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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 311: To Be in Such Pain?

Chapter 311: To Be in Such Pain?

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There is a dead woman residing in Fu Huai’an’s heart?

This took Lin Nuan by surprise, although it wasn’t something unexpected.

It wasn’t surprising that Fu Huai’an had been in love with someone, Lin Nuan had been in love before as well.

What’s more, Fu Huai’an was much older than her.

She could tell from his face that there must have been a profound love story hidden somewhere deep within.

There wasn’t a person without a past, Lin Nuan included. No matter how deep the love was, it was history. If Lin Nuan could let go of the past, a wise and clear-headed person like Fu Huai’an could as well.

Lin Nuan didn’t mind his past as she knew that they had a future ahead of them.

What was truly surprising to her was that the woman that Fu Huai’an was in love with had already passed away.

Lin Nuan recalled how she felt in the past when she thought that Wen Moshen was no longer alive. That feeling of being suffocated by immense pain which didn’t subside over the years.

What about Fu Huai’an? Was he perhaps in as much pain as Lin Nuan was then?

Perhaps it was because she didn’t get a response from Lin Nuan, but Chu Xun slowed down her pace. The weariness and agitation could be clearly seen on her face. “To be honest, before you stepped into my office, I had thought of various ways to communicate with you. Since you are a smart lady, I thought I should just get straight to the point.”

Chu Xun took a deep puff. She saw that Lin Nuan’s eyes didn’t betray any emotions and wondered whether it was because Lin Nuan didn’t genuinely care about Fu Huai’an or because she was indeed such a reserved, calm and collected person.

If she were to include Fu Huai’an’s scandals over the years, Lin Nuan’s existence was the only time Chu Xun felt truly threatened.

She decided to be less aloof and took out two bottles of fruit juice from the mini fridge under her office desk. She walked towards Lin Nuan and, with her fingers still grasping the cigarette, stretched out one hand to offer the fruit juice to Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan caught a whiff of the faint minty scent of the white smoke. She didn’t reject and stretched out her hand to take the juice.

“Thank you…”

Lin Nuan didn’t open the ice cold bottle and held the chilled glass in her hand.

Chu Xun opened the cap and took a drink while she sat on the sofa. She sat there, staring at Lin Nuan from head to toe, before asking her to take a seat.

Lin Nuan sat down readily.

“Have you met Fu Huai’an’s grandma before?” Chu Xun asked as she crossed her legs.

“No…” Lin Nuan had gone to the Fu Family mansion to attend the birthday banquet, but she hadn’t met Fu Huai’an’s grandma.

Chu Xun nodded as she stretched out her arm to tap the cigarette ashes into the ashtray. Just like Lin Nuan, she too was clutching the bottle of fruit juice in her hands.

Chu Xun was nervous as well.

This was the first time she had approached Fu Huai’an’s girl, even though she was in no position to do so.

She was also worried that Lin Nuan might complain about her to Fu Huai’an and he may perhaps reduce his contact with her.

Even though she couldn’t be certain, Chu Xun couldn’t help herself; she had to speak to Lin Nuan.

“She’s a smart old lady, bent on helping Fu Huai’an to win over the Kaide Corporation.” Chu Xun smiled. “What a coincidence, the old lady seems to think that my family would be a strong force to back up Fu Huai’an in this quest.”

Chu Xun was subtle about it, but Lin Nuan understood what she was getting at.

Lin Nuan was no stranger to the circle of families who formed business alliances through marriage, and she had seen quite a few of them before.

Lin Nuan knew that such business alliances usually resulted in unhappy marriages.

She was also aware that Chu Xun was simply trying to use her family background to force Lin Nuan to back off.

“If you really love Fu Huai’an, you shouldn’t be a burden to him! Think about how awkward your position is in the Lin family. Even if you were their biological daughter, the Lin family isn’t powerful enough to be of help to Fu Huai’an,” Chu Xun said before apologizing, “I’m sorry, I did a background check on you.”

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