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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 677: Vital Pig

Chapter 677: Vital Pig

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Rock City had a great atmosphere. The city’s inhabitants came and went as if unaffected by the outside world. A street vender pushed a wooden cart filled with all kinds of trinkets. Some naked kids with snot hanging from their noses bought two sweet crepes before running off with their elephants swinging.

Rock City’s name made it sound like some western city in the wilderness, but it wasn’t. In reality, it was like spring year-round in Rock City, and the climate was warm and humid. Each land nurtured its own people. The girls of Rock City were raised well by Rock City’s warm climate.

“How pale,” a fatty with a mohawk remarked as he passed. “Like fresh onions! White with a hint of green, beautiful.”

This fatty’s voice was loud, and he yelled without caring if people heard him. Many people on the street heard him, but they all seemed to recognize him. They lowered their heads and shuffled off as if they hadn’t seen anything.

The fatty was dressed in elaborate clothing, followed by a couple of people who looked like bodyguards.

“Hm?” The fatty saw Qing Qing immediately. His eyes glowed, and he cleared his throat, straightening out his already tidy clothes.

“Hello, beautiful.” The fatty approached to flirt. “I know everyone in Rock City, so you must be from outside. Do you know anyone here? If not, would you like to come to my house?” The fatty looked very amiable when he smiled.

“That won’t be necessary,” Bai Hai Xuan said coldly. “We have a place to stay, so we won’t be troubling you.”

Everyone else knew the reason. Recently, Bai Hai Xuan had been flirting with Qing Qing. Qing Qing ignored him, but he still had feelings for her.

The fatty slapped his forehead, looking like he had just realized something. “Sorry, I guess I spoke out of turn.” The fatty laughed and walked off. There was courage and charm in his stride. He looked like an elegant guy.

“You guys wait at the inn and remember to stay safe. I’m going to take a break. Don’t disturb me for now,” said Gao Peng. Then he went up the stairs into his room and shut the door and windows. He rested on the bed with his eyes closed.

That night, curfew had been enforced outside the inn. Gao Peng summoned the Dragon Ant, switched it to Invisible Mode, then pushed open the window. It shook out its transparent wings, then silently dove into the night sky.

Looking down from above Rock City was like a sleeping beast crawling between the mountains. The Dragon Ant flew into the clouds, disappearing without a sound. It flew over mountains and forests, finally stopping at the foot of a mountain.

It traveled east on foot for a small distance, though the path was blocked by hanging vines. Lifting the curtain of ivy, a serene cave led to an unknown destination.

Gao Peng switched his condition from Fourth Baby’s flight ability to Second Baby’s Diurnal Pupil, and the pitch-black cave instantly brightened in Gao Peng’s eyes. The walls of the moist cave were overgrown with moss. The ceiling was wet, while the ashy walls were stained a dark brown by the water. From deep within the cave came the drip-drop of falling water.

The cave extended downwards. In the God of Plague’s memory, this had been a secret passage to the treasure chamber. A clever rabbit had three burrows, and this god was the same. One could only attribute it to the God of Plague’s cautious nature.

Turning a corner, a pond appeared. Gao Peng paused his steps. In his sight, the pond was a deep emerald color. The surface of the puddle was smooth, making it look like a gem. In the God of Plague’s memory, the Mutant Tribe people from Jiutian Shidi had paid particular care of “ponds”—they liked to create a Soul Pool for the main familiar they fostered.

A Soul Pool used all kinds of precious treasures, as well as absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. Gao Peng suspected they were just elements in the air. Soul Pools varied greatly. Depending on the familiar’s attribute, their Soul Pools were endowed with different things.

But this Soul Pond was indeed valuable. Familiars grew many times faster in their Soul Pools than outside of them. Before them was a Soul Pool, and it was a Poison-type one.

As the water bubbled, a round head emerged from the Soul Pool. Water ran down its bald head, giving way to the pig’s head underneath. It sprayed poisonous mist from the two round holes in its flat nose. It had two pointy, furless ears on its head—kind of like cat ears.

The moment this monster appeared, the atmosphere became grim.

“Who are you?” the cat-eared pig-headed monster asked inquiringly.

“I’m a devotee of the God of Plague. He ordered me to retrieve something from here,” the Dragon Ant said without a change in expression.

“Oh, you’re his devotee.” The cat-eared pig-headed monster nodded. Suddenly it asked: “What’s my name?”

The Dragon Ant had expected this. “Xiao Ming,” he answered.

The cat-eared pig-headed monster nodded pleasantly, diving into the pond with a splash. “That’s correct.”

Withdrawing its gaze, the Dragon Ant walked around the pond, going deeper underground.

[Monster Name]: Vital Pig

[Monster Level]: Level 94 (Quasi God-tier)

[Monster Attribute]: Poison

[Monster Grade] Epic/Epic

[Monster Territory]: Venomous Domain

[Deification Part]: Stomach and Liver

[Monster Ability]: Gluttony Level 8, Delusional Venom Level 8, Tough Skin Level 8,

[Monster Characteristic]: Ulterior Motives (Vital Pigs are sneaky pigs. Unlike ordinary pigs, they have low IQs, but are good at imitation and can follow others’ orders.

Active Effect 1: When the Vital Pig uses Ulterior Motives, its IQ increases temporarily.

Passive Effect 2: When Vital Pig uses Ulterior Motive, it can tell if someone is telling the truth. If it was lied to, it activates its Ulterior Motive ability, delivering critical damage to the opponent’s soul.)

[Monster Description]: This is a monster with a down-to-earth personality. It is lazy and likes to sleep for a long time. Because of its unique abilities, it’s usually captured by gods to be a guard pig.

Passing by the Vital Pig, Gao Peng quickly entered the heart of the cave. They walked for a long time. Given the Dragon Ant’s speed, Gao Peng knew they had to be very far in. Finally, a faint light glowed up ahead.

Some mushroom-like monsters hung upside-down from the cave walls. They gave off a dim yellow light, illuminating the space. A sealed golden door closed off the entire cave. The Dragon Ant walked up, took the round handles of the golden door in its claws, and pulled with force.

With a rumble, the door was pulled open. Gao Peng entered with big strides.

The inside had been specially decorated. The first things that appeared in Gao Peng’s line of sight were rows of large earthen jars. Their openings were completely sealed by metal blocks. With nine down and nine across, there were 81 in total.

“Hm? I smell God’s Mummy.” A droplet of water flew out from Gao Peng’s collar. It expanded in the air, and Fatty Big Sea jumped out, commenting as it sniffed the air.

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