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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 604: Standing There With Her Ears Reddened

Chapter 604: Standing There With Her Ears Reddened

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Fu Huai’an turned around, an unlit cigarette at the corner of his lips, water droplets dripping down from his jet-black hair…

The glistening water droplets slid down his muscles… and into his Adonis belt, which was covered by the towel. Such a sight felt, for some reason, strangely beguiling.

Lin Nuan subconsciously covered her nose, afraid that it might bleed in front of Fu Huai’an. She felt ashamed from that nose-bleeding incident at the Cloud Top Condominium gymnasium! She would rather die than have it happen a second time…

Fu Huai’an bit onto the cigarette, unable to hide the smile on his lips. After taking a long look at Lin Nuan, he placed the phone to his ear.

“En…” He removed the cigarette from his lips and responded to the person on the line.

“This is hilarious. Lu Qingmei originally intended to arrange her own people into the Kaide Corporation, but she ended up shooting herself in the foot!” Tang Zheng couldn’t hide the glee in his voice.

Fu Huai’an’s gaze was fixated upon Lin Nuan’s back view as she turned and went into the bathroom again. Clearly, his interest in Lin Nuan was greater than what Tang Zheng was telling him over the phone. He asked distractedly, “What is it?”

“Lu Qingmei is ambitious indeed. I heard… she told the old man that Fu Tianci had to have people he could use when he took over the Kaide Corporation in the future. She recommended Fu Tianci’s two uncles, praising them for being reliable, then proceeded to bring in the family of those two uncles into the company, including their sons and daughters-in-law. On top of that, the positions she arranged for them were all crucial ones…”

Fu Huai’an listened to Tang Zheng’s gloating voice as he walked over and placed his cigarette-wielding hand against the French windows. He lowered his gaze and looked down upon the little yachts and tourist boats and the glistening sea under the golden sunshine, his eyes narrowing.

“Perhaps trying to spread the impression that she was in charge, Lu Qingmei even held a press conference to announce the new list of senior executives!”

This seemed like the old man’s style indeed, to make everything a sure bet.

“Just now, the two sons of Fu Tianci’s first and second uncles were caught and arrested for visiting prostitutes!” Tang Zheng laughed unkindly. “When they were arrested, a large hoard of reporters were present at the scene as well. I heard that the two of them had booked a room and were in the midst of having fun with four ladies, playing some ‘Queen’s Game’ while tied up to the bed. Those reporters had a ball photographing them! I’ve taken a look at the photos, and it really burned my eyes…”

Fu Huai’an rapped his large index finger inconsistently against the window as he listened quietly.

“Also, Fu Tianci’s second uncle is a beast in human clothing. He may look decent, but coincidentally, he was fooling around with an underage girl in the same hotel, so he was caught by the media as well. Lu Qingmei’s entire family is famous now! I have no idea how low a level the Kaide Corporation’s share price will plunge tomorrow morning…”

Out of the newly appointed senior executives at the Kaide Corporation, three were caught visiting prostitutes, with one of them being underage. This news… would surely deal the Kaide Corporation a fatal blow.

Who knew what Fu Qingquan’s reaction would be when he found out about this.

Fu Huai’an was silent for a while before finally asking, “Has Fu Cheng returned to Haicheng?”

“He’s here already. His entire family is staying at the Fu family mansion.” For Tang Zheng to reply so quickly, he had naturally done his homework on Fu Cheng. He thought about it then asked Fu Huai’an, “You suspect this is Fu Cheng’s doing?”

“Fu Cheng has always been filial towards Old Madam Fu. Since he’s back, he would naturally want to make Old Madam Fu happy to show his filial piety…”

So long as the Kaide Corporation could remove the problematic senior executives—in other words, Lu Qingmei’s second older brother and her two nephews—they might be able to steady the situation.

However, Fu Huai’an was overseas and unwilling to return to clear up the mess. It was fortunate that Fu Cheng, who used to be in charge of the Kaide Corporation, had returned…

Fu Cheng grew up beside Old Madam Fu and Old Master Fu, but he didn’t have any biological ties to them. When Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu expressed their hopes for the blood-related Fu Huai’an to inherit the Fu family, Fu Cheng went overseas without a second word, not wanting to put his adopted parents in a difficult position.

Such a person appeared to have no ambitions where the Kaide Corporation was concerned.

Fu Cheng returned when the Kaide Corporation’s shares were on the decline. Add to that the prostitution incident involving the senior executives, and based on Fu Qingquan’s character, rather than putting Lu Qingmei or Fu Huai’an in that position…

He would be more at ease if Fu Cheng were in that position. This was because Fu Cheng didn’t have any blood ties with him and was sufficiently submissive before Fu Qingquan all these years, so he was easier to control! More importantly… all those years that he was in charge, the Kaide Corporation performed rather well, so he had the capability!

Fu Qingquan wished for Fu Tianci to inherit the Kaide Corporation, but he needed someone to stabilize the situation now. Fu Cheng was the most suitable candidate.

Fu Huai’an didn’t reply to Tang Zheng’s question, only saying, “Fu Cheng thought that the Fus belonged to him for so many years, so don’t tell me that he didn’t have any grievances in his heart when the two Fu elders suddenly wanted to change the successor. Fu Cheng may have agreed straightforwardly, but did he really have no ambitions towards the Kaide Corporation?”

Fu Huai’an spoke in a relaxed and calm manner.

Tang Zheng was silent on the other end of the line as he frowned and thought hard…

Tang Zheng also felt that it was too great of a coincidence for the members of the Lu family to all get caught at the same time, even more so for the reporters and media to show up as if they knew of this in advance, swarming there to watch the fun.

Tang Zheng would rather die than believe there was nothing fishy about this.

Before calling Fu Huai’an, Tang Zheng had sent his men to investigate, but for the time being, there was no news.

“If he did that, surely he’d have left a trace…”

Tang Zheng was sitting in his car, gripping the steering wheel with one hand as his eyes narrowed.

This dynamic variable called Fu Cheng had appeared suddenly, and Tang Zheng had to be wary of him.

By the time Fu Huai’an was done with the call, Lin Nuan had washed her face with cold water and done her skincare routine a second time before coming out.

Fu Huai’an casually tossed his phone on the bed and drew the curtains, cutting off the golden sun rays outside.

An alarm went off in Lin Nuan’s heart.

Fu Huai’an gazed at Lin Nuan with interest and took off the towel he had around his waist.

The shy Lin Nuan turned her head sideways, standing there with reddened ears.

Lin Nuan felt it would be pretentious of her to turn around and leave—after all, they were already a married couple…

But Fu Huai’an’s body was too seductive, so Lin Nuan was afraid she might suffer another nose bleed if she stayed.

Fu Huai’an picked up his clothes from the bed and put them on, piece by piece. Lin Nuan also moved to get her change of clothes.

Lin Nuan was already hungry because of how ferocious the night before was.

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