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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 679: Breakthrough

Chapter 679: Breakthrough

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Every familiar had their own way of ingesting the God’s Mummy. Some were wide-eyed and tried to swallow it in a gulp, while some stretched opened their mouths and tried to stuff it in. Others closed their eyes and tried swallowing forcefully. Still others sat on the ground and stroked their hairless bald heads while tearing it into pieces.

Dumby stood in its original position, silently lowering its head and looking at its boney ribs. There was a moment of silence as it placed its right hand on the top of the God’s Mummy, and a black fog enfolded the item. In the dark fog, Dumby’s expression became blurred, and only two faint red lights flickered in the dark fog.

Finally, Gao Peng searched the remaining treasure chamber. Though the treasure chamber was large, it was quite empty. Only a few odds items were piled up in the corner. Since these items related to the identity of the God of Plague, along with the 81 God’s Mummies, the trip was certainly worth it.

Gao Peng closed all the doors tidily as he left and removed all traces of a human trail. The 81 God’s Mummy pots were also put inside Dumby’s space, as Fatty Big Sea had mentioned that these pots were valuable, since ordinary pots couldn’t be used as containers for God’s Mummies.

Of course, Gao Peng was also trying to prevent later generations from venturing there only to find empty pots. This wouldn’t be good. Great excitement followed by great sorrow could cause high blood pressure.

After the last pot was put away, Gao Peng was relieved at seeing how clean the secret room was. It was cleaner than a bowl that a dog had licked. The last step was to leave the entrance and close the door carefully.

He turned and put all his familiars into the familiar space, leaving only Fatty Big Sea and the Dragon Ant outside.

“It’s so uncomfortable,” complained Fatty Big Sea while rubbing its round belly. It had barely digested the God of Plague from a few days ago. Now, after eating nine God’s Mummies, he was even more uncomfortable. It was a happy problem.

Taking the path from where they had come from, they returned to the poisoned pool.

Splish, splash. The sound of water was heard from the pool. The humorous pig face of the Elemental Pig emerged from the pond. It propped itself on the side of the pool, stared at Gao Peng, and asked, “Are you leaving?”

“Yes, I’m leaving. I’m going back to look for Master,” Gao Peng said, controlling the Ant Dragon’s body.

“I knew long ago that Master had fallen,” the Elemental Pig suddenly said.

Gao Peng stopped in his tracks, the hair on his neck rising. He was on high alert. It wasn’t a good idea to deal with this Quasi God poison monster in this closed environment.

“If I wanted to eat you, I would have done so just now,” the Elemental Pig said, sounding bored. “Aside from Master, you’re the next to know my name. So you must know Master, otherwise, you wouldn’t know my name.

“In the past, when Master was alone with me, he loved pinching my ears. Can you help pinch my ears?” The Elemental Pig gazed longingly at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng was stunned; he hadn’t expected the Elemental Pig to make such a request.

The Elemental Pig swam out of the pool. It had a pig’s head, cat’s ears, and a python’s body. There were no scales on his smooth skin, only dark thick skin. It slowly climbed to Gao Peng’s feet. It had no feet or claws on its body.

Gao Peng bent over and stretched out his right hand to pinch the Elemental Pig’s pointy cat ears.

It felt good, slightly bouncy and rather comfortable. “Mmm… mmm…” The Elemental Pig let out a snort of happiness, raised its head, and arched its back, It twisted around Gao Peng.

Gao Peng coughed twice. This was too much attachment. “Leave,” Gao Peng said.

The Elemental Pig obediently went down.

Gao Peng hadn’t expected this pig to be so obedient. “Turn around?”

The Elemental Pig looked at Gao Peng with a goofy face. After a few seconds, it began to turn in circles. So obedient! No one else would believe it was a Quasi God monster. It looked like a silly dog in the house of a foolish neighbor.

“Pinch me a while longer,” the Elemental Pig whined after making three turns.

Gao Peng pinched the Elemental Pig’s ears, and the pig was then content enough to crawl back to the pool.

“I still remember what my master taught me. He said to me, ‘Don’t trust anyone. There are too many bad people in the world.’” The Elemental Pig grinned and said, “You pinched my ears for me. You must be a good man.”

“Since I’m a good man, would you like to follow me? Your master isn’t here anyway,” Gao Peng suddenly asked. If this fellow could be taken, it would be a good fighter.

Unexpectedly, this seemingly simple and honest Elemental Pig shook its head fervently. “I will not go with you.” As it spoke, the Elemental Pig stood up to leave. “You’re too weak… I could eat you in one mouthful.”

Gao Peng was speechless.

“Master said that it’s too dangerous outside. People eat people, and monsters eat monsters. If I don’t stay here, I could be eaten as soon as I go out.” The Elemental Pig said solemnly, “You’re so weak that you should also stay here with me. It’s safe here. My cave is very big. You can build a pool next to it. We can live together,” the Elemental Pig said generously.

Gao Peng couldn’t hold back his laughter; this Quasi God was too insecure. “I can protect you. What about this—if I can beat you, you leave with me?”

“Sure, but you’re not allowed to ask for help. You have to defeat me by yourself,” said the Elemental Pig.

Although Gao Peng found it regrettable, there was nothing he could do. He was using the body of the Dragon Ant, which meant that the Dragon Ant had to defeat this pig itself. The Dragon Ant wasn’t its rival. It was only Level 80, two grades below the pig.

Bang. The Dragon Ant took a step and the rock under its foot burst open. Gao Peng suddenly felt the blood and elements in his body moving violently. They were bouncing with joy and seemed to be aligned with heaven and earth. What’s this…?

“The Dragon Ant is going to break through to the Holy rank. This was from the God’s Mummy,” Fatty Big Sea said from within Gao Peng’s mind. Gao Peng didn’t dare delay further, so he quickly gave control of the body to the Dragon Ant so that he could find a remote place to complete its evolution.

After Gao Peng left, the Elemental Pig rose to the surface and looked towards the exit. As though in a trance, a bent-over figure appeared at the entrance of the cave. A black mask covered their face, but from under the mask there was a sharp round nose. From two sides of the nose, two rows of a fine white beard protruded.

“Master, you’re back,” the Elemental Pig said in surprise. It rushed out of the spirit pond and up to the figure.

Whoo— The wind blew, and the hunched figure dissipated like bubbles. The cave was still dark, leaving the Elemental Pig looking around at a loss. For a long time, a loud wail could be heard from the cave. “Master—”

Deep in the forest, in a remote mountain, the elements in the air were having a riot, the violent elements of the atmosphere creating a high temperature and pressure that enveloped the entire mountain.

For a long time, a shrill cry was ringing through the mountains. Fiery flames burned in every direction, the whole mountain completely covered by flames, turning into a flame mountain. After a very long time, the air in the mountains and forests regained peace.

Several heads popped out of the soil and observed the surroundings. It was finally over.

From the second half of the night, the mountain seemed to be possessed, alternating between fire, ice, thunder, and lightning. Sometimes, this was mixed with other strange attributes.

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