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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 466: Dumby’s Possible Development

Chapter 466: Dumby’s Possible Development

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The two people who had been violently stripped of their memories became idiots. They squatted on the ground and played with mud, raising their heads and smiling stupidly from time to time. Regardless of whether these two were pretending to be stupid, Gao Peng wanted to throw them into the river to feed the fish and relieve them of everything.

Gao Peng massaged his temples and muttered to himself, “Everything is really messy. It seems like all sorts of weird monsters are just appearing out of nowhere. Do they think that I have a good temper and will simply take them in?

“You stay in the Yangtze River, I need to go out for a while,” said Gao Peng to the Brain of Growth.

The Brain of Growth sank back into the Yangtze River. This basin had became the Brain of Growth’s home. Any monsters who intended to cross the border between the upper and lower tides had to pay the toll when they were passing through. The Brain of Growth was like a bully who had seized the whole river.

Back at the villa, Gao Peng kicked the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle while it was relaxing under the sun in the puddle. “Stop sleeping. You should start paying rent for sleeping in my house for so long. Come and perform a divination for me.”

The Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle used its claws to push itself out of the puddle twice before it finally climbed out of it. The turtle’s shell reflected silver light under the sun.

“I’m coming to help you, Master,” The eyes of the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle looked stern as it mumbled a chant. The turtle’s shell started to shine like a big light bulb.

The scene here had attracted the other beasts; a group of sacred beasts surrounded the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle. The Silver Dragon tilted its head and started sizing up the turtle, then it said affirmatively, “This turtle is mine!” It swore this with such sovereignty, making a point that this turtle was its own. The truth was, the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle was indeed its subordinate, although that was in the past.

The White Dragon hesitated. “However, it seems to have a master now, so it’s not supposed to be yours anymore…”

The Silver Dragon frowned, feeling annoyed. How could it not have realised that this turtle could glimmer? It had lost a valuable treasure.

It’s so shiny… It’s so beautiful.

The Silver Dragon wanted to yank off the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle’s shell and hide it in its own vault. It intended to fill up its treasure trove.

The White Dragon didn’t share the same sentiments as the Silver Dragon. In its eyes, it was merely a turtle shell that shone. It could have all sorts of shiny things if it liked.

Perhaps the Silver Dragon’s thoughts were limited by poverty. In the White Dragon’s view, any crystal, diamond, or glass could be mass-produced under modern technology. Its natural qualities were insignificant as long as it looked good.

“Oh, a bad omen! An extremely bad omen!” The Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle suddenly opened its eyes and sighed at its master.

After listening to the turtle, the group of beasts around it suddenly became nervous. Goldie couldn’t help but become angry. It wanted to reprimand the old turtle in front of it. “Hey, you old thing, how dare you try to misguide my master with such ludicrous words? A bad omen? Any more of this nonsense and I’ll make you bleed today!”

The turtle hid its head back into its shell as its four claws pulled on the lawn. “Hey, I’m not finished yet. Please don’t be mad and allow me to finish my sentence.”

The turtle didn’t dare to keep them in suspense anymore. It was a tad bit annoyed, since it had originally planned to keep everyone in suspense just so that it could get on its young master’s good side, but it was ruined by this damned bald duck. This is so annoying!

“But it is not only a bad omen. It is also a good omen, a blessing in disguise. There is no such thing as perfection in this world. I am not God.”

“So are you lying to me?” Gao Peng lifted one of his eyebrows.

“No, I didn’t lie to you. My divinations are like that. No matter what happens, there are two possibilities. There’s always a silver lining in the most dangerous of calamities. You humans have a saying… I think it is that men are the masters of their own fates? I can see only a few possibilities in the future. There may be many different paths in the future, and I can merely take a look at them. The decision still lies in your hands…”

After the turtle finished speaking, it panicked. This cannot be good. I’ve revealed too much information today. I cannot reveal any further…

“Then there’s no difference between saying or not saying anything at all.” Gao Peng was speechless.

“Oh, this is not the case. I’m still able to see that what’s probably going to happen to you, whether good or bad. Obviously, these possibilities are merely for reference.”

“Oh… then what’s the probability of me being in danger? What is the possibility of me reverting a curse into a blessing?”

