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Murder the Dream Guy (Web Novel) - Chapter 287: Captain Bai’s Wifey

Chapter 287: Captain Bai’s Wifey

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A card game of characters—this thought made Xiang Wan felt stiff at her shoulders.

The nervous feeling was making her difficult to breathe.

Cheng Zheng saw her and his footsteps halted slightly.

Separated by the window of the car, they did not speak a word.

It was not until he walked right up to the front passenger seat where she turned her head.

“You’re here too?”

He had said this to Xiang Wan.

It was what she had wanted to say too.

“Yes, Captain Cheng, why are you here?”

“It’s a work trip.”

Cheng Zheng gave a very simple reply while Xiang Wan hesitated.

When she left Jin City, Cheng Zheng had a heart to heart talk with her.

That time, he told her that he was preparing to be transferred to the Capital.

But he actually appeared suddenly at Nanmu, why was that so?

Xiang Wan’s curiosity finally got the better of her. “You’ve been transferred out of Jin City?”


That was all Cheng Zheng replied.

After that, he glanced at Quan Shaoteng and then looked back at the long trail of the car fleet.

“It will take another half an hour for the road to clear.”

Quan Shaoteng nodded his head. As his line of sight floated between Cheng Zheng and Xiang Wan’s face, he showed a half-smile.

“You both… seemed to know each other quite well?”

Did this guy just stray from the topic?

They were talking about the road condition. Why did he stray from it?

Xiang Wan did not know what to say about that so she just returned Quan Shaoteng a smile.

“We were colleagues back in Jin City. Seems like Captain Quan has forgotten about this matter.”

“Oh!” An enlightened Quan Shaoteng revealed a dashing smile.

However, in less than three seconds, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked in a devilish tone. “Having worked together doesn’t mean you will be very familiar with each other right? Take me and you for example—we are not familiar with each other at all. Right?”

Xiang Wan: “…”

What was this guy’s brain made of?

Didn’t he realize that they were very awkward?

Or maybe, he simply enjoyed watching others in an awkward situation?

Xiang Wan decided to keep her mouth shut and let Quan Shaoteng have his fun—

Cheng Zheng raised his eyebrows but ignored Quan Shaoteng’s remark and talked about the more important matter on hand.

“My car got a punctured tire earlier on. Can I hitch a ride from you?”

“Hur!” Quan Shaoteng laughed. “Well, I don’t think so as we’re on a mission.”

Cheng Zheng replied in a serious tone. “Me too.”

After that, he looked at Quan Shaoteng and took two steps back. “If it’s not convenient, it’s alright then. I’ll ask the people in front—”

“No, no, no! Of course, it’s convenient!” Quan Shaoteng showed a mocking smile. “I’m just afraid… that you might be inconvenienced.”


The sarcasm in his tone was crystal clear.

Cheng Zheng moved his lips but didn’t say a word.

“Alright then, since it’s not causing any inconvenience for you—let me go get my stuff from my car.”

He turned and walked away.

A moment of silence filled the car.

Xiang Wan continued to keep quiet as she did feel awkward.

As for Quan Shaoteng—he was not bothered at the least bit.

After quite a while, Cheng Zheng came over—

Xiang Wan took a quick glance at him and was immediately stunned.

No wonder he had asked if it would be inconvenient.

Not only he was carrying boxes of medical equipment and medicine, but there were also two women accompanying him.

One of them was his disciple, as well as his assistant, Mei Xin.

The other woman was a beauty who was tall with short hair. Xiang Wan did not know her.

But seeing how familiar she was with Cheng Zheng as they walked together, she should be someone he knew very well, or she could be his colleague too.

As Xiang Wan analyzed, she felt that this matter somehow felt mysterious.

As the three of them approached, Mei Xin and Cheng Zheng had the same expression—poker face.

The short-haired beauty’s gaze looked more meaningful. Her line of sight drifted between Xiang Wan and Quan Shaoteng; she seemed to have a lot of thoughts inside her head. Her eyes seemed lively, sexy and imaginative.

By now, Mei Xin had walked right to the front of the car and asked politely.

“Excuse me, will we cause any inconvenience to you?”

If it was just only Cheng Zheng, Xiang Wan could have kept her silence. But with Mei Xin around, it was a different thing.

She always felt a closeness with her ex-colleagues in Jin City.

It was especially so for Mei Xin as she was the only female colleague and both of them were friends.

“Not at all! Quick, get on the car.” Xiang Wan welcomed her warmly.

“Thank you!”

Mei Xin replied courteously while carrying a box in her hands.

