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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel)


With his engagement at hand, the most terrifying and legendary person of the legal world, Fu Huai’an, returns with a son.

Before the engagement…

He asks, “Since you love Wen Moshen, why are you in my bed?”
She says, “Because I cannot watch idly as Wen Moshen’s woman enters an engagement with you.”

With a cigarette in Fu Huai’an’s mouth, he crosses his legs. Across the light cloud of smoke, he squints his eyes—watching as Lin Nuan’s slim arms wrap around his neck; he feels stirred.

So a person can love another so passionately.

“You call what you did a kiss?”
“What a pure lady!”

Fu Huai’an spews out a cloud of smoke and snuffs out the cigarette. With a mellow voice, he says, “Let me teach you what kissing is!”

But, what he teaches Lin Nuan doesn’t seem to be only a kiss…

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1248: Celebrate April Fools’ Day With You2020-10-30
Chapter 1247: My Treat!2020-10-29
Chapter 1246: Love It!2020-10-29
Chapter 1245: If So, I’ll Be Taking My Wife Home!2020-10-28
Chapter 1244: He’s Definitely Not Like the Other Guys From Before!2020-10-28
Chapter 1243: Why Do You Care About Him?2020-10-27
Chapter 1242: I Can Sue You!2020-10-27
Chapter 1241: If You Can, I’ll Die!2020-10-26
Chapter 1240: We’re Different!2020-10-26
Chapter 1239: Said That He Admired Lu Jinnan a Lot2020-10-25
Chapter 1238: Did Something Happen to My Brother?2020-10-25
Chapter 1237: Ah Zhan’s Death Was Really Timely2020-10-24
Chapter 1236: Keeping Himself Chaste for Lin Nuan!2020-10-24
Chapter 1235: Where I Belong!2020-10-23
Chapter 1234: Use That Money to Do Something I Want to Do!2020-10-23
Chapter 1233: Ought to Be High and Aloof!2020-10-22
Chapter 1232: Their Relationship Was Real!2020-10-22
Chapter 1231: Why Were the Both of Them So Smart?2020-10-21
Chapter 1230: Yun Liuli, Are You Conjuring Magic?2020-10-21
Chapter 1229: What Kind of a Brain Did Yun Liuli Have!2020-10-20
Chapter 1228: Yun Liuli Was Absolutely There to Wreck the Show!2020-10-20
Chapter 1227: Why Did She Have to Speak the Truth in All Its Bare Honesty!2020-10-20
Chapter 1226: They Hadn’t Expected Yun Liuli to Guess This!2020-10-19
Chapter 1225: Incredibly Obedient!2020-10-18
Chapter 1224: Then Say It As It Is2020-10-18
Chapter 1223: An Unreasonable World Where Looks Were Valued Above Everything Else2020-10-17
Chapter 1222: You’ve Never Played This Before?2020-10-17
Chapter 1221: Nearly Cried Out of Happiness2020-10-16
Chapter 1220: Celestial Lover2020-10-16
Chapter 1219: I Won’t Give Up on You!2020-10-15
Chapter 1218: He Was Willing to Make It Up to Bai Xiaonian for the Rest of Her Life for This Mistake2020-10-15
Chapter 1217: He Felt Like He Was About to Fall Out of Love!2020-10-14
Chapter 1216: What Do You Have?2020-10-14
Chapter 1215: Waited for Yun Liuli to Be Slapped in the Face!2020-10-13
Chapter 1214: Why Did He Not Cherish His Life!2020-10-13
Chapter 1213: Yun Liuli’s Heart Was Put at Ease2020-10-12
Chapter 1212: Everyone Had Their Fates Laid Out for Them2020-10-12
Chapter 1211: Gu Qingcheng Was Very Heartened2020-10-11
Chapter 1210: An Internationally Famous Person2020-10-11
Chapter 1209: She’s a Natural-Born Actress!2020-10-10
Chapter 1208: The Feeling of Enmity One Experienced When Facing a Rival in Love2020-10-10
