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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 603: Fu Huai’an You’re So Annoying!

Chapter 603: Fu Huai’an You’re So Annoying!

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“Mrs. Fu, do you want to take the initiative?” Fu Huai’an looked up and, seeing Lin Nuan’s fair face blush, said in a raspy voice next to her ear.

Lin Nuan, who was still feeling the effects of the alcohol from earlier, was particularly easy to bully…

Originally, Fu Huai’an had only wanted to bully Lin Nuan and planned to stop at teasing her. He didn’t expect that all this tangling up, coupled with Lin Nuan’s lovely scent and the tender yet firm feel of her skin, would make him lose control. His eyes now burned with an urgent passion.

Fu Huai’an’s breathing was growing heavier and heavier, blowing hot air next to Lin Nuan’s ear, so scalding hot that it made Lin Nuan bite her lip and let out a soft moan.

The interaction from earlier gave Fu Huai’an a taste of her, but it was far from enough for him. He wanted to disregard everything and just take her then and there, but he forced himself to hold back, wanting even more.

His body tightened, and there was a fire burning in the depths of his dark eyes, almost burning up the reflection of Lin Nuan they held within.

Lin Nuan, who was being bullied, kept shaking her head. “I don’t want to, my head is spinning…”

Lin Nuan knew that Fu Huai’an wanted her to take the top position, but she didn’t feel that she was up to it. She was inexperienced to begin with and didn’t know what she ought to be doing when she was on top, especially when she was still in a drunken state.

Lin Nuan had seen the films that Bai Xiaonian sent her before; in them, it was mostly the women who would take the initiative…

But Lin Nuan couldn’t make herself act as brazen and bold as those women, releasing the lust demon in her heart without psychological burden.

Lin Nuan was very traditional and liked the position where the man took the initiative.

Lin Nuan hadn’t been all that up for Fu Huai’an’s fooling around after she got drunk today, and although she wasn’t as drunk as she was earlier, her body hadn’t entirely weaned off the effects of the alcohol.

In order to have a better experience, Fu Huai’an remained patient and held back his desire, doing all he could to arouse Lin Nuan. Only when Lin Nuan could no longer withstand his advances, finally agreeing to his request, did Fu Huai’an let go, stopping their torment of each other.

Fu Huai’an was a beast that night!

Lin Nuan felt ravished, having turned hoarse from crying and pleading for mercy. However, Fu Huai’an had only let Lin Nuan off after his body and heart were satisfied.

Early the next morning, the minute Lin Nuan opened her eyes, she saw Fu Huai’an’s handsome sleeping face.

Tanned skin, mature and well-chiseled facial features, even breathing, and a gaze full of masculine charm.

Although Lin Nuan was sober now, her head ached terribly…

She was entirely in Fu Huai’an’s arms, her little hand resting on Fu Huai’an’s firm and narrow waist. Under her palms… were Fu Huai’an’s firm muscles, which felt pleasant to the touch.

Lin Nuan couldn’t resist moving her little hand from Fu Huai’an’s waist to the neat row of abdominal muscles.

She had long wanted to touch Fu Huai’an’s abs.

Firm and sturdy, with clearly defined muscles, even if she didn’t look… just from touch, Lin Nuan could trace out Fu Huai’an’s seductive figure in her mind.

Lin Nuan, who was focused on Fu Huai’an’s muscles, didn’t notice that the man’s breathing had become slightly heavy. A large hand grabbed Lin Nuan’s slim wrist and shifted her hand down to the tightened spot…

Coming into contact with the scalding temperature of Fu Huai’an’s skin, Lin Nuan was so flustered that she hurriedly retracted her hand. Her face was blushing, and she was unable to look straight at Fu Huai’an’s face. Therefore, she turned her body around so that her back faced Fu Huai’an, her heart beating rapidly.

She clutched onto the blanket, but it was as if her hand could still feel the heat from Fu Huai’an’s body, so she buried her petite nose into the blanket.

