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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 306: It Drove Lin Nuan Crazy!

Chapter 306: It Drove Lin Nuan Crazy!

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Lin Nuan looked at the locked door. Did she cross the line by doing that after getting married?

She struggled internally, then decided to unlock the door…

Her heart raced again. Hopefully, Fu Huai’an wouldn’t think she was inviting him to bathe with her when she unlocked the door.

She decided the heck with it and proceeded with her shower uneasily. Fu Huai’an didn’t come in. She wiped herself dry afterward and put on her clothes, then dried out her hair.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom with her changed clothes, Fu Huai’an grasped her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

He walked one step further and pressed her up against the bathroom door, causing the clothes in her hands to drop to the floor. The glass door behind her shook gently.

The pleasant scent on her freshly bathed body became extra enticing.

Fu Huai’an pressed his strong hands against the glass door and kissed her.

The lights were still on in the room, and the air was charged with passion.

Fu Huai’an smothered her delicate lips with his hot burning kisses…

In the dark, sensory sensitivity raised to a peak. Lin Nuan held Fu Huai’an’s bathrobe tightly in both hands, and his mind was chaotic. Her body responded first, and her brain gradually followed, unable to help but cater to Fu Huai’an’s suffocating kiss.

That wasn’t the first time they kissed like that—yet it was the first she felt her lungs completely drained of air!

As he made his way inside her lips, Lin Nuan felt her head losing consciousness as her body grew soft in his arms.

“You’re still wearing clothes?” Fu Huai’an grinned as he kissed her flushing lips.

He planted his kisses on her chin, ears, and soft neck. The charming scent on her body was intoxicating.

With his knee between her legs, he lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, “Still need to take them off…”

Fu Huai’an lifted up her pajamas with his hands and caressed her soft waist. His hand slowly made its way up, and Lin Nuan gently gasped. Her breathing nearly stopped as she felt him nibble on her neck.

Lin Nuan’s lower body was exposed in the cold air…

Fu Huai’an’s breathing became heavier as he tugged on her underwear.

In no time, Lin Nuan was already lying in bed, receiving his kisses.

Fu Huai’an propped his hands up on both sides of her body.

Lin Nuan cried out and grasped the bedsheets underneath her tightly…

Lin Nuan had taken two showers and woken up late.

The soreness her legs felt showed how intense Fu Huai’an had gone the night before!

Lin Nuan even thought she would die in his outburst of passion!

She couldn’t remember how many times she had been tossed and turned as she begged for mercy, trembling. Yet she was, once again, pushed to her limits, and her cries turned into pleads in the end.

In the shower, Fu Huai’an kept uttering in her ear for her to call his name! Everything was wrong! “Fu Huai’an” was wrong! Calling “husband” was wrong! “Dear” was also wrong!

It drove Lin Nuan crazy!

Lin Nuan finally called out his name “Huai’an” correctly—yet he only made her call his name again as he commanded aggressively in his overwhelming desire, heavy breathing, and deep voice. Lin Nuan cried out one last “Huai’an”.

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