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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 608: Let President Chu Never Be at Peace in This Lifetime!

Chapter 608: Let President Chu Never Be at Peace in This Lifetime!

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He pushed Su Manman’s hand away and said, “Go back to your room and wait. I’ll make a few calls!”

Even though Shi Hanchu was willing to help out, Su Manman didn’t heave a sigh of relief. Instead, she swallowed back her request to wait here while Shi Hanchu made the calls.

Su Manman wasn’t a naive idiot. In fact, she was an extremely intelligent woman. She knew that the calls that Shi Hanchu would be making couldn’t be heard by her.

She nodded and said, “Then I’ll go back to my room and wait for news!”

“Since Lin Nuan has been captured, it means that Venice isn’t very safe. Go back to your room and stay there. I’ll look for you later, so don’t go running around!” Shi Hanchu couldn’t help but instructed her.

Su Manman nodded, and the corners of her lips curled up. “It’s rare for you to say so much…”

Shi Hanchu pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, watching Su Manman leave before digging out his phone from the coat he had left on the sofa. He frowned and walked to the window, his eyes half narrowed as he stared at his phone…

After hesitating for a while, he finally dialed a number he hadn’t called in a very long time.

The call went through very quickly, and Li Muyang, who was on the other end, smiled as he said, “Little Chu, this is the first time in so many years that you’ve taken the initiative to call me, is something the matter?”

“Were you the one who captured Lin Nuan?” Shi Hanchu asked in a cold voice, getting straight to the point.

The voice on the other end of the phone paused slightly before asking with a smiling, “Why would you ask me this?”

“Lin Nuan has been captured, and the only person I can think of is you, who will be leaving Venice today! Did you send your men to capture her?” Shi Hanchu had one hand on the window, leaving a palm print on it.

“Xiao Chu, I didn’t send my men to capture Lin Nuan! I can guarantee you this…”

Shi Hanchu tightened his grip on the phone and didn’t say anything.

“You really… like Lin Nuan?”

“If I say yes, will you have your men send her back?” Shi Hanchu’s voice sounded almost certain.

Li Muyang laughed. “Do you need me to swear on the name of your elder sister? I really didn’t send my men to capture Lin Nuan…”

Shi Hanchu’s masseter muscles twitched. Could it be… that it really wasn’t Li Muyang?

“Although I’m not a good person, if I were to like a woman, I would force her to be left with no choice but to come to my side willingly. I’d think of ways to win her heart, not capture her! This method is too rough and isn’t suitable for me!”

Li Muyang said this as if he were recalling the process in which he had snatched Shi Hanmei back then… until the moment Shi Hanmei had fallen in love with him.

Shi Hanchu couldn’t bear to listen on and hung up the phone directly, not even bidding him goodbye.

If it wasn’t Li Muyang, Shi Hanchu really couldn’t think of anyone else…

“What? Lin Nuan was kidnapped?” Chu Xun was so shocked that she jumped up from the sofa. “Who kidnapped her? Did the kidnappers ask for a ransom? What about Huai’an? Where is he now?”

Chu Xun’s assistant couldn’t tell whether she was feeling happy or shocked. “It’s still not clear at the moment. When I was at the entrance just now, I saw Mr. Fu lead his men to give chase on speedboats! I don’t think that they asked for a ransom!”

Chu Xun’s fingers trembled slightly. Was Venice already in such chaos?

She grabbed her arm with one hand and bit on her finger, pacing to and fro between the coffee table and the sofa. Her eyes flickered as she seemed to have thought of something.

Chu Xun’s mind was a complete mess, and she couldn’t help but worry for Fu Huai’an…

After all, they weren’t within their country but in Italy’s Venice!

Putting aside the fact that they were the minority here, if Fu Huai’an were to face the underworld head-on, even his safety would be an issue. At the thought of this, Chu Xun couldn’t help but feel nervous.

However, at the thought that Lin Nuan could possibly lose her life in Italy, for some reason, Chu Xun actually felt… a hint of exhilaration!

If Lin Nuan were to die, there would probably be no one standing between her and Fu Huai’an!

Even Lu Jinnan had previously said that if it weren’t for Lin Nuan’s unexpected appearance, Fu Huai’an would definitely have married Chu Xun.

However, if those people were to kill even Lin Nuan, they would probably be extremely vicious people. Who could guarantee that Fu Huai’an wouldn’t be in any danger?

At the thought of this, Chu Xun couldn’t stay put. She grabbed her coat, put it on, and headed out.

“President, where are you going?” Chu Xun’s assistant quickly caught up to her.

Chu Xun opened the door to her suite and said as she headed out, “I’m going to look for a friend to get help! You wait in the hotel and be ready to send me news at any moment!”

Saying this, Chu Xun quickly ran toward the elevator.

Chu Xun took the elevator and arrived at the first floor. The moment the elevator doors opened, Bai Xiaonian, who was being pushed in her wheelchair, encountered Chu Xun.

Chu Xun saw Bai Xiaonian’s extremely pale countenance, and the hint of exhilaration she felt was magnified. She couldn’t hide the joy in the depths of her eyes, but she restrained herself, clenching her fists and walking out of the elevator with a cold expression…

Bai Xiaonian didn’t miss out on the rejoice of another’s misfortune that was reflected in Chu Xun’s eyes. Seeing Chu Xun come out and walk past her, Bai Xiaonian grabbed Chu Xun’s arm.

Chu Xun frowned. “Bai Xiaonian! What are you doing?”

Bai Xiaonian turned and looked coldly at Chu Xun.

“You can’t possibly be thinking that I’m the one responsible for Lin Nuan’s kidnapping, right?” Chu Xun smiled coldly.

Bai Xiaonian looked at Chu Xun and smiled, pulling her down forcefully so that their eyes would meet. “The likes of you? If you had such capabilities, Fu Huai’an would have gone to look for you to take your life!”

Bai Xiaonian’s words caused Chu Xun’s countenance to turn increasingly grim.

“Since you know it wasn’t me, then let go!” Chu Xun used her other hand to pry Bai Xiaonian’s fingers off of her arm. However, she was pulled by Bai Xiaonian until their faces almost touched.

Chu Xun was the one with a higher view, but she was being suppressed by Bai Xiaonian’s disposition.

Bai Xiaonian’s voice was strangely soft as she said, “Your joy is written all over your face! Is this all that President Chu has? Or do you really think that you’ll be able to be with Fu Huai’an if something happens to Lin Nuan?”

Chu Xun wasn’t anxious about having her thoughts exposed. She pried away Bai Xiaonian’s hand and stood upright, saying, “Why, does Miss Bai like Fu Huai’an as well? Lin Nuan’s whereabouts are still unknown, yet you’re trying to threaten your love rivals so quickly?”

“Our Bai family doesn’t have the practice of being a third party, unlike the Chu family…” Bai Xiaonian looked at Chu Xun and said, “The entire Chu family has always implemented shamelessness very thoroughly!”

“Bai Xiaonian!” Chu Xun couldn’t hold back her anger and raised her hand.

However, her wrist was held back by the person left behind to protect Bai Xiaonian.

Chu Xun drew her hand back angrily. “Bai Xiaonian, you aren’t Lin Nuan. Don’t think that I can’t do anything to you!”

Bai Xiaonian smiled and said, “It’s good that President Chu knows that! I’m not Lin Nuan… My temper isn’t as good as hers. I have nothing but my life, so there’s nothing that I’m afraid of! He, who is down, needs not fear any fall! If President Chu is really involved in Lin Nuan’s mishap this time around, I, Bai Xiaonian, will do everything I can to ensure that President Chu will never be at peace in this lifetime!”

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