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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 678: God’s Mummy

Chapter 678: God’s Mummy

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God’s Mummy—this was a new term for Gao Peng. “What is this?” he asked.

“God’s Mummy, of course. It’s a wonderful thing.” Fatty Big Sea smacked its tongue.

“It should be something that the God of Plague prepared for itself. If it can benefit a god, wouldn’t you say it’s a good thing?”

“Oh, yes.” Fatty Big Sea seemed to suddenly remember something. “You can summon your other familiars, as this a great supplement. Back then, I also made a batch of God’s Mummy for myself, but only 49 of them, not as many as this.”

“What is this God’s Mummy?”

“Eat it and you’ll understand. But you can’t eat it. Humans won’t be able to digest it; it’s overly nutritious.”

Gao Peng had his doubts. After all, someone as greedy as Fatty Big Sea would share something good? This wasn’t like Fatty Big Sea.

He called out Dumby, Goldie, and Flamy. Opening the tank, Gao Peng went forward to look inside, but he could only see black water. It looked like ink, a blackish liquid. One couldn’t see what was inside at all.

An algae-like hair floated up from the tank. The black ink had dyed the hair black. Why was there a hair? The water rippled and a child-like figure bobbed up in the jar.

Gao Peng was shocked, as he thought it was a human. The wet hair clung to the surface of the body that had the silhouette of a human figure. It looked just like a mummified body soaked in water.

Gao Peng thought it was alive, but after careful observation, he realized that this creature had no attributes. It was not a monster, but a lifeless object.

“This isn’t human.” Fatty Big Sea sensed Gao Peng’s concerns and spoke. “It’s made from the carcass of a monster’s fetus.

“During this time, I’ve learned about your human race. Don’t you like eating, especially the Huaxia Tribe? Many races are going extinct because your kind is eating them.” Fatty Big Sea was speechless. Why was Gao Peng so hesitant this time?

“I’m not disagreeing. Go ahead and eat,” Gao Peng said. Since it wasn’t a human baby, it was okay to eat.

Flamy frowned and covered its beak with its wings to show its disdain.

Goldie rubbed its bald head. “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.” Goldie tried to control its laughter.

“Well, who said that I wouldn’t eat it?” Flamy said proudly. There was a glint of brilliance in Goldie’s earnest eyes before it resumed a silly expression.

After that, Flamy lowered its head, picked up the God’s Mummy from the jar, and swallowed it. Upon swallowing God’s Mummy, Flamy rolled its eyes, lifted up its head towards the roof, and spat out flames.

The burning flames licked at the roof, the air in the cave started burned up quickly, and the temperature slowly increased. Desolion tapped its right paw, and a cold glow flashed. The overhead flames were extinguished.

“This God’s Mummy is made from familiars that are Perfect-grade and above. It needs to be an infant, so it’s extremely rare,” Fatty Big Sea slowly shared. “Familiars at the Epic grade and above are different from the familiars at the Perfect grade. They have more unique powers.”

Gao Peng was deep in thought. He vaguely understood the logic. Because an Epic-grade familiar had special characteristics, such as top-quality monster characteristics matched with a high degree of compatibility, it could greatly enhance the combat power of the familiar by several times, or even dozens, of times.

What Fatty Big Sea was referring to was the power behind the special characteristics or the material that gave familiars special characteristics. An Epic-grade familiar wasn’t very difficult to find. At least, Gao Peng had seen quite a few.

Reading Gao Peng’s disdain, Fatty Big Sea shook its head. “Hmph, has it not occurred to you that it’s usually the elites in the tribe and higher-ups who own Epic-grade familiars, and the level of contact that one comes into contact with corresponds with one’s role? Those regular familiars that you come into contact with are not normal.

“And it requires pups. Only pups can be made into God’s Mummy. During this process, after a certain period, a large number of treasures must be added. After a hundred years of brewing, a qualified God’s Mummy can then be produced. Moreover, God’s Mummy has a certain superstition and must conform to certain quantity rules. Otherwise, it is bound to fail.

“The lowest number of treasures allowed is 49, followed by 81, and above that would be 365 and 999. I’ve heard that the largest number is 999. It’s just a legend, so I don’t know if it’s true.”

Gao Peng nodded and seemed to understand something.

“A slight mistake in the process will lead to failure,” Fatty Big Sea said. “Back when I successfully produced my God’s Mummy, I received a lot of benefits. I broke into the Eternal grade after I swallowed my 49th God’s Mummy that year.”

Huh? This was the first time Gao Peng had heard of this.

“Of course, I had swallowed a lot of treasures before then, so I had a good base at that time.” Fatty Big Sea explained hastily, worried that Gao Peng would blame it if the other familiars ate 49 God’s Mummies and didn’t break through to the Eternal grade.

After hearing from Fatty Big Sea about the benefits of God’s Mummy, Da Zi and the gang were no longer on the fence. They quickly uncovered the lid and guzzled them down one by one. In half a minute, all 81 God’s Mummies were gone.

Even Moneymaker hid in the corner and chomped on a God’s Mummy not much smaller than it. Devouring with great delight, its stomach swelled like a gourd.

Fatty Big Sea stopped eating after nine pieces and licked its lips. Obviously, it would appreciate having more, but it just looked at the remaining God’s Mummies and didn’t compete with other familiars for them.

Although if it hadn’t mentioned it, the other familiars might not have known the value of the God’s Mummy, and it could’ve secretly eaten all of them, but sooner or later, they were bound to find out. Fatty Big Sea recently learned that it shouldn’t hog all the good things, and should learn to share them instead.

After all, they were all underneath Gao Peng. They met all the time, and one would be isolated if they chose to undercut another.

The quality of these familiars wasn’t low. As long as they didn’t die, they would achieve great things and be of great help in the future. For now, it was the most effective fighter, but who knew for sure.

Fatty Big Sea also had its strategies. “Maybe there aren’t many other treasures. This God’s Mummy was very treasure-consuming. Every other year, a large number of treasures must be added. There are 81 God’s Mummie here. I suspect that the God of Plague used all its resources on God’s Mummies. A God’s Mummy can be revitalizing for a moment, but it comes with a long period of drought.”

With a long sigh, the Fatty Big Sea seemed to vaguely remember its past. Knowing that the God of Plague had used all this for God’s Mummies, it was probable that the real cause of its death was related to this God’s Mummy…

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