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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel)


MPE, 神宠进化


Action Adventure Fantasy School Life

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Three years ago, the animals and plants on Earth underwent crazy and unexplainable changes that included transformations, reversions, and the addition of otherworldly species. And it was the start of a brand-new type of profession in the new generation of humanity – Monster Trainers, people who specialized in taming monsters.

On his 18th birthday, the protagonist of the story, Gao Peng, suddenly received the ability of being able to see the attribute data frame of monsters. With his ability, he aspired to become the strongest monster trainer that ever lived while looking for a method to revive his parents!

249 • 2019-03-27 21:15:49


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 744: Mythical-Grade Frost Saint Lion2019-12-12
Chapter 743: Longwinded Stripey2019-12-12
Chapter 742: Billy2019-12-11
Chapter 741: Exposed2019-12-11
Chapter 740: Dividing the Spoils (Part 2)2019-12-10
Chapter 739: Dividing the Spoils2019-12-10
Chapter 738: Rebirth2019-12-09
Chapter 737: All the Undead, Let’s Dig a Mine!2019-12-09
Chapter 736: My Treasure, Please Return2019-12-08
Chapter 735: True Blood Frenzy2019-12-08
Chapter 734: The Extreme Depths of Fire and Ice2019-12-07
Chapter 733: One-Legged Bull2019-12-07
Chapter 732: Scarecrow2019-12-06
Chapter 731: Combat Force Unit2019-12-06
Chapter 730: Eliminating a Strong Enemy2019-12-05
Chapter 729: Transport…Missed2019-12-05
Chapter 728: Silly’s Breakthrough2019-12-04
Chapter 727: Zhu Yan and Bai Ze2019-12-04
Chapter 726: Bloodshed2019-12-03
Chapter 725: Pi Xiu2019-12-03
Chapter 724: So What If I Gave You A Three Move Advantage2019-12-02
Chapter 723: Foreman Goldie2019-12-02
Chapter 722: Eating Dirt2019-12-01
Chapter 721: The Sun and Moon on Its Shoulders2019-12-01
Chapter 720: World Vortex Battlefield2019-11-30
Chapter 719: Valley of the God of Fire2019-11-30
Chapter 718: Radiance Mountain’s Mythical Familiar Clan2019-11-29
Chapter 717: Divine Evolution2019-11-29
Chapter 716: World Ring2019-11-28
Chapter 715: Birth Of A King2019-11-28
Chapter 714: King of Robotics Mountain2019-11-27
Chapter 713: Killing The Dragon2019-11-27
Chapter 712: Mechanic Epic Giant Dragon2019-11-26
Chapter 711: The Mechanic Chunky City2019-11-26
Chapter 710: The Meet-Up2019-11-25
Chapter 709: The Different Eras2019-11-25
Chapter 708: The Fickleness of Human Nature2019-11-24
Chapter 707: The New King2019-11-24
Chapter 706: Nine-Headed Hades2019-11-23
Chapter 705: The Blade Ghost2019-11-23
Chapter 704: The True Form of the Desolation of Grudge2019-11-22
Chapter 703: The New Quasi God2019-11-22
Chapter 702: Share the Booty2019-11-21
Chapter 701: Divine Essence2019-11-21
Chapter 700: Mountain of Bones2019-11-20
Chapter 699: God2019-11-20
Chapter 698: The Land of Desolation2019-11-19
Chapter 697: The Desolation of Grudge2019-11-19
Chapter 696: The Voice from the Swamp2019-11-18
Chapter 695: Li Tribe2019-11-18
Chapter 694: Chapter 6922019-11-17
Chapter 693: The Big Dream World2019-11-17
Chapter 692: Unlimited2019-11-16
Chapter 691: Super-Duper Mountain Crush2019-11-16
Chapter 690: Cloud Dream Swamp2019-11-15
Chapter 689: Sahara2019-11-15
Chapter 688: Three-Headed Hellhound2019-11-14
Chapter 687: Three-Headed Dog2019-11-14
Chapter 686: But I’m a God2019-11-13
Chapter 685: Let’s End This2019-11-13
Chapter 684: Encirclement2019-11-12
Chapter 683: Hades2019-11-12
Chapter 682: Grand Jade Heavenly Beast2019-11-11
Chapter 681: The Giant Beast of Time2019-11-11
Chapter 680: Poisonous Killer Star Beast2019-11-10
Chapter 679: Breakthrough2019-11-10
Chapter 678: God’s Mummy2019-11-09
Chapter 677: Vital Pig2019-11-09
Chapter 676: Mingguang Mirror2019-11-08
Chapter 675: Treasure2019-11-08
Chapter 674: One Bite2019-11-07
Chapter 673 - Scatter2019-11-07
Chapter 672: Crush2019-11-06
Chapter 671: The Legendary Princess2019-11-06
Chapter 670: Blood Lizard, the Giant Plague King2019-11-05
Chapter 669: Fragrant Ink Pill2019-11-05
Chapter 668: Jiutian Shidi2019-11-04
Chapter 667: Quasi God2019-11-04
Chapter 666: Alliance2019-11-03
Chapter 665: The Green Dragon2019-11-03
Chapter 664: The Birth Of The Giant Buddha2019-11-02
Chapter 663: Dragon… Dragon Ant Little Adamantine?2019-11-02
Chapter 662: A Gorgeous Transformation2019-11-01
Chapter 661: Treasure Spirit Stone2019-11-01
Chapter 660: The Coming Of Destruction2019-10-31
Chapter 659: Scattered Pieces Of The Divine Artifact2019-10-31
Chapter 658: Dragon Elf King2019-10-30
Chapter 657: A Pot Of True Dragon Fruit2019-10-30
Chapter 656: Volcano Cluster2019-10-29
Chapter 655: Divine Border2019-10-29
Chapter 654: One Against Three2019-10-28
Chapter 653: Da Feng2019-10-28
Chapter 652: The Levitating Island2019-10-27
Chapter 651: Ruins2019-10-27
Chapter 650: The Venomous Lizard King of the Blood Sea2019-10-26
Chapter 649: Heart Ant2019-10-26
Chapter 648: Look for Me If You Want to Buy Fish2019-10-25
Chapter 647: The Chubby Boy2019-10-25
Chapter 646: Common Believers2019-10-24
Chapter 645: The Series of Dream God2019-10-24