight against it!

Old White’s mouth was bound with a piece of cloth while it was wandering around. Feng Jiu deliberately did this to prevent the horse from speaking. At this time, it looked at Ouyang Xiu, who was cutting a sorry figure after fighting the first round with Little Black. Its mouth let out an indistinct, loud clamour.

Ouyang Xiu didn’t understand what it’s trying to say. If he understood, he would know that he was saying, “You couldn’t even fight Little Black. Still, you want to fight its master? You’re really asking for punishment.”

Finally, driven out by Little Black, Ouyang Xiu left angrily.

The first time I saw Feng Jiu, he just wanted to see what kind of character this young man was. After seeing the youth, he had the impulse to fight with him.

After waiting for a long time on the Cloud Wind Terrace, he came to his cave-dwelling. Unexpectedly, he ordered a big black bear to con him. This did not kill his intention to fight him but made it more intense.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t have a chance today. He would definitely find a chance to compete with him!

The sky was getting darker. But at this time, a shadow under the escort of a group of people came down to the side gate of the Academy.

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