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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 307: Good Morning, Mrs. Fu!

Chapter 307: Good Morning, Mrs. Fu!

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Lin Nuan glanced at Fu Huai’an, who was buttoning his shirt on the edge of the bed and bit her lips. That man was a beast under his suit!

Fu Huai’an wore a shirt with a straight collar, and his belt was neatly tucked in his stiff trousers, which made his legs appear even longer.

Turning his head, he noticed Lin Nuan had already woken up. She blushed and hid her mouth and nose in the quilt, revealing only her clear pair of eyes, like a deer in the forest.

Fu Huai’an’s deep gaze had an affectionate indulgence in it. “Good morning, Mrs. Fu!”

Perhaps Lin Nuan was the only person who would blush so terribly at a name…

Seeing how sprightly Fu Huai’an looked, Lin Nuan couldn’t help but question his stamina. She was secretly wondering whether last night Fu Huai’an had even gone all out?

Last night had been the limit of Lin Nuan’s endurance; if he hadn’t gone all out… she figured she would die in his arms if he really did.

“Auntie Li is preparing breakfast. I’ll go downstairs first to wash up and have breakfast!” Fu Huai’an walked to the bed, picked up his wristwatch, and leaned over and propped his hand on the pillow as he kissed Lin Nuan on her forehead. He then put on his leather chain watch, and asked, “Do you want to sleep a little longer, or do you want me to help you up?”

Her kiss marks were tingling.

A pleasant scent lingered on Fu Huai’an’s clean-shaven chin.

Lin Nuan shook her head. “I’ll get up right now.”

The thing was, Tuan Tuan would be awake in no time.

Lin Nuan was afraid there was a lingering scent in the room in the aftermath of their intense night, and she unconsciously wanted to prevent Tuan Tuan from coming in.

After getting up, Lin Nuan legs were still numb. She leaned on the sink to wash up and changed. She then opened the curtains to let some fresh air in.

Lin Nuan had to go to the broadcasting building. Miss Xia gave short notice for the meeting.

There were probably new arrangements for the “Weekly Meetup”, mainly because Lin Nuan had managed to make it out unscathed from the previous online chaos. Thus, a meeting was necessary to explain herself to the public.

When Auntie Li saw Lin Nuan coming downstairs, she said, “Good morning, madam!”

Auntie Li knew that Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an had just gotten married. She was especially happy for the family.

Lin Nuan’s ears flushed. She nodded and said good morning, tied her hair in a ponytail, and then went downstairs.

Auntie Li remembered that she had prepared all the daily necessities for Lin Nuan except for a comb. She raised her hand and patted her head. “Ah! Look at my memory. I’m sorry, ma’am. I forgot to prepare a comb for you. I’ll make sure to prepare everything properly today.”

“Good…” Lin Nuan nodded amiably.

In the dining room, Fu Huai’an sat comfortably in a dining chair with his legs crossed. Lin Nuan sat down beside him.

Auntie Li served Lin Nuan’s breakfast and passed her a bowl of porridge.

“What time will you need to be there?” Fu Huai’an folded the newspaper as he grabbed the porridge and asked Lin Nuan.

“As long as I get there by eight.”

Fu Huai’an placed a small bun in the dish in front of Lin Nuan. He held the spoon with his slender fingers and slowly ate the porridge. “I’ll drive you there.”

Lin Nuan thought about the route. “You want to drop me off there? It’s not in your direction. Forget it. I’ll take a taxi.”

Fu Huai’an put down his spoon as if the porridge was not appetizing. He wiped his lip with a napkin and smiled. “Give it a few more days, and it’ll be in the same direction!”

At the same time, Lin Nuan felt a sweetness in her heart, just like the bowl of sweet porridge.

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