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Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (Web Novel) - Chapter 243: The Heart She Obtained Was Problematic

Chapter 243: The Heart She Obtained Was Problematic

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Chenyan was slightly taken aback. She knew she did not know anyone in City C, but this lady called her Miss Mu…

Seeing Mu Chenyan’s hesitation and surprise, the lady took off her shades and spoke after making sure no one was around. “Miss Mu’s business in City C was to ask about Zhao Ruoxin, isn’t it? ”

Hearing that, Mu Chenyan and Su Qingcheng shared a glance. None of them understood what was happening, so they kept quiet.

The lady in front looked familiar, they should have met her before.

Mu Chenyan looked carefully and yelped in recognition, “You are the nurse from before? ! ! ”

Liang Zihan sent Mu Chenyan and Su Qingcheng to their hotel and entered their room after she had parked.

As Mu Chenyan’s luck would have it, she was admitted into the hospital for eating spicy rabbit head, and because of that, met Zhao Ruoxin’s middle school classmate as her nurse!

Liang Zihan knew that Mu Chenyan was not well, so she declined Mu Chenyan’s suggestion to talk in a cafe, being very frank.

“I’ve heard that you were asking around about Ruoxin. I knew some things about her, so I’ll tell you in the hotel room! ”

Su Qingcheng poured both of them a glass of warm water. Liang Zihan took it and said smilingly, “What a coincidence, I’ve just returned from outside the country! ”

Mu Chenyan was a little hopeful after hearing that.

If Liang Zihan had been in City C, Yuan Xuan had asked people to investigate, so they would not have missed her.

If she had just returned to the country, there might be some breakthroughs.

“I just divorced and came back with my child. I was just taking over my aunt, or I wouldn’t have met you two! ”

Evidently, Liang Zihan was not a cunning person. Within a few sentences, she had already offered her entire backstory.

Mu Chenyan looked at Su Qingcheng and asked Liang Zihan, “Miss Liang, you said you were classmates with Zhao Ruoxin, but are you close? ”

Liang Zihan nodded and said, “That’s right. We were classmates in a small town. There weren’t that many people, to begin with. Ruoxin was not very social, you could say she’s a glacial beauty! ”

Liang Zihan’s summary was reflective of Zhao Ruoxin’s characteristics.

Mu Chenyan did not know Zhao Ruoxin in her teenage years, but she would not be surprised to call her not very sociable.

Zhao Ruoxin sounded like the type to be very mature for her age.

In the eyes of her peers, she would be called cold and solitudinous!

“Miss Liang, you’re her friend? Su Qingcheng asked.

“You could say so! ” Liang Zihan smiled. “Or you could say it’s because we’re alike! ”

Seeing the confusion in Su Qingcheng’s eyes, Liang Zihan continued, “When we were in school. we liked an older man at the same time…”

Su Qingcheng, “…”

Mu Chenyan was not surprised, she knew about Xia Tao.

“Xia Tao? ” Mu Chenyan blurted out then immediately regretted it. Zhao Ruoxin should still be quite young at that time. How would she know about Xia Tao?

Liang Zihan was astonished, “Xia Tao? That was after! ”

Liang Zihan did not think Mu Chenyan would know Xia Tao as well, so now she began hesitating if she wants to continue talking.

“Don’t worry, I’m not related to Xia Tao in any way. I just found out that Ruoxin was romantically linked with Xia Tao for a while! ”

Liang Zihan might be sensitive about Xia Tao. From her gaze, it was understood that Mu Chenyan was trying to dispel Liang Zihan’s worries.

“Miss Liang, please continue! ”

“She liked our math teacher who already had children. The man I loved was my ex-husband, the old fart I married! ”

Mu Chenyan was not interested in Liang Zihan’s ex-husband, but she was a little surprised to hear that Zhao Ruoxin liked her teacher in middle school.

Zhao Ruoxin was a backslider. Xia Tao had claimed that she had Electra Complex, indeed!

“Because we were so young when we liked older married men, we couldn’t tell anyone else, so we confided in each other and became closer as a result! ”

Liang Zihan explained her relationship with Zhao Ruoxin, it seemed like they were really similar in nature.

“Zhao Ruoxin is currently in Luo Hai’s Yuan Family, do you know about that, Miss Liang? ”

Mu Chenyan felt that even if she was fortunate enough to meet an old friend of Zhao Ruoxin, the woman’s willingness to divulge Zhao Ruoxin’s story was more than wanting to reminisce.

Seeing Mu Chenyan showing her trump card, Liang Zihan stopped dilly-dallying and said, “I know she has rooted herself in Luo Hai’s Yuan Family. I know her the most, and I need money! ”

Su Qingcheng and Mu Chenyan shared a look. Before Su Qingcheng could say anything, Mu Chenyan stopped her and turned to Liang Zihan.

“Miss Liang, are you facing some kind of problems? ”

Her voice was soft, enough to encourage people to shed their defenses around her.

Liang Zihan inhaled deeply as her eyes reddened, “My son was down with a serious illness. As I’ve said, I’m a divorcee. I have not been earning much after bringing him home, so I need money! ”

“Understandable! ”

Mu Chenyan felt rested enough to get up. She propped her body up and utilized a tone that suggested business. “I need to confirm the information you can divulge. ”

If she was only going to reminisce, Mu Chenyan would not need to hear Liang Zihan out.

She knew Zhao Ruoxin was a little dubious, but her current obsession was Yuan Xuan!

“Zhao Ruoxin has heart disease, do you know that? ”

Liang Zihan’s eyes turned deep as she continued, “The heart she obtained was problematic…”

Mu Chenyan’s cup trembled as she recalled following Zhao Ruoxin in disguise. She remembered hearing Xia Tao claiming that he was the one who helped Zhao Ruoxin find her heart!

Liang Zihan was worried and her face paled. Her breath was labored as if it would take a lot of her valor just to keep talking.

“City C is different from Luo Hai. It’s a tiny place, and everyone knows everyone here. If you knew Xia Tao, you would understand that me talking about this is me risking my life…”

Liang Zihan might have exaggerated, but it was evident that she was scared.

“My aunt was the head nurse in the hospital and was part of the surgery which not many people know about! ”

Maybe things like this were insider information.

Liang Zihan knew that if the news was spread, Xia Tao could easily find out she was the one who spread the information, so her worry was not unfounded.

In tiny places like this, the scary ones were not the higher-ups!

It was lesser figures like Xia Tao who were the real controller!

“Don’t worry, Miss Liang. I will bring this piece of information back to Luo Hai. No one in City C would seek trouble with you! If you’re still not at ease, you can take the money to evade the situation for a while! ”

Mu Chenyan retrieved a bank card from her purse.

That was the card Yuan Xuan gave her before she left.

The unlimited black card trope that always appears in bossy CEO novels, the kind that allows people to use the money callously.

She did not expect Yuan Xuan to say, “I can’t give you too much money, or you would go crazy over there and don’t know when to come home! ”

“Here’s 500 thousand, do you want to check it out at the bank first? ”

Mu Chenyan placed the card in Liang Zihan’s hands, a faint smile appearing in her eyes that has a calming effect.

Liang Zihan shook and began to trust Mu Chenyan without subconsciously.

She needed the money, her son’s leukemia needed 400 thousand!

Liang Zihan calmed herself down and murmured, “Three years ago, there was an accident. A child was transferred into the hospital my aunt worked at. He didn’t need to die, but his heart has extremely high compatibility with Zhao Ruoxin…”

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