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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 680: Poisonous Killer Star Beast

Chapter 680: Poisonous Killer Star Beast

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

There was a flurry of footsteps outside the hall. A 16-foot-tall, human-shaped monster of blood-colored armor strode over with a closed fist and said to the man in the room, “Reporting General, the remaining of the Douwen Sect are finally loosening their lips. They have revealed the identity of the Chief of the Douwen Sect.”

This gigantic 16-foot-tall creature in blood-colored armor occupied most of the room’s height. As its face was covered with a mask, one could only see blood-red eyes glittering with a demonic glow.

“Who’s the leader of Douwen Sect?” The panting sound in the room became controlled, and a steady voice came from behind the screen.

“Erm…” said the blood-red armored familiar, seeming hesitant. The room fell silent. Not long after, a handsome teenager in a blanket hurriedly escaped through the side door, limping.

Behind the screen came a man with long shoulder-length black hair. His hair fell on his chest, strong muscles peeking out from the gap of the cloak. His only imperfection was his face, which was as fierce as a ghost’s without skin, only blood-red muscles and white fang-like teeth.

“There are no outsiders now. Speak.” The general looked at the familiar with blood-red eyes and laughed with delight. “Why did you join bodies with a familiar? What? Would I eat you? Talk to me with your real body.”

The blood-armor familiar stiffly stayed in position, but after a long time, it coughed and said, “General, I’m used to it. I feel more powerful this way.”

“Hahaha.” The general threw his head back and laughed. He evaluated his subordinate, as if he had seen through his ploy, but said nothing more. “Who is the Chief of the Douwen Sect? I have hunted him for two years; I will not let him have an easy death once I get ahold of him.” The general grinned viciously.

“It’s… Yin Xiang Qi, the head of Rock City.”

“Yin Xiang Qi?” The general was surprised at first, then sneered. “This ingrate. I treated him well, but he chose to secretly collude with evil spirits.”

“Prepare the armies, lock down Rock City!” the general said arrogantly. “Today, we’ll take this sinner down.”

The army stationed a short distance from Rock City started moving in, smoke and dust billowing and flags filling the sky. The army moved and retreated in an orderly manner. The only fighting force in the army was made up of different kinds of familiars. At this moment, none the imperial beasts made a sound and only looked forward seriously. Rock City was locked down. Only entry was allowed; exiting was denied.

A purple lightning shadow hung in the sky. This had to be a rare element monster, as its body was made of lightning. It’s lightning fingers were like dead branches, with all five fingers spread open. Lightning sizzled in the void, trapping the entire Rock City.

Several people who were eating on the first floor of the inn were startled by the sound of the thunder outside. Looking out of the window, the sky was wrapped in a fine purple lightning-net. Several birds accidentally bumped into the net and instantly evaporated.

The faces of the six people changed slightly. Bai Hai observed their surroundings with mystical eyes. Using the water on the table, he wrote: “Have we been exposed?”

Gao Peng shook his head silently and coughed. “Keep eating.”

“Yin Xiang Qi, the sinner, has colluded with evil gods and secretly supported the Douwen Sect. He is to be punished!” A thunderous roar reverberated in the skies.

A scaly blood-red finger dropped from the sky and stabbed into the Head of the City’s mansion. The power of merely the aftermath had flattened the houses near the city’s main mansion into a sheet of paper. A pale red ring reverberated around the exterior of the finger, like a shock wave from an exploding star.

The audience of six was also a little alarmed, but they were comforted when they saw Gao Peng, who was sitting near them, eating calmly. At least with they had this powerful deity with them. Even if there was a real danger, there was a powerful being.

Calmly, Gao Peng repeatedly asked Fatty Big Sea, “Big Sea, you can feel the aura of that fellow above us. Can you beat him? Will you able to help us escape?”

“Rest assured; I have three magic artifacts of a Quasi God! Ordinary Quasi Gods aren’t my opponents,” Fatty Big Sea pacified Gao Peng.

Only then did Gao Peng calm down and squint at the six little ones. He saw the unrestrained panic on their faces and smirked. Still not stable enough— Gao Peng straightened his back and calmly sampled the wine.

“We’re all Quasi Gods. What do you think a finger can do? Is this so despicable?” An angry roar emerged from the city’s main mansion.

The poisonous mist suddenly turned into a shield to protect the mansion, and a dense glow flashed in the emptiness. Whoops. The finger was cut off and the blood squirted all over.

Somewhere in the mansion, a white-bearded old man looked at the sky. A slender mantis-like familiar with a pair of bat-like wings on its back stood by his side. Its arms were slender and much thicker than the mantis’ arms. Its arms were relaxed by its side, but at the ends of them, there was a pair of inverted hooks moving inwards. Its compound eyes stared at the sky above its head. “By tomorrow, all should have left the city through the secret tunnel. Old friend, you can have a massacre then.”

“Yes, Master.”

The old man gave his familiar a look, then made a move with his left hand. The space beside him twisted, and another familiar appeared. It was only a palm-sized mosquito-like familiar. The old man took a step to the left, merged with the mosquito familiar, and escaped quietly.

Gazing at his Master, the Poisonous Killer Star Beast refocused.

His master had found it back when it was a baby. At that time, it was only an ignorant child, and his master was just an 18-year-old boy. Back then, his master had been full of confidence, as though they had the world under their feet, and had said they would become the most powerful familiar and monster trainer in the world.

Master… I’m afraid the Poisonous Killer Star Beast can’t fulfill your wish. The broken finger fell on the edge of the main mansion, crushing a house. The house was crushed to pieces. A great deal of blood burst out from the crushed ruins, and in the blink of an eye, the city’s main mansion turned into a bloody river.

A servant hiding in the house watched in horror as blood poured through the doors and windows and swam towards him as if it was alive. The familiars of the servants in the main mansion weren’t beside him. Their imperial beasts were specially stationed and trained elsewhere. At this moment, his familiar was far away and could only helplessly watch the blood penetrate his body through his skin.

He fell to the ground with a mournful cry. Blood oozed from his eyes, nose, and mouth. His blood and the blood of the severed fingers blended together.

The Poisonous Killer Star Beast lifted its head and shrieked, its voice like two pieces of glass rubbing violently against each other, painfully shrill.


“Poisoned stars slice and burn!” The deep green knife arc exploded in the air, accompanied by countless shadowed illusions. It turned into a phantom shadow and rushed up into the sky!

They sky knife arc tore up the lightning-net, rose up to the clouds, and fought violently with the general among the clouds. For a time, the wind and clouds changed.

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