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Mr. Fashionable (Web Novel)




Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi

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As a male fashion model, Su Nuo didn’t like others calling him feminine. But against all of his hopes, his beautiful appearance really betrayed him.

This was the saddest tragedy of all time!

Dear god, Su Nuo finally couldn’t stop himself from exploding, “I am actually very manly, ok!”

“Are you sure? Come here, let me check whether you have abs or not.” The black bellied (black-hearted) director pushed him down on to a bed and took off his pajamas in high spirits.

Two minutes later.

“Your sister! Abs don’t form there!” The model Su struggled in tears.

How would he live through this day?.

332 • 2020-07-15 22:35:27


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 110: Extra – Movie Shoot 13 (END)2020-07-16
Chapter 109: Extra – Movie Shoot 122020-07-16
Chapter 108: Extra – Movie Shoot 112020-07-16
Chapter 107: Extra – Movie Shoot 102020-07-16
Chapter 106: Extra – Movie Shoot 92020-07-16
Chapter 105: Extra – Movie Shoot 82020-07-16
Chapter 104: Extra – Movie Shoot 72020-07-16
Chapter 103: Extra – Movie Shoot 62020-07-16
Chapter 102: Extra – Movie Shoot 52020-07-16
Chapter 101: Extra – Movie Shoot 42020-07-16
Chapter 100: Extra – Movie Shoot 32020-07-16
Chapter 99: Extra – Movie Shoot 22020-07-16
Chapter 98: Extra – Movie Shoot 12020-07-16
Chapter 97: Holding Hands and Happily Ever After2020-07-16
Chapter 96: Really was angry and Come up with an idea2020-07-16
Chapter 95: Encountering Hostage and Strange Savior2020-07-16
Chapter 94: Mischief at the Gambling Table and Coincidences2020-07-16
Chapter 93: Formidable Talent and Lost Supper2020-07-16
Chapter 92: I want to go and Simulation gambling site2020-07-16
Chapter 91: Rolling Thunder and Protect Me2020-07-16
Chapter 90: Taking a Leave and Meeting Up2020-07-16
Chapter 89: Be honest and messages late at night2020-07-16
Chapter 88: Honest Confession and Late-Night Websites2020-07-16
Chapter 87:Overheard and Should I Tell Him?2020-07-16
Chapter 86: I will help and perverted knife scar2020-07-16
Chapter 85: Stage encounter and There’s something behind me2020-07-16
Chapter 84: Aren’t you jealous and I love you2020-07-16
Chapter 83: The trial and going to the hospital together2020-07-16
Chapter 82: Helping Brother and Who’s the Lover?2020-07-16
Chapter 81: Going home together and help me out2020-07-16
Chapter 80: Very Blissful and Midnight Square2020-07-16
Chapter 79: Mr. Director and cute pet.2020-07-16
Chapter 78: Literary Youth and Very Bold2020-07-16
Chapter 77: Don’t You Dare Come In and I Am In the Mountains.2020-07-16
Chapter 76: Midnight’s Drama and He Secretly Likes Me2020-07-16
Chapter 75: Quick, Chase Him Out! and You Are Dead2020-07-16
Chapter 74: Photoshoot and He’s Stalking Me2020-07-16
Mr. F Chapter 73: Obedient NuoNuo and Scar-faced Guy19 min read2020-07-16
Chapter 72: Heartbroken Director Zhong and let go of him.2020-07-16
Chapter 71: Harmonious Life and Surprised Mu Qiu2020-07-16
Chapter 70: Casino History and Got a Dog2020-07-16
Chapter 69: Fairy tale and work arrangement2020-07-16
Chapter 68: Let’s Eat Together and It’s a Long Night2020-07-16
Chapter 67: Conflicted Director and Busy Elder Brother2020-07-16
Chapter 66: Seems to be Director Zhong2020-07-16
Chapter 65: I Want to Eat and A little Stressed2020-07-16
Chapter 64: Almost Home and Housing Estate Spokesperson2020-07-16
