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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress (Web Novel)


The mentally disabled 13 year old daughter of the Ye family, one day re-births! She rules over the Omnipotent God’s Cauldron, she possesses a spirit cultivation space. She’s no longer the good-for-nothing, abandoned girl who everyone bullies whenever they see her! With her incomparable poisons, even miracle doctors have to move to the side.

Spirit beasts beg for contracts, but too bad, even the God of Beasts have to call her Boss. Scum father, you dare to abandon your wife and daughter, she will surely make him destitute and homeless. People of the world, you dare to bully her, to insult her, she will definitely pay them back a hundredfold.

Reborn again into the world, she returns as a sovereign, but who knew she would attract the nefarious-blood-thirsty-demon him. He’s definitely the sly emperor who doesn’t hesitate to kill and cut down anyone, but he transforms into a harmless foolishly cute prisoner prince of an enemy country……

179 • 2020-02-21 08:36:06


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 651: The Appearance of Powerful Enemy2020-04-04
Chapter 650: Finished and Don’t Want to Take Responsibility?2020-04-04
Chapter 649: The Hero Saved the Beauty and Love Brought Them Together2020-04-04
Chapter 648: Love That Comes So Late2020-04-04
Chapter 647: Getting Drunk Late at Nigh2020-04-04
Chapter 646: Ye Lingyue’s Natal Dan Fire2020-04-04
Chapter 645: Unusual Fire: Cyan Hell Fire2020-04-04
Chapter 644: The Unusual Skill of Swallowing Hundreds of Fire2020-03-05
Chapter 643: Ye Lingyue Witnessed the Spiritual Melting2020-03-01
Chapter 642: I Will Take Responsibility for the Past, Present and Future of Her2020-03-01
Chapter 641: Treatment? Sucking with the Mouth?2020-03-01
Chapter 640: A Hard Choice between Feng Shen and Wu Chong2020-02-27
Chapter 639: Long Baobao’s Small Wish2020-02-27
Chapter 638: The Changed Spiritual Artifac2020-02-21
Chapter 637: A High-Level Earth Grade Spiritual Artifact2020-02-21
Chapter 636: The Man’s Reaction2020-02-21
Chapter 635: Expressing Love2020-02-21
Chapter 634: An Awakening Slap in the Face2020-02-21
Chapter 633: The Secret of the Long Family2020-02-21
Chapter 632: Becoming Doubtful about the Real Face of the Ghost Emperor2020-02-21
Chapter 631: A Complete Reversal2020-02-21
Chapter 630: The Spirit of the Fire2020-02-21
Chapter 629: The Tricky Girl2020-02-21
Chapter 628: An Assassin in the Realm of Reincarnation2020-02-21
Chapter 627: Difference Between Men and Women2020-02-21
Chapter 626: Flying into a Rage for A Woman2020-02-21
Chapter 625: Fighting Back Nicely2020-02-21
Chapter 624: Someone Good at Playing Tricks2020-02-21
Chapter 623: Scrambling for Credits2020-02-21
Chapter 622: The Under-The-Table Agreement2020-02-21
Chapter 621: The Handsome and Powerful Man2020-02-21
Chapter 620: The Interrupted Enjoyment2020-02-21
Chapter 619: Role Play of Parents2020-02-21
Chapter 618: About the Problem of Sleeping Together2020-02-21
Chapter 617: Ms. Ye Was the Wolf Grandma Trying to Kidnap Children2020-02-21
Chapter 616: A Bleeding Nose2020-02-21
Chapter 615: Quarrelsome Lovers2020-02-21
Chapter 614: The World’s Top Weapon-Maker2020-02-21
Chapter 613: The Long Family Famous for Weapon Making2020-02-21
Chapter 612: The Fourth One of the 13 Needles of the Ghost Sect2020-02-21
