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Murder the Dream Guy (Web Novel) - Chapter 433: A Tough Choice

Chapter 433: A Tough Choice

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Xiang Wan looked at Bai Muchuan.

True enough, Meng Chi might have wanted to silence them once and for all.

Xie Wanwan’s mood was worse than earlier. Her face was pale and devoid of joy, but she was not angry.

She crossed her fingers and continued telling them what she knew without waiting for anyone to ask.

“I asked Ye Lun if he have any evidence to make that inference… He told me that he had seen Meng Chi and Yu Bo in contact with each other in Nanmu…”

Xiang Wan and Bai Muchuan looked at each other quietly when they heard that.

Xie Wanwan lowered her eyelids when she saw their little exchange. “I also asked him why he didn’t tell the police about what he saw rather than telling me about it. Ye Lun expressed that even if he told the police, this incident would not affect the result of the case. And he would end up offending Meng Chi instead. What he saw couldn’t mean anything; it was only his own suspicion. Another reason was that he was already brought in for interrogation because of the matter with Lima… He didn’t want to make things worse.”

The ward got quiet.

They could only hear Xie Wanwan’s voice.

“He has to depend on ‘The Grey List’ to make a comeback. Ye Lun did not want Meng Chi and the company to be in trouble!”

Ye Lun’s thoughts sounded reasonable.

Bai Muchuan asked, “But why did he tell you this?”

Xie Wanwan took a puff of breath; a little color returned to her face.

“He was actually quite depressed. I can tell that when I drank with him! In this case, both of us were somehow involved in it, and he felt that we were in the same boat. That was why he told me about it since he thought I wouldn’t go around telling anyone… From his point of view, I must have been someone who wanted nothing to happen to ‘The Grey List’ as well!”

Bai Muchuan nodded. “Did he know that you are Meng Chi’s sister?”

Xie Wanwan’s face immediately grew paler than before.

She did not expect that Bai Muchuan would ask that openly in front of others.

This matter was something she did not want to tell.

Almost subconsciously, she peeked at Tang Yuanchu.

“I don’t know! This is a private matter to me, hardly anyone knows about it.”

Hence, Ye Lun did not know that Xie Wanwan was Meng Chi’s sister and only asked her out to talk about his worries and doubts as he thought that they were on the same boat. Logically, there was no problem with it…

Unfortunately, maybe because Meng Chi had already been targeting Ye Lun and Xie Wanwan, the moment when he learned about what they were talking about, he must have thought of silencing them once and for all.

As a result, Tu Liang found out through the surveillance cameras that after Xie Wanwan and Ye Lun got in their car, Meng Chi’s car was actually following behind.


Bai Muchuan asked Xie Wanwan again about what happened at the scene.

Nonetheless, she was already muddle-headed when she was drinking.

She knew nothing of what had happened after they knocked her out.

Why did Meng Chi appear in that warehouse? Why did he have to shoot Tu Liang’s head? She could not understand either; she felt like she was listening to a fictional story.

However, the details of the case were not important.

The important thing was—Meng Chi had shot a police officer; this was conclusive and definite…

It was a fact that Tu Liang had died.

“I’m really sorry!

“I’m really, I’m…

“Very sorry!”

Xie Wanwan wanted to cover her face, but since she was weak, she could only wipe the tears in her eyes.

Blood started to flow back into the infusion tube. The blood was dark red, and it seemed a little daunting to see.

However, she did not notice that; she just hung her head low…

Her tears fell onto the blanket.

The way she looked now was weak and helpless.

Xiang Wan really did not know what else to say…

In fact, Xie Wanwan was only a victim.

Xiang Wan always disapproved of the Just-World Hypothesis—that believed in a prospect that victims were just as guilty, which was, unfortunately, very popular on the Internet.

Both herself and Bai Muchuan said nothing more; they just asked her to have a good rest. They then talked to her assistant and left the ward.

About an hour later, Ye Lun woke up.

When the police questioned him about what had happened, his answers did not differ much from what Xie Wanwan had said.

The only difference was that he could provide them with more information.

How did he know that Meng Chi and Yu Bo came into contact before?

Ye Lun asked, “She didn’t tell you all about it?”

“We want to learn it from you personally,” answered Bai Muchuan coldly.

Ye Lun swept a glance at him and yawned. He was also the same as Xie Wanwan, looking sluggish and tired.

However, he could still express things clearly. It was just that his mannerisms and expression were still as unconcerned as ever.

“Not too long after ‘The Grey List’ film crew arrived in Nanmu, Meng Chi came. All of us stayed in the same hotel, I’m sure all of you knew about this.”

“Mm, continue.”

“One night, I came back after going out for a stroll, and I happened to see Meng Chi driving out from the hotel. At that time, it was nearing dawn, and he was alone without his assistant or his chauffeur. The first impression that I got was—he was behaving sneakily. I got curious and followed along. He stopped the car at a street not far away from the hotel…”

Ye Lun revealed an arrogant smile.

“You guys already know how Nanmu is like. There was nothing by the roadside besides other people’s fields. I was wondering what he was up to when, soon enough, a young lad hopped onto his car…”

“What happened then?” Bai Muchuan raised his eyebrows.

“I left when I saw that!” Ye Lun gave a meaningful look at him; his smile looked the same as usual, a little evil and a little devilish. “Do you think I want to stay there and watch how intense the car would shake?”

Bai Muchuan was expressionless.

“Meng Chi and Yu Ning’s relationship was not really a secret in the industry.” Ye Lun smiled. “Many people knew about this. I believe all of you should know about this as well. He took a liking to another guy. It’s normal. It’s understandable… I didn’t think much of it back then. Later, I was summoned for interrogation where I was asked to determine this and that; it was then when I recalled this incident…”

Bai Muchuan grunted coldly in response.