However, just as Mei Xin was opening the trunk, she seemed to suddenly think of something where she walked over to the driver’s seat and greeted Quan Shaoteng.

“Thanks for your help!”

That was very formal.

Quan Shaoteng took a look at her. “…”

Compared with Mei Xin, Cheng Zheng was not as formal.

He carried a medical kit and sat at the back of the car.

As for the beauty with short hair, she chose to remain quiet.

The atmosphere was weird with the five of them in the car.

After a while, Cheng Zheng was the first to open his mouth. “Are there any news from Bai Muchuan?”

Xiang Wan felt shocked as that had come all of a sudden.

“Nope.” Quan Shaoteng quickly replied and took a casual look at him. “You’re here because of him?”

“Nope!” A glint flashed past Cheng Zheng’s eyes. “I’m here because of Serious Crime Division One.”

Serious Crime Division One?

Quan Shaoteng pursed his lips slightly while looking at Cheng Zheng.

Cheng Zheng stretched out his hand towards Quan Shaoteng.

“Serious Crime Division One, Forensics Captain, Cheng Zheng. Nice to meet you!”


Quan Shaoteng was caught by surprise.

He stretched out his hand slowly for a handshake.

“When was this? Why am I not informed?”

“It was yesterday!” Cheng Zheng raised an eyebrow. “I’ve just received the appointment and was instructed to head straight to Nanmu. The notice should have been delayed—”

He had just received his new appointment yesterday but yet he already arrived in Nanmu a day later. This could only mean that Cheng Zheng already knew about the new appointment and had set off for Nanmu earlier.

“Serious Crime Division One, Medical Examiner, Mei Xin. Nice to meet you, Captain Quan.”

Mei Xin also adopted Cheng Zheng’s way of self-introduction and stretched out her hand to Quan Shaoteng as well. This was a very common and friendly way of greeting toward new colleagues.

Quan Shaoteng, however, only took a glimpse at her. His fingers were tapping on the steering wheel, seemingly no intention of shaking her pale hand.

“Nice to meet you too!”

Mei Xin: “…”

She glanced at him and pulled her hand back, placing it on her knee and sat upright on her seat, as though nothing had happened.

Silence ensued.

The atmosphere felt somewhat strange.

After a while, the beauty who had been quiet all this while suddenly spoke.

“Captain Quan, the girl next to you is…?”

Coincidentally, Xiang Wan was also very curious about her as well.

Xiang Wan turned her head and gave the girl a friendly look while waiting for Quan Shaoteng to do the introduction.

“Xiang Wan. Captain Bai’s wifey!” Quan Shaoteng replied lazily without intending to hide anything.

He did not notice the change of expression of the short-haired beauty and turned toward Xiang Wan. “She’s Cheng Xin, an administrative police officer of Serious Crime Division One. She’s also Captain Cheng’s younger maternal cousin…”


His maternal cousin—her last name was also Cheng as well?

Xiang Wan was still trying to figure out the situation.

Nevertheless, it was now clear why Cheng Xin and Cheng Zheng would appear together.

Xiang Wan was not in a position to know more about their work. She greeted her in a friendly manner. “Hello!”

Cheng Xin only looked at her where her lips moved a little. She seemed to want to say something.

Ultimately, she nodded her head quite nonchalantly.


A woman’s instinct was always accurate and timely.

Even though Cheng Xin had been polite and courteous, Xiang Wan knew that this woman did not like her at all.

There was even… repulsion and detest.

Xiang Wan returned a faint smile and looked to the front.

Under the help of the workers, it was said the road would be cleared soon.

And at their current location, that was supposedly the last boulder that was blocking the way.

Quan Shaoteng seemed to be a little impatient from the wait and got down the car to find out more about clearing. Cheng Zheng probably felt suffocated with the strange atmosphere inside the car, for he also got out to see if there was anything he could help.

Now there were only three women inside the car.

Mei Xin was always a person of few words while Xiang Wan and Cheng Xin had nothing to talk about.

In times like this, the phone was the best tool for handling such awkward moments.

The three of them were all playing with their mobile phones.

Xiang Wan browsed through her reviews and comments page and also checked out Wechat Moments of her contacts.

Suddenly, a particular post in WeChat Moments caught her attention.

“There was a shootout between the police and triad members at Nanmu’s Vulture’s Mouth. There were multiple casualties and a police officer was killed in the incident. It was a horrific scene of dead bodies and wreckage…”

Hum! Xiang Wan’s brain was in a blank, as though it had exploded!

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