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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 309: A Visit to Chu Xun’s Office

Chapter 309: A Visit to Chu Xun’s Office

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“Come get dressed…” Lin Nuan waved to Tuan Tuan.

He rushed into her arms and rubbed his chubby cheeks against hers before looking up and flashing a bright smile.

Lin Nuan helped him inside his shirt and said, “Mom has to go to a meeting this morning. I’ll take you to the supermarket this afternoon…”

“Okay!” Tuan Tuan nodded as his eyes lit up.

Fu Huai’an dropped Lin Nuan off at the broadcasting building instead of his assistant that morning.

Lin Nuan took her purse as she unbuckled her seatbelt. With one hand on the door, she said to Fu Huai’an, “I’ll be on my way. Be careful driving.”

“Mrs. Fu…” Fu Huai’an grabbed her thin wrists with his strong hands and said, “You seem to have forgotten something.”

Lin Nuan watched as her slightly cold fingers intertwined with his. “What is it?”

Fu Huai’an fiddled with her thin fingers and said, half-jokingly, “Something like a goodbye kiss!”

Lin Nuan bit on her lips and glanced left and right. At that hour there were tons of people passing by the broadcasting building. Since nobody was looking inside their car, she let go of the door handle and leaned in his direction.

Before even pulling close, Fu Huai’an used his hand to cup the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers.

Fu Huai’an’s kiss was simple and sweet that time—possibly because it was in broad daylight or because he was constrained in the car.

As he let go of her lips, he saw the beautiful look in her eyes and couldn’t help but caress her slightly flushed lips with his fingers.

Fu Huai’an had such a collected and refined aura that even a gesture like that appeared affectionate rather than inappropriate.

Lin Nuan was afraid of being recognized and blushed. She grasped his strong wrists to move his hand away from her cheeks. “I need to go now! Are you free this afternoon?”

She continued saying without waiting for him to answer, “I’m going to take Tuan Tuan to the supermarket to buy some groceries. I’m cooking him something delicious tonight—if you come back, I’ll buy extra food for you.”

Lin Nuan always subconsciously felt his time was very precious, and she habitually assumed he didn’t have time to eat dinner with her like before.

Fu Huai’an looked up after a pause and said, “Alright… I will definitely come back tonight.”

Lin Nuan’s eyes smiled from her cheeks. “See you tonight!”

She got off the car and said to Fu Huai’an through the window, “Think about what you want for lunch when you’re free. Remember to text me then…”

Fu Huai’an nodded. “Alright.”

“You can leave first. I’ll go inside after I see you drive off!” Lin Nuan felt somewhat embarrassed saying that and tucked her hair behind her ear with a shy look on her face.

Lin Nuan watched his car drive away, then entered the broadcasting building.

The Station executive Chu Xun held the meeting. It was quite brief as it touched on matters regarding “A Sunday Date”, Lin Nuan, and the crew.

As “A Sunday Date” earned more revenue, Lin Nuan secured her position as the host of the show.

After the meeting ended, Chu Xun’s assistant found Lin Nuan and notified her to visit Chu Xun’s office.

Although LIn Nuan wasn’t sure why Chu Xun was looking for her, her woman’s seventh sense told her it probably had nothing to do with the show!

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