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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel)


Josei Romance

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With his engagement at hand, the most terrifying and legendary person of the legal world, Fu Huai’an, returns with a son.

Before the engagement…

He asks, “Since you love Wen Moshen, why are you in my bed?”
She says, “Because I cannot watch idly as Wen Moshen’s woman enters an engagement with you.”

With a cigarette in Fu Huai’an’s mouth, he crosses his legs. Across the light cloud of smoke, he squints his eyes—watching as Lin Nuan’s slim arms wrap around his neck; he feels stirred.

So a person can love another so passionately.

“You call what you did a kiss?”
“What a pure lady!”

Fu Huai’an spews out a cloud of smoke and snuffs out the cigarette. With a mellow voice, he says, “Let me teach you what kissing is!”

But, what he teaches Lin Nuan doesn’t seem to be only a kiss…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 483: You Must Make a Good Showing!2020-01-26
Chapter 482: My Mrs. Fu2020-01-26
Chapter 481: This Was a Crisis, and Also an Opportunity!2020-01-25
Chapter 480: Sheltering Him From the Storm2020-01-25
Chapter 479: Committing a Crime During the Height of a Crackdown?2020-01-24
Chapter 478: What’s Wrong With Your Face?2020-01-24
Chapter 477: Not Resort to Using a Kid As Cannon Fodder!2020-01-23
Chapter 476: The Book Is Not As Good-Looking as Me2020-01-23
Chapter 475: Ridiculously Laughable2020-01-22
Chapter 474: Do You Think I’m Afraid?2020-01-22
Chapter 473: Can You Bring Me Along?2020-01-21
Chapter 472: Feeling Bad for Himself2020-01-21
Chapter 471: Doted on Him for Nothing!2020-01-20
Chapter 470: What Nonsense Are You Spewing?2020-01-20
Chapter 469: Extraordinarily Reliant on Him2020-01-19
Chapter 468: Are You Wearing It?2020-01-19
Chapter 467: What Could Be Better Than This2020-01-19
Chapter 466: Isn’t She Kidding Around?2020-01-19
Chapter 465: Be More Proper2020-01-17
Chapter 464: Like I Can’t Afford to Raise You?2020-01-17
Chapter 463: In a Rush to Coax Your Mr. Fu?2020-01-16
Chapter 462: Some Friends Enter Your Heart2020-01-16
Chapter 461: What Could Be More Important Than Staying Alive?2020-01-15
Chapter 460: Hitting It Off Instantly2020-01-15
Chapter 459: Tell Us About It!2020-01-14
Chapter 458: He Came Clean With Everything2020-01-14
Chapter 457: Loved Him With His Life2020-01-13
Chapter 456: Are You Going to Help Me Like the Previous Time?2020-01-13
Chapter 455: Lin Nuan’s Achilles Heels2020-01-12
Chapter 454: Let’s Have a Good Chat2020-01-12
Chapter 453: I Am Your Husband2020-01-11
Chapter 452: Call the Cops!2020-01-11
Chapter 451: I’m Her Sister!2020-01-10
Chapter 450: It’s in a Woman’s Nature to Act Coquettish2020-01-10
Chapter 449: Would She Mind Something Like This?2020-01-10
Chapter 448: I Get Scared Too2020-01-10
Chapter 447: I Lost My Heart2020-01-10
Chapter 446: Ran Into You Nainai!2020-01-09
Chapter 445: That’s Right, I’m Jealous!2020-01-09
Chapter 444: Why Is Fu Huai’an So Energetic?2020-01-08
Chapter 443: Not Even Realizing That Fu Huai’an Had Entered the Kitchen2020-01-08
Chapter 442: That Clueless Uncle!2020-01-07
Chapter 441: My Apologies2020-01-07