Chapter 1207: Thinking of You2020-10-09
Chapter 1206: Let’s Do It at the Cloud Top Condominium!2020-10-09
Chapter 1205: Or Is Conquering Me More Interesting?2020-10-08
Chapter 1204: Her Miss Fairy Liuli Was So Aggressive!2020-10-08
Chapter 1203: Was Her Husband’s Show of Jealousy That Great?2020-10-07
Chapter 1202: And You’ve Fallen for Another?2020-10-07
Chapter 1201: This Minor Injury Was Considered Nothing2020-10-06
Chapter 1200: I’ll Stay!2020-10-06
Chapter 1199: Should We Inform Yun Liuli?2020-10-06
Chapter 1198: So, You Like Yun Liuli So Much!2020-10-06
Chapter 1197: So, You Like Yun Liuli?2020-10-06
Chapter 1196: So Pretty and So Outstanding!2020-10-06
Chapter 1195: Mommy, I’m in Love!2020-10-06
Chapter 1194: Would It Be Appropriate?2020-10-06
Chapter 1193: Because the Person I Love Is Staying in This Hotel!2020-10-06
Chapter 1192: Yun Liuli Was Like a Mischievous Rascal2020-10-06
Chapter 1191: Even Fu Huai’an Had Benefited From the Association2020-10-06
Chapter 1190: I Discovered You’re Very Wicked Too!2020-10-06
Chapter 1189: I’ve Already Called the Police!2020-10-06
Chapter 1188: Nothing Is Going to Come Out of This Fuss2020-10-06
Chapter 1187: I’m Trying My Best for Us to Become Familiar With Each Other Now!2020-10-06
Chapter 1186: You Look Just Like Gu Qingcheng!2020-10-06
Chapter 1185: They Had Many Days Ahead of Them2020-10-06
Chapter 1184: I’m So Glad!2020-10-06
Chapter 1183: You’re Gu Qingcheng, Aren’t You?2020-10-06
Chapter 1182: So She Had to Start Making Preparations!2020-09-27
Chapter 1181: No Longer Have Any Connection to Haicheng2020-09-26
Chapter 1180: To Actually Come Back Like This!2020-09-26
Chapter 1179: The Ash Urn in Fu Huai’an’s Hand2020-09-25
Chapter 1178: How Would They Agree to This?2020-09-25
Chapter 1177: Offering 50 Million USD for Gu Qingcheng’s Head2020-09-24
Chapter 1176: Felt His Heart Pound Wildly2020-09-24
Chapter 1175: Take It That I Owe You a Favor!2020-09-23
Chapter 1174: Not Sure if You Can Apply for a Leave of Absence!2020-09-23
Chapter 1173: I Kept Trying to Please You2020-09-22
Chapter 1172: He Wrote It for Fu Huai’an!2020-09-22
Chapter 1171: I Want to Do It Well!2020-09-21
Chapter 1170: How Was She Nice?2020-09-21
Chapter 1169: I Only Like You!2020-09-20
Chapter 1168: Gu Qingcheng Was Very Willing to Accept2020-09-20
Chapter 1167: You Already Have a Candidate in Mind?2020-09-19
Chapter 1166: Gu Qingcheng Cautioned2020-09-19
Chapter 1165: I Won’t Ask How You Spend the Money!2020-09-18
Chapter 1164: Lin Nuan Looked Up and Saw Yun Liuli2020-09-18
Chapter 1163: Prove It to Me!2020-09-17
Chapter 1162: Being Softhearted Is, Frankly Speaking, Just Cowardice Sometimes!2020-09-17
Chapter 1161: You’re the God of Studies, What Is There to Worry About?2020-09-16
Chapter 1160: Not Giving Her a Chance2020-09-16
Chapter 1159: Why Are You Saying Things Like This?2020-09-15
Chapter 1158: I’ll Provide for You!2020-09-15
Chapter 1157: Tried Her Best to Push the Blame2020-09-14
Chapter 1156: A Clear Conscience2020-09-14
Chapter 1155: It’s Only Right to Go Against the Laws of Nature2020-09-13
Chapter 1154: Brother, Why Are You Here?2020-09-13
Chapter 1153: Tasted Bland2020-09-12
Chapter 1152: Don’t Tell Old Fu!2020-09-12
Chapter 1151: Lu Jinnan! Your Leg!2020-09-11
Chapter 1150: She Would Turn Herself In!2020-09-11
Chapter 1149: Wanting to Butter Up Mr. Fu2020-09-10
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