“You said that it was nearing dawn, and the roadside was a field. How did you know that the young lad was Yu Bo?”

“From the car lights!” Ye Lun did not seem like he was pulling their leg. “That young lad walked toward the car from the front while I’m behind the car. The car lights shone on his face, and although he blocked the lights with his hands, I could still see his face clearly!”

Ye Lun paused for another yawn, looking weary.

“I’m the only one who saw that. Take it or leave it. You can go ask Meng Chi directly about it or Yu Bo… See if they admit it.”

Bai Muchuan said nothing more.

His pair of cold, sharp eyes stared at him.

Ye Lun frowned when Bai Muchuan stared at him like that.

“Captain Bai, are you suspecting me or what?”

“What do you think?” Bai Muchuan asked him back.

“I’m a victim too.” Ye Lun looked a little down. “I only went for a drink. How would I know that I would get knocked out and that when I woke up, I’m already in the hospital? What good would I get by lying to you? I’ll only lose my fans. Aye! Maybe there are already tabloid reporters waiting outside the hospital now. It’s saddening. How should I explain this? Maybe I should just lead them on to create a dating scandal with Xie Wanwan instead?”

As he spoke, he deviated from the topic.

It was his career that he was worried about from beginning till end.

As for the detective that had sacrificed his life to save them, Bai Muchuan did not elaborate on that, and Ye Lun didn’t ask about it, either.

For this case, maybe he thought the detective was in a coma throughout. He didn’t seem to care about it at all.

Bai Muchuan asked him several questions before finally leaving the ward.

Everyone did not have much of an appetite.

However, as long as one was alive, one should look ahead.

As long as the case remained unsolved, the frustrations and grievances they suffered would not cease—

As for Tu Liang’s funeral arrangements, Bai Muchuan got Ding Yifan to assist Shen Wenjing.

Fang Yuanyuan went ahead to look for Huang He while Xiang Wan placed her luggage at the hotel. Before she could do anything else, Bai Muchuan took her out for lunch.

Most of the detectives she knew were also there with them.

From last night till now, their stomach was empty.

Since they didn’t eat their breakfast, it would be better to have a lighter lunch.

They decided to have porridge hot pot. The group also added vegetables to cook along with it.

They soon heard the boiling sounds, but hardly anyone seemed to have much of an appetite.

Bai Muchuan ate two mouthfuls and wiped his mouth.

He asked, “Did Meng Chi admit anything?”

Captain Zhang shook his head. “He behaved as usual; he said nothing.”

Bai Muchuan remarked in displeasure, “He’s got guts!”

After that, he cussed something, but everyone didn’t hear clearly.

At this time, everyone was feeling upset. They wished they could beat Meng Chi up or even cut him into pieces.

The reason Bai Muchuan asked Captain Zhang and his team to handle the first round of interrogation was precisely because of this reason. It worried him that he might lose control and beat the hell out of Meng Chi!

Captain Zhang looked at his bloodshot eyes.

“You should have a good rest. Don’t take part in the interrogation later. We had arrested him anyway. We’ll lock him up for these few days, and once he loses his temper, he’ll cooperate.”

Such instances were rather common.

There were some criminals who refused to say a word once the police caught them.

However, when they sent these criminals to the detention center for a few days, they wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and cooperate with the police.

Captain Zhang had been working as a detective for many years and had seen a lot of these cases. “No matter how resourceful he is, he won’t be able to get away this time. We’ve got conclusive evidence; he won’t be able to wriggle his way out of it!”

“Mm.” Bai Muchuan said nothing more.

Quan Shaoteng asked, “What if he refuses to plead guilty?”

Captain Zhang snorted. “As long as we have sufficient evidence, it doesn’t matter even if he refuses to plead guilty!”

Quan Shaoteng heaved a sigh of relief. “Good, that’s good. This *sshole won’t be able to escape this time!”

Captain Zhang also nodded along when Bai Muchuan asked a question, “Any findings from the forensics team?”

“Let’s wait for Captain Cheng’s report,” said Captain Zhang, “I heard from Mrs. Tu that Captain Cheng has contacted her.”

Bai Muchuan furrowed his eyebrows. “What did she say?”

Captain Zhang replied, “Captain Cheng wanted to do an autopsy on him!”

From the angle of the case, there were sufficient witnesses and pieces of material evidence available. There was no need to conduct an autopsy. Bai Muchuan, however, had handled so many cases all these years; he knew Cheng Zheng would not act on a whim to make things difficult for others. From his point of view, there could be some small details which they had brushed over carelessly…

He was always a cautious person.

Nevertheless, there were many families that found it difficult to accept an arrangement like this.

The Chinese valued that things should be kept whole and complete. They were not that receptive of an autopsy after the death of a loved one…

Hence, after pausing for a moment, Bai Muchuan asked Captain Zhang.

“What did Mrs. Tu say?”

Captain Zhang only puffed a sigh. “She said nothing; she only nodded.”

That meant she was willing to accept that arrangement!

She was a really understanding person!

“It’s really hard on her,” remarked Captain Zhang, “it’s difficult for a woman to raise a child by herself. Sigh… it’s such a pity!”

Talking about this made everyone feel uncomfortable and upset.

It was especially so when they thought Tu Liang’s during their mealtime. They felt a deep void seeping through their hearts.

Xiang Wan thought differently from them.

She recalled a conversation she had with Mei Xin back in Vulture’s Mouth.

Mei Xin told her that if it were her, she would not be willing to have someone conduct an autopsy on her body after her death…

What about Tu Liang? If he had a choice, would he be willing?

They could only guess.

That was exactly the reason why this was a hundred times more saddening.

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