Chapter 440: She Could Disregard Her Life for Fu Huai’an!2020-01-06
Chapter 439: Bending Over In Tears2020-01-06
Chapter 438: Fill You Up With Warmth!2020-01-05
Chapter 437: All Sorts of Emotions Welling Up in Her Heart2020-01-05
Chapter 436: Too Troubling!2020-01-04
Chapter 435: A Smile With a Hidden Motive2020-01-04
Chapter 434: What Can I Learn From Her?2020-01-03
Chapter 433: What Is Crayon Shinchan?2020-01-03
Chapter 432: Drilling Into the Depths of Fu Huai’an’s Heart2020-01-03
Chapter 431: Am I Mere Decoration to You?2020-01-03
Chapter 430: Have Your Parents Never Taught You to Respect the Dead?2020-01-03
Chapter 429: What Trouble Am I Afraid of Getting Into?2020-01-03
Chapter 428: This Is the Last Time2020-01-03
Chapter 427: She Gazed at Fu Huai’an’s Back View2020-01-02
Chapter 426: Why Be Hard on Yourself and Everyone?2020-01-02
Chapter 425: Lin Ran Has Left the Lin Home2020-01-01
Chapter 424: Lin Nuan Opened the Bottle2020-01-01
Chapter 423: Not Even a Business2019-12-31
Chapter 422: You’re Saying the Most Hurtful Words2019-12-31
Chapter 421: I Hope Miss Lin Can Understand2019-12-30
Chapter 420: He’s Not Planning to Marry You in Secret, Is He?2019-12-30
Chapter 419: Dare Not Guarantee He Wouldn’t Blab It to Tang Zheng and the Gang2019-12-29
Chapter 418: Satisfy Tuan Tuan’s Wish for a Younger Brother!2019-12-29
Chapter 417: I’ll Give You Everything You Want!2019-12-28
Chapter 416: Mrs. Fu Was Doomed for Eternity!2019-12-28
Chapter 415: Secretly Tell Mama You Want a Brother!2019-12-27
Chapter 414: Made You Blush So Much?2019-12-27
Chapter 413: I’ll Never Meet Someone Who Loves Me More Than You Do in My Life!2019-12-27
Chapter 412: Meeting the Girl Who You Love and Loves You Back2019-12-27
Chapter 411: How Could That Be?2019-12-27
Chapter 410: Fu Huai’an’s Skills Weren’t Bad2019-12-27
Chapter 409: Osmanthus Dock2019-12-27
Chapter 408: Better to Know the Limits2019-12-26
Chapter 407: Fu Huai’an and His Art of Talking2019-12-26
Chapter 406: Drinking Makes One Brave2019-12-25
Chapter 405: Where Was Mama?2019-12-25
Chapter 404: The Kindergarten Gang Leader, Little Candy2019-12-24
Chapter 403: He Gradually Came to Accept It!2019-12-24
Chapter 402: You Need to Learn How to Act Coquettish!2019-12-23
Chapter 401: Is This How You Should Treat a Pregnant Lady?2019-12-23
Chapter 400: It’s Okay, I Only Have Eyes for You!2019-12-22
Chapter 399: You Take Such Good Care of Her2019-12-22
Chapter 398: She Got His Hint2019-12-21
Chapter 397: Huai’an, I love you2019-12-21
Chapter 396: I Don’t Want to Listen!2019-12-20
Chapter 395: Where Did the Courage From That Night Disappear To?2019-12-20
Chapter 394: How Could She Bear to Just Let Go?2019-12-20
Chapter 393: You Shouldn’t Be Like This2019-12-20
Chapter 392: Mrs. Fu Is Right!2019-12-20
Chapter 391: We Can Buy It Anywhere!2019-12-19
Chapter 390: Stay Away From Lin Nuan2019-12-19
Chapter 389: Now You Have a Chance to Be With Him2019-12-18
Chapter 388: It Was Clearly a Face So Beautiful It Brought Disaster2019-12-18
Chapter 387: She Saw Lu Jinnan Seated on the Couch2019-12-17
Chapter 386: You Have to Come Back Today2019-12-17
Chapter 385: Don’t Beat Up Boys in Kindergarten From Now On!2019-12-16
Chapter 384: Can We Get Married2019-12-16