“Oh… probably a 50-50 chance!”

Gao Peng’s mouth twitched. He held back the impulse to hit the old turtle amd turned around to leave. He felt as if he had wasted his time expecting an answer from the creature. At least he had now realised the unreliability of this turtle.

Like Moneymaker, the other Mystic-type beasts also thought that the turtle’s statements were useless. Perhaps it had something to do with the turtle’s low level.

Although he was aware of the identity of the attacker, the specific party behind the attack remained unclear. It wasn’t that Gao Peng didn’t dare to do anything; he just didn’t want to fall into the enemy’s trap and end up being used as a chess piece in their dirty game.

“Gao Peng, is something troubling you? It’s okay. You can tell me about it. I’ll shoulder the burden with you.” Goldie came up and patted its chest.

Gao Peng glanced at it. He wasn’t in the mood to entertain the duck.

Goldie realized that Gao Peng was ignoring him and suddenly became anxious. “Why do you not believe me? Do you think I’m all brawn and no brains?”

Gao Peng shook his head. After a slight contemplation, he told Goldie about the incident.

Goldie patted his head. “This is easy. Just look at the Nihon District!”

“Why are you so sure that this person is from the Nihon District?”

“Didn’t you say that they were from the Nihon District?” Goldie refuted.

Gao Peng was stunned. A smile appeared on his face. “You’re right.”

It didn’t matter which faction those people were from. What mattered was that the attackers originated from the Nihon District. This was all he needed to know. What Gao Peng needed wasn’t the truth, but the motive.

It wouldn’t be safe to only bring the Desolate Frost Lion. It was too difficult to guarantee that there wouldn’t be a King-tier monster popping out somewhere. The Brain of Growth still had to stay back to take over the Yangtze River. Although it could move about freely in the river, all its efforts would go to waste if it left the Yangtze River.

Besides, it had been a while since Dumby went out. It was time to test out its results.

The Black Fog World, the Land of 1,000 Streams.

Time had passed since the Land of 1,000 Streams had become a paradise for ghouls.

The various monsters living in the Land of 1,000 Streams hadn’t been slain, and Dumby was well aware of development that could be done there. It knew that they couldn’t kill a goose that laid golden eggs. Therefore, the monsters in the Land of 1,000 Streams had been kept captive. They would be killed once they were well-fed, then they would let them multiply to provide an unlimited source of Soul Power for Dumby.

After experiencing the initial chaos, the Land of 1,000 Streams gradually adapted to Dumby’s rules. At the same time, to consume the overpopulated ghouls, Dumby had chosen to launch a war against the forest in the other direction. That forest had an King-tier Earth-type monster and a massive amount of monsters in general. The neverending killings and wars provided a huge volume of Soul Power for Dumby.

At the edge of the forest, tens of thousands of ghoulish servants rushed toward the forest; any living beings along the way were their enemies.

The ranks of the ghouls were strict and orderly. All the subordinates obeyed the orders of their superiors. In particular, the next ghoul who was resurrected by the superiors was completely obedient to the orders of its superiors, even if it meant the ghoul had to die.

On a hillside, Dumby crossed its arms across its chest, a large group of gloomy ghouls around him. Even the lowest-level dead soul was Lord-tier, and only the Lord-tier ones were qualified to stand behind him.

Howl! The trees swayed violently, and a huge black bear appeared. Anger was written all over its face. “Dumb skeletons, are you going to provoke a war with us?”

The trunk was then broken, and its huge body squeezed out from under it. Several skeletons were crushed into pieces with just a light sweep from its boulder-like paw.

Dumby gently rubbed its finger bone, the soul flames in its eyes remaining extremely calm. It finally came out… And the air was tense.

Suddenly, Dumby trembled, and the soul flames in its sockets violently flickered twice. It then retreated immediately without even turning its head around. “Let’s go!”

The ghoul subordinates behind it who had rolled up their sleeves for battle were stunned as they stared at their boss suddenly leaving.

The Earth Bear stood at the edge of the forest with its eyes fixed on Dumby until it disappeared into the horizon. The bear sat down on the ground and smoothed its chest hair with its paw.

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