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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 630: Led Many to Speculate

Chapter 630: Led Many to Speculate

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Seeing Old Madam Fu hesitate, the housekeeper said in a low, comforting voice, “Old Madam, how about you hear what Old Master has to say first? Maybe Old Master has sorted out his thinking and wants to come back, but you haven’t given him a way out…”

Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu had been a married couple for many years, and the housekeeper had watched them live together for just as long!

Previously, before Fu Tianci and Lu Qingmei appeared, although Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu lost their only daughter, the two of them were still very much in love!

They were obviously advanced in age, yet Old Master Fu treated Old Madam Fu like a kid, giving her flowers all the time!

Now, they were elderly people who had one leg in the coffin, so the housekeeper naturally hoped to see them reconcile!

However, things had gotten uglier over the years between Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu, to the point where the two of them were ignoring each other…

The housekeeper felt that since the married couple had been through a lifetime together, surely there must be lingering feelings or sentiments between them, right?

For instance, in the night, Old Madam Fu would put on her sleeping robe and wander out of her room, taking a flashlight and going to the attic to dig out the photos she had taken with Old Master Fu, photos that she asked servants to put away. She caressed and looked through those photos over and over again. It was something the housekeeper had seen many times.

The two of them merely lacked a chance to communicate. It was great that Old Master Fu took the initiative to call this time around!

After all, Old Master Fu was the one at fault. So long as Old Master Fu was willing to lower his head and admit his wrongdoing, Old Madam Fu would definitely let him return on account of their relationship of so many years.

Old Madam Fu’s hand mildly clenched, and she said after a long while, “Bring the phone over!”

“What matter could possibly trouble you to give me a call?” Old Madam Fu acted tough and sounded cold.

“Old lady, you’re really disregarding our ties as a married couple of many years. Are you bent on letting your maternal grandson drive the Kaide Corporation to the ground? If he wants to go to the Jiahe Corporation, just go ahead! What’s the meaning of him having Lu Jinnan post that thing? Was it your idea?”

Once the call got through, Fu Qingquan howled at her in rage, making Old Madam Fu so furious that she retreated a step…

Old Madam Fu’s hands were trembling in anger, but she still held herself back and replied in a cold voice, “When you were having an affair and giving birth to that bastard, why didn’t you consider our ties as a married couple? Why didn’t you consider our ties as a married couple when you asked for a divorce in order for me to give way to that vixen? And you’re asking me to consider our ties as a married couple now?”

On the other end of the line, Fu Qingquan tugged on his collar and was so infuriated that his heart ached. “Did you not invest your blood and tears into the Kaide Corporation? Can you bear to see it collapse?”

“Oh… collapse! Great to see it collapse!” Old Madam Fu acted nonchalant about it. “Better to let it collapse than to see you hand the fruits of my labor to that bastard!”

Fu Qingquan was so mad that he directly hung up, slamming the phone towards the French windows ferociously.

The phone was smashed to smithereens in an instant.

“Thud thud thud…”

Someone knocked on the door. Fu Cheng carried a document in one hand and supported himself using a crutch with the other. He smiled and asked, “Dad, what is it? Why are you throwing such a huge tantrum?”

Fu Cheng was in a suit, a gentle smile in his eyes.

He was different from the Fu Cheng of several years ago. While he was still gentle and mild-mannered, his eyes now had a look of determination in them.

He was diagnosed by a doctor and told he would be dependent on a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but he was able to stand up on his own feet in a few years’ time and walk with the help of a crutch. One could tell just how determined he was.

Old Master Fu took a look at Fu Cheng, and his brows eased a little. “Nothing!”

Turning around, Old Master Fu asked, “Have you seen the news?”

Fu Cheng nodded and smiled. “If you’re angry over this matter, then I feel there’s no need for it! It was Lu Jinnan who posted to Weibo, not Huai’an. Huai’an didn’t personally say he was going to join the Jiahe Corporation. After all… Huai’an is one of us, so it doesn’t make sense that he would go and work for an outsider instead of his own family!”

Some words got stuck in Old Master Fu’s throat, and he couldn’t verbalize them…

Fu Cheng stopped speaking and placed the document on the large office desk. “Dad, take a look… I made some adjustments to the positions held by Auntie Lu’s family members. These few people are employable. They’re the sons of those uncles who used to work under you and helped you build your empire. They’re considered one of us!”

Fu Cheng had always been mild-mannered in front of Old Master Fu, handling things with a steady style that didn’t vie for attention—this was what Old Master Fu liked best about him!

Looking at the list that Fu Cheng came up with, Old Master Fu felt his mood improve. He raised a hand and gripped Fu Cheng’s arm forcefully, saying, “It’s been tough on you!”

“Dad, you’re the one who raised me into who I am today. Sharing your burden is what I ought to do!” Fu Cheng smiled sincerely. “Auntie Lu said that she’s going to welcome me with a meal this afternoon. Xiao Ya has already gone over with the two kids. The kids personally prepared a gift for you and said they wanted to give it to you themselves, so do go back early today, those two kids miss you!”

Old Master Fu felt comforted. Comparatively… his blood-related maternal grandson, Fu Huai’an, wasn’t even as filial as him. He nodded and said, “Ok… I’ll return early to accompany those two kids today!”

Although he said this, Old Master Fu still felt bothered by the Kaide Corporation’s issues.

News of Fu Huai’an’s departure from the Kaide Corporation was rampant, but neither Fu Huai’an nor the Kaide Corporation had stood out to clarify matters, and with Fu Huai’an still on vacation, how could one not panic?

Everyone in the Kaide Corporation was in a state of panic.

Originally, when Fu Huai’an took a vacation and Lu Qingmei came in, it was enough to induce nervousness. Now… even Fu Qingquan’s adopted son, Fu Cheng, was back.

The Kaide Corporation’s upper level was in chaos. Even those who initially planned to side with management were at a loss as to who to side with now.

After finishing their discussion about family matters, Fu Cheng and Fu Qingquan talked about Lu Jinnan’s Weibo post. Fu Cheng suggested arranging a press release at 4 pm that day to answer to the public; after all, Fu Huai’an hadn’t resigned from his position, so he could represent the Kaide Corporation and announce that Fu Huai’an was currently still President of the Kaide Corporation and that he would devote himself back into work after he was done with his vacation.

Fu Huai’an hadn’t tendered his resignation letter, so it made perfect sense to put it this way.

Fu Qingquan thought about it and then agreed to Fu Cheng’s suggestion.

The press conference started on time, and Fu Cheng’s attendance as the Kaide Corporation’s representative led many to speculate.

This former president of the Kaide Corporation, who was once diagnosed as no longer being able to stand because of an accident, had appeared standing as he returned before the eyes of the people of Haicheng.

The Fu Cheng on TV appeared mature and steady, and he looked harder to read than he did in the past. He looked like a man of authority; merely standing there seemed to give him the power to convince people of every word he said.

There were all sorts of emotions amongst those watching Fu Cheng on TV…

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