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Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (Web Novel) - Chapter 62: She Had Surely Gone Slightly Overboard!

Chapter 62: She Had Surely Gone Slightly Overboard!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After 8 pm, many of the guests bade their farewells, and the men went to see them off.

The daughters-in-law of the Yuan Family and a few young people who had close relations with the Yuan Family stayed back. They circled Old Mistress and chatted about their family matters, no longer the civilities in official settings.

Wu ze sat at the corner of the table, his handsome face had a faint, gloomy expression of sorrow and loss.

He had wanted to find an opportunity to have a chat with Chenyan. After all, Yuan Xuan had previously mentioned that Chenyan was abused in prison. Recalling the many times they had met in prison but with her not mentioning a word about it, he felt an exceedingly intense restlessness and guilt.

However, observing the equivocal between Mu Chenyan and Yuan Xuan in the hall, he dared not step forward at all.

He was able to help Mu Chenyan in the past, but now, he had no more reason to do so.

Yuan Xuan brought Mu Chenyan over to sit beside Grandmother. He was worried that Chenyan would resist doing so after suffering the grievances earlier on.

However, he did not expect Mu Chenyan to be calm and composed, with a faint smile on her slightly pink face. She was not resistant at all as he expected her to be.

Yuan Xuan was relieved, and he went to send off the guests.

After a while, Yuan Ran came back from school, still dressed in her casual clothes. She had casually tied her hair into a bun, her clean and beautiful face like that of a young girl was captivating.

The Yuan Family’s genes were exceptional; the males were unusually cool and serious, while the females were pretty and cute.

Elegant and generous — all the fine words were convened on her. Yuan Ran was truly one of the top four socialites and was indeed worthy of the title!

She was relatively close to Mu Chenyan, but not as close as Yuan Tian and Mu Chenyan were.

Spotting Mu Chenyan, Yuan Ran nodded at her as a form of greeting to her. She noticed that Yuan Xuan was not by the side, and she directly sat between Grandmother and Mu Chenyan!

It was as if it did not matter to her that there was now an additional sister-in-law in the family.

She had surely gone slightly overboard.

Mu Chenyan did not take the matter to heart but got up and moved a little to the side.

Yuan Ran had always been proud, and now that the Yuan Family was in the limelight, it was normal to have some attitude as the famous socialite in Luo Hai.

Seeing that Yuan Ran was back, Grandmother’s tone was rebuking yet loving. “Silly girl, are you really that busy?” “You don’t even know how to change your clothes when attending a banquet.”

“Grandmother, as you know, I’ll be graduating very soon, and I have an internship report to write, so don’t blame me.”

Yuan Ran was acting coquettishly as she moved closer to Old Mistress. Her slender and petite figure exuded a fragrance unique to a young girl, and Grandmother’s gaze on her softened a great deal.

Old Mistress seemed to remember something, and she turned around and said to Shao Yibai, “Yibai, I think you should come and sit next to me.”

Old Mistress’ intention was to have Shao Yibai sit beside Yuan Ran and use the opportunity to matchmake…

Next to Old Mistress were Yuan Ran and Wen Ya. As such, Mu Chenyan had to move further outward.

Chenyan had returned for a number of days, but she did not have the opportunity to speak to Old Mistress. Yuan Xuan’s intention was to have the both of them get acquainted.

However, no one expected Grandmother to directly push her third granddaughter-in-law out…

Mu Chenyan did not mind at all and remained calm like water. She gently said, “I’m going to the ladies’ room. Mr Shao, do come and have a chat with Grandmother.”

Shao Yibai had no other way. The handsome and elegant man winked at Mu Chenyan and quietly replied, “Thank you, sister-in-law!”

Wu Ze, who was at the same table, saw that Mu Chenyan was being squeezed out and left quietly. He was not happy about it, so he also got up in the pretext of going to the toilet and followed after her.

Mu Chenyan was in the toilet for some time, her expression seemed to be in a daze.

Her family had bereaved, and does her staying in the Yuan Family considered as depending on others for a living?

Moreover, she should thank the Yuan Family for putting her in the current state she was in now…

If she had a choice, how would she be willing to appear here and be humiliated by others?

Her stay here was merely Yuan Xuan’s wishful thinking!

The people of the Yuan Family had only put on a show as if they were doing a charity. How ironic!

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