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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 681: The Giant Beast of Time

Chapter 681: The Giant Beast of Time

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I would understand if it was the Chief of the Douwen Sect, but why does it have to be you! The court has treated you well; why did you betray it?” A giant blood dragon was nestled in the sky. With two horns on its head and a red and white pair of wings, it perched on a blood-red cloud with its dragon claws hidden under its belly.

A dragon with wings was a flying dragon, but a dragon nonetheless. It was a Blood Sea Dragon, a potent beast!

The Poisonous Killer Star Beast quietly looked at the Blood Sea Dragon and smiled sadly. “What does this have to do with you? You should have just stuck to being a general. Now, you’ll have to die. Next year today will be the anniversary of your death.”

After speaking, the Poisonous Killer Star Beast’s wings shook, and its blade-arms released a ray of light. The field wasn’t completely released but settled on the surface of its body. The poison field transformed into a dark green armor that fully covered the surface of its body, except for its arms.

Kill! The Blood Sea Dragon glared. Its tail smashed forward from behind it, like a pillar collapsing from heaven.

The space trembled, and shadows fell. Even a mountain could have been detonated by this swipe.

The Poisonous Killer Star Beast lowered its wings and abruptly dropped more than 30 feet in the space to avoid the sweep of the dragon’s tail, which was dangerously cutting through the vanity space in a beautiful arc.

The Poisonous Killer Star Beast had a glint in its eye. It suddenly drew out a power shadow play from its two wings and dashed towards the Blood Sea Dragon.

The Blood Sea Dragon lifted his head, red light shooting from its eyes. Red light burst forth, two lines of blood streamed downwards.

The Poisonous Killer Star Beast’s body twisted and slid past, avoiding the lines of blood. Unexpectedly, the Blood Sea Dragon turned its head, and the lines of blood continued like two long swords stabbing down. In an instant, the Poisonous Killer Star Beast’s wings were torn by the line of blood!

“Ow—” The Poisonous Killer Star Beast let out a horrifying cry, but at the same time, rushed in front of the Blood Sea Dragon and released poisonous gas from its bloated abdomen. It was blown directly in Blood Sea Dragon’s face.

The Blood Sea Dragon was shocked to the core. Although it closed its mouth and nose, not breathing, all the poisonous gas in the space seeped into its skull through the scales on its face. The Blood Sea Dragon immediately had several hallucinations and saw stars. It was as though it had been whacked by a stick.

Aside from multi-colored lights, the dragon could see nothing else. Its ears buzzed, and it could vaguely hear some sounds, but the sounds were like a dream, sounding far away. Although its six senses weren’t completely lost, they were almost gone.

The general’s heart was in a crazed state. This creature was a high-explosive assassin. He had managed to lure it closer with great difficulty and had thought it would be a close battle between both monsters, but he hadn’t expected a slew of poison in their first encounter! Even though the Blood Sea Dragon had been to hundreds of fights, it had been blindsided.

The Poisonous Killer Star Beast now had a fierce glint in its eyes; the time had come. Even though close combat wasn’t its forte, it had chosen to deify its blade-arms when it became a Quasi God, so the sharpness of the arms could definitely cut off this dragon’s head.

The knife sparkled, then the dragon was beheaded. Blood poured out like a waterfall from its chopped neck, the flood of blood landing in the city. Some familiars weren’t able to escape in time and were sprayed, and they were immediately melted by the blood that landed on them.

“Killed?” The Lightning Marquis of the Ominous Thunder Tribe was shocked. He had thought the fight would fight last for a while, but it was over in a flash.

“It’s not dead.” Gao Peng looked out of the window. Although the Blood Sea Dragon had its head cut off and was seriously injured, it wasn’t dead.

After seriously injuring the Blood Sea Dragon, the Poisonous Killer Star Beast wanted to completely take down its target and dashed towards the fallen head of the Blood Sea Dragon to annihilate it.

“The audacity.” Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light in the sky.

On the horizon, there were fast approaching silver stars. “Time Pivot.” Everyone’s vision was blurred. The next moment, a very sharp needle-like atmosphere descended, and everyone felt as though they were being pricked painfully.

Bam!! Ten seconds later, the shadow of a long white flash of lightning lingered over the sky. The crowd turned and saw the Poisonous Killer Star Beast nailed to the city wall with a platinum spear. Its head was pierced with the spear, and the end of the spear was quivering.

Green blood dripped from its wound to the foot of the city wall, corroding a large pit in the ground.

This change of events stunned everyone. One moment, the Blood Sea Dragon had been beheaded, and the next moment, the Poisonous Killer Star Beast was nailed to the wall with a spear.

A platinum shadow appeared above Rock City. It was a large, burly beast with a stout body and thick wings on its back. It seemed like a block of giant granite, but its skin was pure white and made of white jade.

Damn… Why did I suddenly use so much time power? The Grand Jade Heavenly Beast gasped for breath. Though the Time Pivot required a large amount of time power, it was never in such horrifying amounts.

This feeling… could only be felt when the Grand Jade Heavenly Beast used it in the presence of its father. In fact, the principle of Time Pivot was very simple; it could instantaneously freeze time in a large area, with itself as the center.

In the frozen time field, it could move freely, and all the damage and actions caused during this period would be established at the end of the Time Pivot, but this move also consumed a lot of time power! And in the vicinity of the suspended time, the higher the precept and amount energy, the more time power would be consumed.

It was like walking in air, in water, in a cement field, or in stone. Each consumed a very different amount of energy. Walking in the air was the easiest. This was the effect when all the familiars within the vicinity of the Time Pivot could be suppressed with ease. It was like a father beating his son. But if one walked in a stone… one may find his or herself forced to stop by the stone. The Poisonous Killer Star Beast, though fierce, wasn’t at a level that required this amount of effort, unless there were other, stronger things in the area!

The Grand Jade Heavenly Beast clenched its fist, vigilantly scanned all directions, stretched out its right arm, seized a platinum spear, and shook fiercely. The Poisonous Killer Star Beast’s body split in an instant.

“We have trouble. This is a Time-attribute familiar, and the weapon in this fellow’s hand is also a divine artifact,” Fatty Big Sea warned solemnly from within Gao Peng’s heart.

“Got it,” Gao Peng replied. He had seen the attributes of the platinum spear, a golden artifact with a gold precept rule of 6.7 percent.

“And it should be aware of our existence,” Fatty Big Sea revealed the bad news. “It likely used its time ability just now. You may not know this, but over 90 percent of all time abilities are affected by the environment. I have three artifacts, and I’m a Quasi God, so its chest may feel a bit tight right now…”

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