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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 305: How Could He Fall Asleep Like That?

Chapter 305: How Could He Fall Asleep Like That?

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Fu Huai’an suppressed the anger in his heart and moved off of Lin Nuan.


Tuan Tuan’s voice came closer, and Lin Nuan could almost predict Tuan Tuan would turn the knob and enter the room. She got off the bed, barefoot, and started to tidy up her hair and clothes. She walked towards the door calmly and opened it. There he was, hugging his pillow as he was tip-toeing, trying to reach for the handle.

The little boy cuddled his pillow and rubbed his eyes. He looked up at Lin Nuan and said, “Mama, Tuan Tuan wants to sleep with you…”

The warm lights in the corridor fell upon Tuan Tuan’s fair and chubby face. His dozed look almost melted her heart.

The light inside the room was switched off. Fu Huai’an stood behind Lin Nuan and leaned against her back as he kept one hand on the door. He glared at Tuan Tuan, who was wearing a one-piece pajama suit. “Tuan Tuan… you’re not a two-year-old anymore! You can sleep by yourself!”

“Papa is older! Papa should sleep by himself!”

The little brat hadn’t even woken up fully, and he was going savage.

Tuan Tuan wasn’t like that before!

Fu Huai’an furrowed his eyebrows and pulled Lin Nuan into his arms using his one hand. “Go back to your room!”

Fu Huai’an was just going to close the door when Tuan Tuan sobered up a bit. He pouted his lips and mumbled he didn’t want his papa anymore! Papa was taking his mama away from him!

Lin Nuan gently broke away from Fu Huai’an’s embrace. Feeling incredibly bad, she knelt down and hugged Tuan Tuan. As she turned around, she noticed the shape of Fu Huai’an’s pants and suddenly understood why he was standing behind her!

Her ears began to flush. She immediately stood up with Tuan Tuan in her arms and said to Fu Huai’an, “I’ll accompany Tuan Tuan back to his room first.”

Fu Huai’an was speechless.

“Go ahead and sleep first. No need to wait for me…”

Lin Nuan then walked towards Tuan Tuan’s as she cuddled him in her arms.

Fu Huai’an had a fire burning inside. Sleep? How could he fall asleep like that?

But seeing Lin Nuan and Tuan Tuan hugging each other down the hallway, Fu Huai’an felt his anger subside as a lovely warmth replaced it.

He closed the bedroom door and stood on the balcony. He whipped out a cigarette and tucked it in the corner of his mouth. He looked down and lit it as he leaned against the wall and left the lighter on the edge of the balcony.

Making Tuan Tuan fall asleep was effortless.

Lin Nuan felt herself calm down as she walked out of his room.

She returned into the master bedroom uneasily. As she gently pushed the door open, she saw Fu Huai’an on the balcony, answering a phone call. He had just taken a shower and was wearing a bathrobe, and his figure looked elegant in the moonlight.

Fu Huai’an’s deep gaze fell on her as she walked inside. Her heartbeat suddenly quickened.

Seeing that he was still on the phone, Lin Nuan grabbed a set of clean pajamas and undergarments as she went to shower.

Fu Huai’an had just used the shower, and it was still hot inside.

She put the clean clothes near the sink. Just as she was going to take off her clothes, she nervously walked to the door to lock it.

But before she could go back to shower, she furrowed her eyebrows since she knew she shouldn’t be doing that after getting married.

Still, she never thought she would be so brash to invite Fu Huai’an to bathe with her on their marriage night. Who knew if Tuan Tuan would come over all of a sudden—she wouldn’t even know how to explain by then!

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