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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 304: Is This Kid Testing Me?

Chapter 304: Is This Kid Testing Me?

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Fu Huai’an threw Lin Nuan onto the soft bed without saying a word. He was aggressive yet delicate at the same time.

Lin Nuan propped herself up with her elbows, and her legs retracted. Her heart beat uncontrollably as she looked at Fu Huai’an’s legs.

His defined features looked even more striking in the dim lights. Those dark eyes were so piercing that she could sense his erupting passion underneath.

The bright silver moonlight penetrated the windows and illuminated the whole room.

Fu Huai’an’s tall shadow fell on the wall. He took off his t-shirt and revealed his chest and toned abs and muscles. They were even more defined under the moonlight. His abdominal muscles traced under his loose and comfortable home pants, and his black underwear was vaguely visible.

Underneath was a visible protruding outline…

Lin Nuan knew Fu Huai’an was already ready!

She looked into his eyes, and her heart couldn’t stop pounding.

Fu Huai’an bent down with both arms on each side of her. Even the warmth from his breath became intoxicating and arousing for Lin Nuan as it swept across her face.

Lin Nuan’s home clothes were also quite loose. Fu Huai’an looked down and saw her pretty collarbones heaving as she was losing her breath. Her tense, fair shoulders and the black strap of her undergarment looked especially enticing.

Fu Huai’an lowered his head and kissed her delicate, fair neck and ears. He caught a whiff of Lin Nuan’s pleasant scent, and his gaze grew even deeper. He spoke into her ears in his deep voice as his lips brushed across her ear tips, the warm touch giving her goosebumps all over. Her toes curled up unconsciously.

“Mrs. Fu, you’re too beautiful tonight…”

Lin Nuan propped a hand against his chest as her slim wrist began to tremble terribly. “I need… to take a shower!”

There was nothing under her palm but Fu Huai’an’s intense warmth—it was so hot that Lin Nuan’s palm burned.

Fu Huai’an’s knee had already found its way between her legs as he reached inside her clothes. His sexy voice became raspy. “Mrs. Fu, since you’ve made the invitation more than once, are you saying you want… a love bath?”

Lin Nuan felt her stomach tighten up. Her face nearly burned. She denied in embarrassment, “No way!”

“Your lips are not behaving—perhaps the lips below are sweeter…” Fu Huai’an said bluntly as he kissed her without waiting for her to respond. He cupped the back of her head with one hand and propped himself up on the bed with the other as he used his body to sink her into the soft mattress.

“Mama… mama! Mama…”

Tuan Tuan’s voice traveled from outside the door. Lin Nuan was horrified and pushed up against Fu Huai’an’s chest as she held her breath.

“It’s… Tuan Tuan!” Lin Nuan didn’t dare to breathe out loud.


It really was Tuan Tuan!

Lin Nuan suddenly panicked as she pushed Fu Huai’an away. “It’s Tuan Tuan!”

Fu Huai’an kept still as his eyes grew dark.

“Fu Huai’an!” Lin Nuan really began to panic.

Tuan Tuan was usually a heavy sleeper. Why did he have to wake up to find his mom tonight?

Is this kid testing me?

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