Chapter 611: There Appeared the High-Level Task2020-02-21
Chapter 610: Someone Sleeping Beside in the Deep Night2020-02-21
Chapter 609: The Destiny of Green Hands2020-02-21
Chapter 608: Secret Jealousy2020-02-21
Chapter 607: Scrambling for Women2020-02-21
Chapter 606: Whose Old Lover2020-02-21
Chapter 605: The Ugly Girl Has Medical Skills2020-02-21
Chapter 604: Ugly Women V.S. Pretty Women2020-02-21
Chapter 603: Something about the Young Ghost Emperor2020-02-21
Chapter 602: The City of Mercenaries2020-02-21
Chapter 601: A Surprising Breakthrough2020-02-21
Chapter 600: Testing the Star Energy2020-02-21
Chapter 599: Hehuan Cult2020-02-21
Chapter 598: Heading for New Territory2020-02-21
Chapter 597: Looking for A Woman Called Ye Lingyue2020-02-21
Chapter 596: The Crisis Facing Marquis Yue2020-02-21
Chapter 595: Opportunity for Combining Two into One2020-02-21
Chapter 594: Marvelous Medical Skills2020-02-21
Chapter 593: A Slap in the Face2020-02-21
Chapter 592: The Mysterious Star Energy2020-02-21
Chapter 591: Teaching the Malicious Owner and Server a Good Lesson2020-02-21
Chapter 590: Quarrel in the Street, Another Encounter with the Miracle-Working Doctor2020-02-21
Chapter 589: The Terrible Past2020-02-21
Chapter 588: Jealous of the Future Son-In-Law2020-02-21
Chapter 587: Harm Set, Harm Get2020-02-21
Chapter 586: A Drama Played by the Bitchy Man and Woman in the Toilet2020-02-21
Chapter 585: You Don’t Qualify as Her Father2020-02-21
Chapter 584: She Was the Descendant of Gods2020-02-21
Chapter 583: The Embarrassing Encounter with the Father-in-Law2020-02-21
Chapter 582: The True Color of the Apparently Harmless Girl2020-02-21
Chapter 581: Trouble Brought Home2020-02-21
Chapter 580: The Medicine Buddha Yun Sheng2020-02-21
Chapter 579: The Mother and the Daughter First Met on the Wedding Day2020-02-21
Chapter 578: Bad Bamboo Had Good Bamboo Shoots2020-02-21
Chapter 577: Dogfigh2020-02-21
Chapter 576: Visiting the Prisoners Rupture2020-02-21
Chapter 575: Love and Limerence --- Falling in Love with the Wrong One2020-02-21
Chapter 574: The Third Place Winner in the Qing Continent Dan List2020-02-21
Chapter 573: Proposal2020-02-21
Chapter 572: The First Female Marquis2020-02-21
Chapter 571: The End Of Hong Family Part 22020-02-21
Chapter 570: The End Of Hong Family Part 12020-02-21
Chapter 569: The Gift From North Qing2020-02-21
Chapter 568: Strike And Win: Feng And Xia Cooperation2020-02-21
Chapter 567: The Battle of Survival2020-02-21
Chapter 566: The Stronger of the Divine Realm, the Final Battle2020-02-21
Chapter 565: The Hong Manor Is Doomed2020-02-21
Chapter 564: The Ghost Sect Strikes And The Tide Is Turned2020-02-21
Chapter 563: Chaos In Da Xia – The Revolt Of The Hongs2020-02-21
Chapter 562: First Place Of The Imperial Contest2020-02-21
Chapter 561: Final Battle — Winning Hong Ming Yue By One Attack2020-02-21
Chapter 560: “Hero” saved Beauty — The Arrival of Hong Shi San2020-02-21
Chapter 559: Went to Battle! Hong Ming Yue!2020-02-21
Chapter 558: Who was Hong Shisan?2020-02-21
Chapter 557: The Dark Horse On The Imperial Contest2020-02-21
Chapter 555: Scapegoat Ghost Emperor2020-02-21
Chapter 556: Ye Ling Yue Has Made Her Comeback2020-02-21
Chapter 554: Lord Of Dan Palace Gone Mad2020-02-21
Chapter 553: First Level Heaven and Earth Tribulation2020-02-21
Chapter 552: The Legendary Alchemistress2020-02-21