Chapter 63: Confession and Marriage Proposal2020-07-16
Chapter 62: Fillings are Annoying and Let’s Go Back Home Together2020-07-16
Chapter 61: Heaven-bending Brother and Handsome Director2020-07-16
Chapter 60: Don’t fight and what is the problem?2020-07-16
Mr. F Chapter 59: Let’s Talk and Don’t Explode2020-07-16
Mr. F Chapter 58: Chill Younger Brother and Aggressive Older Brother2020-07-16
Chapter 57: Which Hotel and Coming to Find you2020-07-16
Chapter 56: Grumpy Brother and Making a Call2020-07-16
Chapter 55: Give you time and Europe’s tiny towns2020-07-16
Chapter 54: Treat You To A Meal and I’m Jealous2020-07-16
Mr. F Chapter 53.5: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART FIVE)15 min read2020-07-16
Chapter 53 (PART FOUR) Hit by a dog and Frog Prince2020-07-16
Chapter 53: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART THREE)2020-07-16
Chapter 53: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART TWO)2020-07-16
Chapter 53: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART ONE)2020-07-16
Chapter 52: Executive Mu Qiu and No Morals2020-07-16
Chapter 51: Too Cliché and I Have No Appetite2020-07-16
Chapter 50: You Are Too Great And The 囧 Task2020-07-16
Chapter 49: It’s an Illusion and Frogs in Warm Water2020-07-16
Chapter 48: Gentle process and They actually kissed!2020-07-16
Chapter 47: Really Love You and Entangling2020-07-16
Chapter 46: In Front of the Flowers, Under the Moon and Let’s Flip a Wall2020-07-16
Chapter 45: I’ll deal with it and Cancelling Work2020-07-16
Chapter 44: The Fuck, Blind Date And I Did Not Lie2020-07-16
Chapter 43: Being Alone Together For a Night and Eating Carrots2020-07-16
Chapter 42: Love amidst the chaos and panicking director2020-07-16
Chapter 41: Forgive Me Please And Great French Kiss2020-07-16
Chapter 40: The Paparazzi and I Want to See You2020-07-16
Chapter 39: An accident and a worrying heart2020-07-16
Chapter 38: I Want To French Kiss and Meeting The Wrong Person2020-07-16
Chapter 37 Wang Mu NiangNiang and the Mixed Celebrity2020-07-16
Chapter 36: Accidents and He’s Your Mother2020-07-16
Chapter 35: Call of Cicadas and Doing Things Together2020-07-16
Chapter 34: Trying New Things and Being Ripped Off2020-07-16
Chapter 33: Head of WuLin and I are in a meeting2020-07-16
Chapter 32: Tomato Egg and Flu and Fever2020-07-16
Chapter 31: I’m Not Full Yet and Acting Your Sister2020-07-16
Chapter 30: Depressing Sense of Substitution and Which Floor?2020-07-16
Chapter 29: Wrong Sickness and Sorrowful Director2020-07-16
Chapter 28: Hide Quickly and Body Wash Advertisements2020-07-16
Chapter 27: Mutual Love And Sweet First Kiss2020-07-16
Chapter 26: Cliches All Over and All Kinds of Miraculous Developments2020-07-16
Chapter 25: A Jealous Wulong and Shuang Ma Novels2020-07-16
Chapter 24: Childish Games and Let’s go Together2020-07-16
Chapter 23: Sweet Words and a Fool2020-07-16
Chapter 22: Crappy Storylines and Jealous Executives2020-07-16
Chapter 21: The Artistic Soul and The Head of the Evil Sect of Jiang Hu2020-07-16
Chapter 20: The Middle of Nowhere and a Good Person2020-07-16
Chapter 19: The Artistic Soul and the Flustered Lost Person2020-07-16
Chapter 18: Artistic Youngsters and Bullying2020-07-16
Chapter 17: A Grumpy President and A New Director2020-07-16
Chapter 16: Bring Your Own and Bursting Bubbles2020-07-16
Chapter 15: Entangled Photographs and Wonderful Discoveries2020-07-16
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