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Murder the Dream Guy (Web Novel)




Si Jin, 姒锦


Action Josei Mystery Psychological Romance Shoujo

Orginal Language:



Deemed hopeless by her family and that she was better off married when her fourth novel continued to be a flop, aspiring author Xiang Wan begins to doubt herself. While feeling conflicted about continuing her dream as an author, things take an unexpected turn when a dazzling guy appears before her and takes her to the police station.

“What? I’m the primary suspect in a murder case?”

A murder has taken place and the details are eerily similar to the details of her latest novel. The dazzling guy turns out to be a talented detective with a hidden identity who is assigned to investigate the case. From then on, her life turns topsy-turvy.

In the beginning, she seeks the detective’s protection by requesting to stay overnight at his place.

“Detective Bai, is it not the duty of the police to protect the witness when her life is in extreme danger?”

She ends up staying at his house overnight because of various reasons, such as—

Scenario 1:
Xiang Wan: “Detective Bai, you have no right to detain me…”

Detective Bai: “I remember you’re the one who requested to stay at my house?”

Scenario 2:
Xiang Wan: “There’s no need for that. Detective Bai, I can return…”

Detective Bai: “You’ve not cleared of suspicion yet. If something happens, at least you’ll have an alibi.”

Scenario 3:
Xiang Wan: “Why did you bring me to your house again?”

Detective Bai: “You haven’t released a new chapter today!” he said, enunciating each syllable, “I want to read your latest chapter before telling you of our latest investigations.”


130 • 2019-04-02 08:26:19


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 468: Doomsday Movie2019-12-06
Chapter 467: To the Criminal Investigation Unit Again2019-12-05
Chapter 466: It’s Him2019-12-04
Chapter 465: Social Relations2019-12-03
Chapter 464: Leave Everything for Her2019-12-03
Chapter 463: His Request2019-12-02
Chapter 462: Cradle Snatcher?2019-12-02
Chapter 461: Two Familiar Faces2019-12-01
Chapter 460: There Must Be Two2019-11-30
Chapter 459: The Interesting Sweet Young Thing2019-11-30
Chapter 458: Hoodwinking Grandma2019-11-28
Chapter 457: Weird Tastes2019-11-27
Chapter 456: A Luxurious Prison2019-11-26
Chapter 455: Equals2019-11-26
Chapter 454: A Magic Trick2019-11-25
Chapter 453: Over the Moon2019-11-25
Chapter 452: Lunch Banquet2019-11-24
Chapter 451: The Pair of Eyes in Pain2019-11-23
Chapter 450: Interest?2019-11-23
Chapter 449: Apology2019-11-21
Chapter 448: A Sweet Reversal2019-11-20
Chapter 447: The Mystery Guest2019-11-19
Chapter 446: Red Carpet2019-11-19
Chapter 445: The Confrontation2019-11-18
Chapter 444: Shocking News2019-11-18
Chapter 443: Are You Angry?2019-11-17
Chapter 442: Wifey Fans?2019-11-16
Chapter 441: Memorial2019-11-15
Chapter 440: You’re inside While I’m Outside2019-11-14
Chapter 439: All’s Well That Ends Well2019-11-14
Chapter 438: An Especially Interesting Soul2019-11-12
Chapter 437: Are You Surprised?2019-11-12
Chapter 436: Dig Deeper for Clues2019-11-11
Chapter 435: New Discovery2019-11-11
Chapter 434: Nothing To Say2019-11-10
Chapter 433: A Tough Choice2019-11-09
Chapter 432: Not Peaceful2019-11-08
Chapter 431: The Perpetrator2019-11-07
Chapter 430: The Far Away Soul2019-11-06
Chapter 429: Winds of Warmth2019-11-05
Chapter 428: He’s Here2019-11-05
Chapter 427: Drizzle in the City2019-11-04
Chapter 426: Ranking Troubles2019-11-04
Chapter 425: From Heaven to Hell2019-11-03
Chapter 424: My Mom Did Nothing2019-11-02
Chapter 423: The Breakup2019-11-01
Chapter 422: The Plan2019-10-31
Chapter 421: Is There a Relation?2019-10-31
Chapter 420: The Questionable Doubts2019-10-29
Chapter 419: My Dad2019-10-29
Chapter 418: Gloom2019-10-28
Chapter 417: The Idol’s Attention2019-10-28
Chapter 416: A Stalemate2019-10-27
Chapter 415: Poisoned by Him2019-10-26
Chapter 414: Are You Angry?2019-10-25
Chapter 413: The One Who Lied2019-10-25
Chapter 412: Have a Rest2019-10-25
Chapter 411: Accumulate Good Fortune2019-10-25
Chapter 410: Candy, Please?2019-10-25
Chapter 409: A Deeply Hidden Secret2019-10-24
Chapter 408: The Cold Case2019-10-23
Chapter 407: Oh, It’s Story Time2019-10-23
Chapter 406: Quite Vicious2019-10-22
Chapter 405: Guest Appearance as Police Dog2019-10-21
Chapter 404: No Survivors2019-10-21
Chapter 403: His Look of Concern2019-10-20
Chapter 402: The Other Interrogation Room2019-10-19
Chapter 401: Was It a Made-up Story?2019-10-18
Chapter 400: Out of a Fix2019-10-17
Chapter 399: Dignity2019-10-16
Chapter 398: I Have a Condition2019-10-15
Chapter 397: A Bargaining Chip2019-10-15
Chapter 396: Their Little Tantrum2019-10-14
Chapter 395: Don’t Be Childish2019-10-14
Chapter 394: What Did You Do?2019-10-13
Chapter 393: Habitual Thinking2019-10-12
Chapter 392: You’re Lewd!2019-10-11
Chapter 391: We’re Brothers!2019-10-10
Chapter 390: A Mysterious Smile!2019-10-09
Chapter 389: The Agonizing Pain2019-10-08
Chapter 388: Seemingly Harmless2019-10-08
Chapter 387: Let Her Confirm2019-10-07
Chapter 386: What’s Wrong with You?2019-10-07
Chapter 385: Look at Your Performance2019-10-06
Chapter 384: A Voracious Appetite2019-10-05
Chapter 383: The Tattoo2019-10-04
Chapter 382: So Good That It Hurts2019-10-03
Chapter 381: Intentional Avoidance2019-10-02
Chapter 380: A Small Goal2019-10-01
Chapter 379: Faking It2019-10-01
Chapter 378: Leaving Nanmu2019-09-30
Chapter 377: Trust2019-09-30
Chapter 376: How Much Is a Girlfriend?2019-09-29
Chapter 375: Cast in the Same Mold2019-09-28
Chapter 374: Traces2019-09-27
Chapter 373: No Loopholes2019-09-26
Chapter 372: The Whole World Is Silent2019-09-26
Chapter 371: On Tenterhooks2019-09-24
Chapter 370: The Desire for Survival2019-09-24
Chapter 369: Xiang Wan’s Shrewdness2019-09-23