However, she shared the same blanket with Fu Huai’an, and within the blanket was Fu Huai’an’s strong masculine scent.

Without waiting for Lin Nuan to respond, Fu Huai’an placed his hand upon Lin Nuan’s smooth back and pinned her onto the soft and large bed.

Lin Nuan grabbed the pillow with both hands and turned her head to look at Fu Huai’an, who was on top of her, her heart beating abnormally fast…

Her fair and tender back felt like it was going to be scorched by Fu Huai’an’s alarming body temperature. Lin Nuan knew that she started this trouble so early in the morning. She cocked her head sideways… and bit her lip, not making a sound.

“Did I not serve Mrs. Fu well last night? Mrs. Fu wants it so early in the morning? Hmm?” Fu Huai’an’s mature and raspy voice was full of alluring charm as he whispered in Lin Nuan’s ear.

Lin Nuan, who was sprawled on the bed, turned her head around to gaze at Fu Huai’an, unable to keep her ears from flushing. “I only wanted to feel how hard your abs were…”

Fu Huai’an, who had just woken up, had a leisurely and smiling look in his eyes. His thin lips pressed close to Lin Nuan’s ear, his raspy voice so low it made one’s ear melt. “There’s a spot on me that’s harder…”

Fu Huai’an breathed hot air as he spoke, so hot it nearly made Lin Nuan let out an involuntary moan.

As those seductive words entered Lin Nuan’s ears, it was as if they had entered her heart as well, making Lin Nuan hold onto the bedsheets underneath her tightly.

“Do you want to touch that as well?” Fu Huai’an bit the back of Lin Nuan’s neck. “Hmm?”

Lin Nuan bit her lower lip and forcefully gripped onto the pillow, forcing her voice not to tremble. “Aren’t you tired at all!”

“Towards Mrs. Fu, I have endless energy. Wanna try?” Fu Huai’an asked.

“Fu Huai’an, you’re so annoying!” Lin Nuan tried to prop herself up on her slender elbow. They had fooled around twice last night, if they were to do it another time, Lin Nuan would definitely be unable to get out of bed.

But with the massive Fu Huai’an on top of her body, Lin Nuan had no way to prop herself up with what little strength she had.

“Running away after lighting the fire. Mrs. Fu, aren’t you going overboard?” Fu Huai’an’s arm went under Lin Nuan’s body and circled around her slim waist.

“It’s early in the morning! Stop fooling around!” Lin Nuan tried to talk to Fu Huai’an nicely about it.

Fu Huai’an wouldn’t relent and went on to bully Lin Nuan for a good while. When he finally released her, he headed to the bathroom next door to take a shower, leaving the bathroom in that room to Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan’s pajamas were in an awful state after last night’s intense interaction, so she could only put on her sleeping robe to go into the bathroom.

After removing her clothes, Lin Nuan was a little taken aback to see the purplish marks on her chest and legs in the mirror. At the same time, she felt relieved that Fu Huai’an had remembered the lesson from the previous incident, not leaving marks on her neck and collarbone this time around…

Otherwise, Bai Xiaonian would accuse Lin Nuan of indulging in merry-making every night again!

Lin Nuan took a shower, and by the time she came out after drying her hair, Fu Huai’an was also done washing up.

At this moment, Fu Huai’an only had a white towel around his waist, and his back was facing the bathroom door as he bent over to pick up his vibrating phone from the bedside table…

Sunshine shone in through the French windows that had the curtains drawn apart, landing on Fu Huai’an’s wet and peach-colored skin, which glistened with his every movement. It was as if a golden glow was cast over Fu Huai’an’s perfect, well-chiseled body.

He had well-defined shoulder and back muscles, coupled with neat rows of abdominal muscles and two long and muscular legs. This attack of masculine charm so early in the morning caused Lin Nuan’s nose to feel itchy.

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