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Monster Pet Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 682: Grand Jade Heavenly Beast

Chapter 682: Grand Jade Heavenly Beast

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“That is to say, its time ability is affected by the presence of strong entities around it, so are they like some powerful magnetic field?” Gao Peng seemed to have thought of something.

“Magnetic field? What’s that?” Fatty Big Sea had never heard of a magnetic field, but what Gao Peng said made sense. “It should be just as you said.”

Gao Peng was deep in thought over whether that was truly the case. A Time-attribute familiar that was prone to bullying the weak and fearing the strong?! When facing someone weaker than it, it was like a father, but in the face of a creature stronger than itself, it wilted.

Yu Chao Sheng looked around and finally fixed his sights on the city’s moat. If the powerful opponent chose not to show itself, he couldn’t take it out in the dark. For now, he couldn’t tell if these were his friends or enemies, whether they were left behind by the Douwen Sect or strong opponents eyeing the Douwen Sect’s treasure.

Considering the situation, they were unlikely to be in the surrounding mountains or forests. It was more likely for them to be within the Rock City at his feet. At this point, Yu Chao Sheng had also recovered a lot of energy, and he quietly recited in his head, “Time Pivot.” The time freeze enveloped the entire Rock City.

Yu Chao Sheng took a short step forward. People who didn’t know about this ability would think that it was a spatial attribute.

Sure enough, the people were in the city… But they hadn’t made any moves, which was best. After all, there was a seriously injured fellow there. Yu Chao Sheng glanced at the decapitated Blood Sea Dragon and remained on guard as he placed its head and body together. Soon, the head and body were reconnected.

Sitting by the window on the first floor of the inn, Gao Peng raised his head and could see the Grand Jade Heavenly Beast floating in the sky. It was flying high, with no fear of the cold.

Gao Peng bent his head and added more food to his plate, enjoying his meal.

[Monster Name]: Grand Jade Heavenly Beast

[Monster Level]: Level 97 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary/Legendary

[Monster Attributes]: Time

[Monster Territory]: Time Suspension Field

[Deification Part]: Limbs and Torso

[Monster Ability]: Body of Time Level 10, Organic Divine Force Level 8, All Element Resistance Level 7, Gravitational Manipulation Level 8

[Special Characteristic]: Stone Arm (Deified right arm that gives it indestructible power and a magical right hand.

Passive Effect 1: Right-Hand Power Level +1

Passive Effect 2: Increased Right Hand Explosive Strength

Active Effect 3: Effectiveness: the deified right arm is lethal and has a strong defensive force. When the active effect is activated, the defensive power of the right arm’s exterior will greatly increase.

Gravitational Manipulation (A special gift that belongs exclusively to the Heavenly Beast family, allowing them to manipulate natural gravitational force.

Passive Effect 1: The Grand Jade Heavenly Beast can freely manipulate gravity and apply gravitational force to any object.

Tips: The Grand Jade Heavenly Beast has gravity manipulation ability relative to its own level. In this case, the current level is 8.)

[Monster Description]: A special creature that also has the power of borrowed time after absorbing the traces of sun and moon essence over a long period, in the eyes of some, they are the spokesmen that represented the great power of time in this world. They have strong power and extremely long lives.

[Advancement Route to Mythical Grade]: 1. Blood Evolution (Grand Jade Heavenly Beast) 2. Dark Evolution (Inferno Heavenly Beast)

This creature was very capable. It was not only at a good grade but also had a divine artifact.

It was fine if he was still alone, as he had six additional burdens. Gao Peng made up his mind to not stand out. With this thought, Gao Peng hid directly in the familiar space with Fatty Big Sea.

Yu Chao Sheng searched for a while, then tried to use his ability. At that moment, the obstacle that made him feel like he was trying to move through a marsh had disappeared. Taking a deep breath, even though he wasn’t certain if the opponent had left or was keeping the beast away, it at least looked like there was no ill intent…

At night, some of the people who had escaped through the secret passage in the city’s main mansion were captured alive in military barracks outside the city. Two days later, the troops stationed outside the Rock City withdrew. The ruins of the city’s main mansion had also been searched many times by various people, both secretly and not so secretly.

At night, the atmosphere in Rock City was unsettling. On the streets, pedestrians were rushing about. Traces of the previous war had filled the city with scars. The collapsed houses and caved-in roads were reminders that lingered. Pain and sadness were the new sounds of Rock City.

“Woo, woo, woo!” Clang, clang. The streets and alleys were full of mourning armies. Some also wore white scarves on their heads, held high white flags, and carried an object that resembled a coffin behind them. At the front, a mourner was playing the flute while sorrowful wails echoed sharply in the night sky.

In the air, patches of colorful round paper floated down from the sky like snowflakes; although this was a different world, there were similarities between the customs of Earth and other realms.

Gao Peng stood quietly by the second-floor window and looked at everything. He didn’t know why, but he felt like the air was a little chilly. Looking up at the sky, it was still June, so even the nights shouldn’t have been that cold.

On the road, several staggering figures in the procession were pushed out. Gao Peng’s eyes stared at the people who were kneeling in the street. They all had black hair, brown eyes, and jaundiced, thin faces.

The mutated wouldn’t appear yellow-skinned even if they were suffering from a famine—they merely became greenish-brown like dead people. The wrinkles on their faces would overlap like ravines, causing them to resemble old zombies.

“Prepare to be sacrificed to the netherworld,” someone said loudly.

“The sacrifice begins now!”


Gao Peng’s face changed slightly, but he didn’t rush out. How can there be human beings here? Were they exposed? No, if they were exposed, word wouldn’t have spread so quickly. He hadn’t received any information in Rock City, but it looked as though these people weren’t surprised by the existence of these terrestrial human beings. Rather, it seemed that they were used to it.

Ding, ding, ding. The bell struck, and the mourning procession gathered at the crossroads.

Coffins were laid on the street. Each family offered two or three living people as a sacrifice who were then tied up and placed in the middle of the intersection. Gao Peng continued to observe these developments.

Ding, ding. The bell rang again.

The coffins trembled slightly and quietened. After a long time, quiet was restored save for the wind. Above the crossroads, a gloomy black light appeared in space, like a thick fog.

Gao Peng sniffed and got a whiff of a rotten and decaying stench. The smell was familiar. Where had he smelled it before? After thinking for a moment, Gao Peng suddenly stopped tapping his fingers on the edge of the window.

It was the stench of the Ten Mahayana Netherworld!

A rotten, bubbling corpse-like giant hand reached out of the dark fog and grabbed at the intersection. Bang! The giant hand grabbed nothing, but the dozen people trapped in crossroads had disappeared from where they were.

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