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Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (Web Novel) - Chapter 244: A Conspiracy, A Murder

Chapter 244: A Conspiracy, A Murder

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Three years ago, there was a boy who got into an accident. He was sent to the hospital my aunt worked at, and he didn’t need to die! ”

“But his heart was extremely compatible with Zhao Ruoxin. ”

“Xia Tao was with Zhao Ruoxin at the time. She was with him, but he couldn’t touch her. With this heart, he could do whatever he wants…”

When Liang Zihan was telling the story, her heart shuddered! She was afraid to have revealed a conspiracy, a murder!

“The boy’s parents went missing in the accident and turned out to have been transported downstream when the car turned over under the bridge. When that happens, the teen became an orphan…”

Not only she was shuddering.

Su Qingcheng held her fist tightly and asked, “You mean, the boy’s heart was taken out of him before he died? ”

Liang Zihan kept quiet, signifying her acquiescence.

“The heart was flash frozen as soon as it was taken out, and soon the surgery was executed for Zhao Ruoxin! ”

With bleary eyes, Mu Chenyan croaked, “You said Zhao Ruoxin’s heart surgery was three years ago? Not one year ago? ”

“It was indeed three years ago! ” Liang Zihan was perturbed and hesitated to speak.

Mu Chenyan sounded really confused, “You are sure it’s not one year ago? ”

Liang Zihan took a deep breath and steeled herself, continuing, “Not long ago, some people came to City C and forced the hospital to alter the record for some reason! ”

“Because of Xia Tao, there weren’t many people who knew about the surgery. My aunt was just one of the nurses in service back then…”

“These people even threatened the people there not to divulge the secret! They gave them a lot of money. The two chief surgeons were afraid something would happen and moved out of the country. My aunt died of sickness soon after that! ”

“Not long after that, I heard Zhao Ruoxin went to Luo Hai and into the Yuan Family! ”

Mu Chenyan finally understood why Yuan Xuan’s people did not find that piece of information out, someone got to the information first!

If the surgery was three years ago, why would Zhao Ruoxin want to say that it was one year ago?

“These people were not Xia Tao’s…” Noticing Su Qingcheng looking at her, Mu Chenyan twittered.

“Xia Tao obtained a heart using his power and influence in order to maintain a romantic relationship with Zhao Ruoxin, and the second group of people could be there to help Zhao Ruoxin entering Yuan Family! ”

Su Qingcheng almost blurted out a question of whether that was Mu Chenwu.

However, another thought came. Wu Huai had reminded her not to let Mu Chenyan know about the relationship between Mu Chenwu and this event.

At this moment, she should be shutting up.

No matter what, Mu Chenwu was Mu Chenyan’s brother. Friendships could sink when it implicated such a huge issue.

Su Qingcheng swallowed his saliva and asked lightly, “Miss Liang, do you know anything else about Zhao Ruoxin? ”

Liang Zihan thought and smiled bitterly. “After leaving the country for two years, I haven’t seen her since. My life was not good, and my mind was not in a good place. I almost forgot how she looked like! ”

Hearing that, Mu Chenyan took her phone and searched for a picture of Zhao Ruoxin, showing it to Liang Zihan. “The Zhao Ruoxin now must be quite different from what you knew, isn’t it? ”

Liang Zihan looked at the woman in the photo with a sad, yearning expression. She took her friend’s changes quite badly.

Things change. Zhao Ruoxin had moved to City C with her mother as a burden. Her stepfather was a pathological gambler and would abuse her verbally and physically. That caused the girl to develop a sense of inferiority and distance that showed even in her eyes.

The woman in the photo had a cigarette between her fingers and was so arrogant, her eyes were filled with an indescribable self-confidence and haughtiness, it was as if she was born into that life.

Even Xia Tao who sat across her looked a little timid. In the past, Zhao Ruoxin had always been the mature-, clever-type, which was the main reason Xia Tao willingly groomed her before he even touched her.

He even made illegal transactions in order to lie with her!

Liang Zihan looked at the photo for quite a while. She could not understand how a woman could change so drastically only after moving to Luo Hai for a year.

“Miss Mu, are you sure that this woman is Zhao Ruoxin? ”

Liang Zihan’s eyes were dreamy. She had not seen Zhao Ruoxin since two to three years ago after she had gone out of the country. She still looked the same, but her temperaments were so inordinately different, Liang Zihan could not accept it as an old friend!

Mu Chenyan frowned. Her brain was operating at high speed before she finally asked, trembling, “Where do you think is questionable? This is Zhao Ruoxin, do you remember if she had any unique characteristics? ”

Liang Zihan stood up and paced around the room thinking about a question. A long while passed before she said. “I knew her pretty well. She didn’t have tertiary education, only a diploma. She could have met Xia Tao during that period. ”

“It was an extramarital affair. To hide from the public eye, Xia Tao bought a villa in the Eastern suburbia. I only knew that because Xia Tao went on a business trip once when Ruoxin was having a heart attack. She called me out of desperation, and it was then that I knew she had become a sugar baby…”

“Why didn’t she call her parents? ”

Su Qingcheng understood a little bit about Zhao Ruoxin from Mu Chenyan and was curious why this woman would call her friend in a situation like this.

“Her parents had never cared for her. Every month, Xia Tao would send her parents some money, and her gambler dad dropped everything the minute he has money! Her mother was cowardly and would just turn a blind eye. ”

Liang Zihan’s description of Zhao Yanni was so chilling to Mu Chenyan. No wonder Zhao Ruoxin was so cold toward her mother.

“Zhao Ruoxin was pretty then, but she carries herself very different;y from the woman in the photo. From the shine in her eyes, she doesn’t even look the same…”

Liang Zihan’s words caused a chill down Mu Chenyan’s spine. A scary thought formed in her mind…

After sending Liang Zihan away, Mu Chenyan snatched her phone up and dialed a number.

Wu Ze did not expect Mu Chenyan to call so early. His voice was low but hid a hint of a smile. “Little Chenyan? What is it? ”

Mu Chenyan tried to keep her voice calm. “Big Brother Wu, have you read Qinger’s autopsy report? ”

“Mm, multiple times! What is it, why do you ask? ”

Wu Ze did not understand. He knew his brother had sent Mu Chenyan to the East Bridge for an assignment. She was not even back yet, why did she ask about Qinger?

“Big Brother Wu, please try to remember to the best of your ability. Does her autopsy report mention a cinnabar mole on the outside of her left breast?”

Mu Chenyan suddenly felt nauseated. When she was waiting for Wu Ze to answer, she already had an answer of her own!

“Cinnabar mole?” Wu Ze thought carefully before answering, “There isn’t one.” Why do you ask? ”

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